The Fate of the Wait is in The Cost of The Lost


 Pro Business …Pro Debt Service …but Jobs and housing …Not so much.


In the wake of today’s  lackluster jobs report, Janet Yellen is not just yelling low rates; she’s all but signaling that they are staying low.

 Wow! Tell me something new!

So, goodie for businesses which have grown accustom to having  taken joy in reliance upon cheap capital for their day to day operations …and that for some time now  …a rather lean time at that I might add. The new normal, perhaps?

Nevertheless,  now we are on the downhill side of the better part of what I chose (yes, past tense) to compare to  Japan’s lost decade a while back; I can’t help wonder how the fixed income folks view their limited safe investment opportunities in retirement …forced or otherwise.

After all, on the heals of today’s weak Job’s report …amazingly the print on unemployment shows a drop to 6.1%.


For many who have given up looking still don’t realize how good a business climate low interest rates have made it for Wall Street …and the Fed who has to figure out a (the only) best preventive way for Washington to keep from defaulting on its ginormous debt while it manages to return chartered social goods and services back to the 47% of America’s households who now  depend on some form or another government subsidy …Oblama Care’s rising costs  and dwindling services not withstanding.

And if that isn’t enough of a convoluted conflict of interest, it is certainly a reason to revisit a previous series of posts as if “…We the People…” need to remember the  blast I had in the past when I originally wrote  it.

So, fitting as I believe it was then …I am more compelled to post it again today.

As the adage goes; …if the shoe fits; wear it…!

Today, this seems  aptly more fitting  …especially as  its never-ending theme is ever the more, still in style.

May 10th, 2012

The post which was referenced  below (from Part 1) was originally posted:   Friday, September 02, 2011.

It was then, edited, revised and reposted:  Saturday, September 03, 2011

A 2nd revision was subsequently posted:Friday, September 16, 2011


After the most recent French Presidential Election, In good conscious …I have been compelled to re-post  the post chronicled above.

But, before I can do so, in the same conscious …I have become  much more intent to first write a multi-part preface before I actually do re-post  this older  post.  Therefore,  I will finish posting the fifth and final part  to this five-part preface’s series, and then  re-post this old post, what I believe is  extremely  pertinent today as when I first posted it last year.

This particular  post to which I refer …was  mentioned by  its title in the first part (Part 1)  of this  5-part preface’s series. Its link also appears at the  beginning of this series 1st part. To  read  this older post  referenced  in “Part 1′s  portion of this  series; see the following permalink:   Permalink:

Thank you and I hope that you enjoy reading Part 2.


Part 2 of 5 in a Five-Part Series:


Preface; Part Two of Five to: The Rate of the Wait; The Cost of the Lost


Re:   On Building an alert  National  Mindset.


Re:   On Building an alert  National  Mindset.


How can a nation of people sit so idly by while cavalierly making blind allowances which take lightly what drastic consequences may come from any number of the narratives which have emerged from any number of the major players, movers and shakers who form the pool of contemporary would-be play writes of the movement pushing social engineering forward to the very limits in every kind and form of brinksmanship imaginable.

What is being played out in almost every dimensions, upon every stage and at and throughout ever level serves only to rival any number of the best murder mystery novels.

Likewise, consider what purpose a goodly portion of clarity would do to destroy the ulterior motives   of which make for a good “…Who Done it?” novel.

Yet, today America’s national mindset is kept equally guessing …under-exposed …hidden from whatsoever would, could and otherwise should and or might provide a clue to the direction as to what is fair, open and honest in and with respect to an individual’s desire for clarity from ones government.

However, like mushrooms the Obama administration has deliberately chosen to treat and condition the American mindset as if he were growing mushrooms …by keeping them all as much in the dark and feeding them cow manure.

Is it any wonder that how this administration has chosen its priorities and the manner in which it has portrayed its policies does little more than reflect the manner in which its ways and means have carefully chosen to spin the narrative of its totally unbiased liberal characterization as to what it sees is fair in spite of the administration’s clear and obvious failures to orchestrate trust and confidence out of the uncertainty of what it has and is continuing to choose to see as its ill-fated inheritance.

Not so fast here Mr. President. You had your priorities and you had a chance for the better part of the last 3 and a half years; and the President can not say that he did not waste a chance to make a difference …for the better.

Yet, for the worst, this administration’s rhetoric has produced efforts which have effectually polarized and dividedAmerica, and in so doing …produced an excuse for a posture whose national mindset has become so drawn away …so easily preoccupied with little more than the futility of disgust.

