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Wednesday, July 09, 2014



Rue de Au Naturel



Today, I was shopping my neighborhood Natural Grocers store wherein I came across a turkey ranch’s proprietary video display actively advertising their whole roasting turkeys.


What caught my attention came from a rather remarkable disclaimer.


According to the presentation, it is their company policy not to use the word “NATURAL” to describe their turkeys.


Seems as though that they deem the basis for this policy stems from recognizing that the word “Natural” used to mean something thirty years ago, but now no longer holds any positive useful significance.


They substantiate their choice to avoid using the word “Natural” by further saying that “Natural” is a claim which has become so abused and so overused …that it no longer holds the meaning it once did before becoming trampled upon by any number of abusive and misleading industry practices.


As such, they have chosen to avoid using the word natural so as to simply avoid the risk of forming a public association of skepticism with its product’s purity.


At this point in the presentation I could not help but wonder whether or not the same overused practices of this word’s abuses might apply equally with respect to the relevance of the political labels …Republican and Democrat …non the least of which of which just might apply equally …if not more (especially today) to the word “Independent”.


All of which are of “Natural” benefit …no doubt…!!!?

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