In these ways and means the administration’s net affect has been to numb down the American mindset and make provisions for a soft pin point landing …one on a point of least resistance …one which is easily sidetracked by the entertainment of Obama’s entertaining charm and charisma.

Oh brother, Mr. Obama …do this nation a favor; go charm a snake.

Americans have real business to attend to …that primarily which would otherwise fuel this Nation of America with confidence instead of blame and shame …in endless attempts to divide Her People …We the People.

Yes, there have been and still are winds which are seeking to blowAmerica’s national mindset …those to the point whereAmerica’s citizens will have become comfortably numb to all the insanity and endless levels of derision and division.

As is, it has been a memorable term …now near over …one which will invariably be remembered for how Obama and the liberals in Washington  almost caused for Her to become sucked inwards towards what sinister gravitational influences can only be best described as an impending appointment with a tightening noose of an oncoming self- imposed  barren infertility?

Remember the lyrics to one of the Beatles fine songs; “…Take a sad song and make it bitter …” er, in this case it might actually be more aptly to go down in history …written instead as; “…take an inheritance and do indeed make it as be…it…it-ter …” at least as one least possibly can be ….all the while trying to blame it and pin it on some other guy …guy.

You know, now is just about a good a time as any to offer my personal experiences as to what generally makes for the stench of a lack of responsibility. Invariably, I’ve found that, in 9 times out of ten …it comes prefaced with just about every attempt that stops at nothing to use every trick in the book to avoid having to first take responsibility for what is wrong …primarily by blaming someone else.

You know …it was his …or, it was her fault. That’s what they always say. That’s just always their way …to leverage blame and shame so as to enhance …my way …or, the hi-way. After all, blame and shame arguably are the Presidents way of getting what he wants.

AndAmericacan plainly see; when the President wants it; he gets it, yes?

Want to see it coming more closely …in all of its spectacular living color?

Want just a few prime examples?   See the following “Wolves in sheep’s clothing …if you will …that for your very self.”

 And if you are still in the state of disbelief; they have you …hook line and sinker. Fine kettle of fish will have made of the American mindset.

Fine kettle of fish. Watch it and weap.

Look and see the specific examples of the following bullets socially designed to shape and kill the independence of the American mindset:

Snakes by any other name:   Sustainable Development; Social Justice



False Choices; Agenda 21 EXPLAINED, full version



“Agenda 21” The UN’s diabolical plan for the world is explained on the “Glenn Beck Show”




          Elitist Eugenicists



Armed with this knowledge instilled in ones mind, how can a people of one of the most technologically advanced civilizations allow its independent spirit to so easily succumb to the iron will of such a pointless, wide-spread, politically will that is resorting to drive malice with a mallet chiseled point that seeks to justify its ill-affects and its clandestine cloaked excuses to spread its blanket out far and wide to suffocate Liberty’s freedoms …by spreading a spirit of blind indifference which is designed to marginalize the legitimacy of whatsoever things are true, honest and just in all that is pure, lovely and virtuous and of good report?

In the face of America’s would-be tyrants’ escalating attempts to systematically raise the level of a cavalier contempt for Her time-honored weakening traditions, values and institutions; how can a nation stand still for this sort of socialistic charade so as to continue to become still more comfortable with the preparations of willful submission to the will of the collective’s subjugation of the rights and independence of the human spirit?

America …is now become so unaware of just how susceptible, vulnerable and wide open she has become exposed is actually more prone to suffering what may become the final attack of Her foundational principals by those who …with unsavory and unscrupulous ulterior motives do, like …hungry wolves …have been laying in wait for the pivotal opportunity to leverage their hopes for change …what likely may come to materialize as a slaughter …the ultimate harvest which likely will sprung forth from the very ills which their ulterior motives have helped cultivate.

Answer the call to Awaken America!

In plain view are these tyrants’ cycle and the staff …the stark symbols of social despots …whose purpose holds no good purpose for America’s Lady Liberty and Her freedoms’ safeguards …Her People’s constitution not withstanding …let alone ones individual rights as expressly guaranteed in America’s constitution.

Therefore, if today serves no better reminder as to what these ominous symbols historical purpose and agenda signifies …take a look back and remember the failings of their never-ending lessons that …have always attempted to foment and push forward their folly in total disregard for the final cost of their agendas many ills.

Today, this purpose and intent is a constant threat to the values of Liberty’s many personal freedoms which many hold sacred in honoring the American way of life.

Sadly, more and more are loosening their grasp of their hopes to experience such in favor of what the Left has been hoping for the opportunities to build upon to leverage their hopes in which to bring about social change by means and reason of a disgruntled and disenfranchised populace.

But make no mistake, the social promise to bring greater hope and change is a lie whose promises are doing no more than making clandestine attempts to disrupt, divide, weaken and beset America into capitulation by weakening Her People’s resolve until “…We the People …” simply no longer possess …own …and or care to resist the socialists’ hope for change.

America must wake up and resist the weak mindset which is being asked to buckle under the socialist’s bandwagon.

 Why then are not more concerned citizens standing upright in opposition to the spirit of apathy which has failed …so far …(SAVE THE November 2010 MID-TERM ELECTIONS) to address the urgent conditions WHICH ARE NOW CONTINUING TO threaten TO CHANGE forevermore the landscape of Liberty as we yet freely have the choice to realize it …as we can best see it fit …as individuals …not as some BORG Collective?

Now, is not the time to fall prey to apathy.

Now then, America can today …no longer afford to adopt a weak mindset that merely offers merely one a single option …that, to turn the other cheek.

For that matter, specifically in regard to effectual stewardship …that which holds well a good measure of esteem for the values of performing due diligence in an honest conscientious manner …is also an honor whose respect for such also seeks out accountability as its prime responsibilities’ pursuit.

And in this character’s prime routine responsibility …America should have avoided offering even the slightest invitation to even need to turn the first cheek in the first place.

Check it out! This is the real contextual meaning of stewardship’s effectual working in love …no schism. Can you dig it.  In Kansas, we plow it.

In this regard, there is some truth to the adage which states that discipline is the key to freedom.

Where the spirit of Discipline is there is Liberty…and where there is Liberty, men and women stand and work all things together for good in the spirit of all things freely.

Now, is not the time to fall prey to apathy.

Now is a time to be vigorously choosing  to follow a path less  traveled.

America can no longer afford  a weak mindset that  merely offers but one option …to turn  the other cheek and cave in to social reform …especially at a time which asks …no, is demanding indifferently the opportunity to turn its cheek totally away from the opportunity and reasons to freely promote organic …natural, private prospects, rewards and incentives instead.


This nation can, therefore no longer afford to give that shipwreck the opportunity to coming to fruition.

For that matter, in regard to stewardship …and that specifically which regards and esteems the values of performing due diligence in an honest conscientious manner which seeks out accountability as prime responsibilities  …America should have avoided offering  even the slightest invitation to turn the first cheek.    

In this regard, there is some truth to the adage which states that discipline is the key to freedom.

Discipline is the manifestation …the proof of ones respect for ones responsibilities.

Adequate …let alone the highest form of stewardship is taking hold of every opportunity to perform  such and prove so well enough …that one  may TAKE STEWARDSHIP TO A LEVEL SO AS TO avoid and remove every possible first opportunity that ones CHEEK may BE STRUCK IN THE FIRST PLACE …even when likely or not.

IN THIS manner of stewardship’s proof, THERE WOULD BE NO NEED TO TURN THE  OTHER CHEEK  IN and by …1ST performING (PRESENT, PLU-PERFECT TENSE …ING) AND DOING the necessary due diligence.

In doing  so …and instead avoiding the favor and  the ease with which ignorance offers so many  devastatingly poor options to altogether cavalierly dismiss the warning signs which have so often been repeated time and time again throughout history.

 Alas, sadly …America has not been following policies that would avoid being struck in Her lack of Fiscal and Monetary preparedness, and it would seem She has been willing to forgo stewardship in favor of turning the other cheek. What a pity!

This is exactly the same emotional spirit which is at work in the children of disobedience …both here and abroad? In this respect, I do not digress. I am dead serious.


Today, America is not alone as the only nation which has failed in fiscal oversight. This can be seen  in one troubled debt-riddled country after another …each is being made conformable to the ways and means which make for the same traps …all becoming unwitting victims …like frogs who have been made to jump …one right after another into the same pot of cool water …one which is being gradually heated slowly.


And as if all have been seated in the same theater …as the plot thickens, and the pot begins to heat up; how is it that societies fail to see …let alone, fail to adequately anticipate and recognize ahead of times …the conditions of such a thin plot’s conventions which have come so close to resembling so many other deceptions which have historically played out in much the same way? Why do societies mindsets fall captive …and become held spell bound in disbelief until a point in time at which …the mask is finally torn off the jesters face only to reveal the hidden spirits behind the mask …fully revealing the true nature and character whose conventions ploys were cleverly wound around a counterfeit trust and hope in such a way so as to …for the time being …hold the audience spell-bound …in a suspension of a spirit of disbelief …all the way to their ruinous end.


No one …let alone an audience can be mesmerized if that one or that audience is not willing to first …give one self over to the hypnotic power of that spirit’s conventions and suggestions.


However, in the jester’s final act, and when honesty becomes such an unrecognizable distant stranger; imagine the aggregate common horror of the audience’s stark shock after awakening to find the reality which has taken them …the imposter has taken them captive in a trap whose grip now holds so firmly fast that it offers neither alternative nor possibility for escape.


Following the shock of reality’s discovery, the depth of ones anguish can only offer the possibility of an eclipse …that in the form of a greater shock which will promise only to surpass ones circular attempts to futilely try to reinvent some plausible, more workable spin whose trial always fails in an endless never ending spin of denial. Whose Finger pointing ever resulted in a satisfactory solution?


However, in the wake of ones attempts to gain distance from reality, there may not even enter in to ones willing suspension of disbelief …the actual realization that all such hopes have been lost …wasted …squandered in pursuits which have merely fruitlessly chased attempts to make lies less clear.


Sitting trapped in ones theatre of ones own makings …will there ever come a time to realize that now is the time to pay the piper his price for your inability to make ones departure sound?


When there are no longer exits …what next matters more and to whom will it matter more?


At this point, why should the fate of individual freedom in Americamatter at all to any pied piper who, in spite of whatever poor fate may lie in wait …the relavance of an individual makes for a weak social premise …let alone a stronger cause. In the relative scheme of the socialist’s order who and of what relevance is an individual’s rights? In just one more performance like the last, a cooked frog is one as well done as the last …one well as long as there is a will’s willingness so as to be so dishonestly so well undone …for the sake of the priorities of the social order.


No mater the rate of the frogs’ fate. The wait exacts the same cost in terms of what and whose will must needs be lost and or trampled upon for whatever may guaranty that the social mandate is esteemed above that which guarantees the rights of the individual.

Frog soup anyone?  

Such as an end there always will be, there is certainly one common ingredient to this misleading frog-soup’s recipe.


It is the crux of the success on which all previous repeat performances’ depend, the same time-measured willing whose suspension of disbelief brings their dead end.


 There is an old tasteless adage whose postulates state; it’s the same old Ka-ka, but a different day.

 But soon is come the day in which both will and right conveniently stripped …the naked frogs’ guts, bone and marrow laid aside …with sinew ripped in bare disassembly …the carcass entirely in plain view no less to see …one more frog never more to be.

And in this respect or greater lack there of …as a society, may be ones will …will likely made to be. Does the human nature not all …in sync make for a common character …less like the individual …to march with the same social mind …lined up like pawns in a game …all following the same drummer’s beat, down-hill, in step with and by the common international fiscal and monetary aptitude …whose examples mesmerized by an appeal …are also together …having been played to willfully accept an ambivalent prideful embrace of ignorance and or indifference …stepping one by one into the same fine pot?


Let’s be real; why simply allow our mindsets’ condition to merely idly go merrily …merrily as if life is but a dream?


Remember Simon and Garfunkel’s Slip Sliding Away?


“The more you reach your destination, the more you’re slip sliding a…away.


In this regard, one should and needs must become familiar and acquainted with the Federal Reserve’s TWIST Programs and policies …specifically with respect to its tenants (NOT-SO CLEAR) time-line requirements.






In this single most critical aspect, do all the multidimensional conditions favor, let alone afford one (enough of …) The Time Necessary to execute Twist?


It should become apparent to one just how GINORMOUS a play this is …that is, in moving the boat-loads of KA-Ka off the Short-Handle and off and far enough out onto the Long Handle?


Oh, and by the way; don’t blame the Federal Reserve Chairman for this; for you see, Congress has already aired its dirty laundry …and the skinny on the street and in the halls of Congress and especially on the steps of the White House …is …that …huge ….and …GINORMOUS DEFICITS WILL LIKELY CONTINUE UNABATED FOR THE NEXT TEN …THAT IS RIGHT 10 …A 1 WITH A BIG ZERO BEHIND IT.


That sort of puts blame’s various theories of fiscal relativity to bed, or …rather it should.


So, be wary; no …be very wary of those who fly off the handle and jump to quick conclusions that also employ pointing fingers at the Federal Reserve System and its Chairman.


Anyway you stack it; as bad as the TWIST smells; the deficits which have made the TWIST a life raft’s life ring may be only as strong as is Congress willing to execute fiscally conservative responsibility …in and as long as they act united in their aggregate common resolve to drastically reduce the deficits.


How strong a collective resolve there may be remains to be seen, but one thing is for certain; it may only require one more General Presidential election …one which resembles the strong express will akin to that of the November 2010’s Mid-Term for to send a clear message which is strong enough to clean out the house and get its political will in line and well on the order …of that of “…We the People …”


According to Obama; that will was never to be. I say; not so fast thank you please Mr. President.


TWIST is, in the meantime …as we all sit here in the rain and wait …the cost of avoiding the actual costs to literally be doing nothing but biding the time while being engaged in doing nothing but “Buying Time.”


And the reality is; the more Congress spends …the more time the Fed’s TWIST program must and will last …and cost. That is …under a best case scenario which assumes the lowest treasury yields remain constantly …artificially that way or otherwise rigged there.


 Holy Criminently Bat Boys and Bat Grils! Sweet and unintended consequences have given Congress a green light and The Green Lantern’s credit card to pursue a precarious path and enter a dangerous doorway through which even its GINORMOUS INFLATED EGOS HAVE SLIPPED INOT spending habits which are every bit as preposterous as any government paradox.


Conundrum or quagmire? Obviously both.


So who are the real gate keepers? Who holds the key?


We the People do …; that’s who!


But the question is; is there still time enough to go around in order to eventually find a solution that will actually get us out of this mess ….so as to have a chance in a million to exit of this crazy space-time continuum? Does the Fed have enough time? Will Rates Favor the Fed while it bides the time as Congress spends as it sees fit …trying to spend enough to “Bye Time” cheaply …or I.E.; effectually?


Is this not the definition of insanity?


Is this not the definition of insanity? In this regard, the solution is Atomic; just simply blow up the Mother Ship.


Well, thank goodness that Mother Nature has not lost her temper, yet; for …unlike The Boy Scouts; America is not prepared to be caught off guard again on any scale or proportion such as in RITA, KATRINA, OR WILMA …OR AS IN JAPAN.






The success of TWIST hinges upon having the time necessary which is equal …or up to the size of the task …assuming that conditions favorable continue along a certain line.


And what is this line of most favorable …greatest self-control?


The prudence and best-case moderation is …and I use the word lightly with a certain paradoxical contempt for sarcasm; used with hoping in one that America can navigate safely through troubled international highly charged economic waters without becoming more sidetracked and derailed at Her most critical moment …which is …NOW no longer the time to hold ones testicles and wonder as to how …why …when …how much.


The time for cutesie metaphors has come and gone. There is no longer time for existential pauses and speculation. The time for action and truth to join in honor of our heritage before that is exhausted and a memory of it no longer remains …is now!


And without question, The President and The Congress no longer have a single cause greater than fiscal conservatism; and for that matter’s purpose, there is no longer an excuse larger in importance that could …would and should be pressed to the public’s breast any more than the emergency of fiscal conservatism. All else and all and every opportunity for liberty’s continuance hangs in the balance of this preface the greatest opportunity toward any and every hope America may have to further enjoy Her future prospects of prosperity in every dimension …upon every stage and at all levels …no matter how low and now matter how high.


To fail and further ignore the rapidly approaching consequences is akin to treason and threatens to conspiring against the Fed’s already tried and stretched ability to cope with Washington’s HUBRIS.


Remember Icarus? Who will keep Washington from flying too high?


Who is there to hold our government’s branches …and their annual budget’s deficits in check …year after year? And who is there who will stand and bring them into a sound and safe semblance of acceptable and perfectly clear level of perfectly unified well-ordered accountability?


Remember these words; “…We the People, in order to form (…not create) do …


The “…We the People …” will!


The “…We the People …” do!


God help us all if “…We the People …” won’t.


As is clear; Washington isn’t.


Therefore, why can’t “…We the People …” see “…by the dawn’s early light.”


Until fiscal responsibility and monetary policy change markedly; “…We the People …” may as well be a boat load of French frogs-a-cooking.


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