Never Kick A Dog When He’s Down!


First Published:   September 4th, 2011

 Edited 2nd Revision:   September 10th, 2011

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Never Kick A Dog When He’s Down …Unless he’s Warren Buffet …and of course, you are also two-faced and politically motivated.

But, before you do, you had better be carrying a big stick, because the banks are fairly well capitalized thanks to the Federal Reserve’s open window policies of the recent years …thanks largely in part to the Treasury’s printing press.

For that reason …beware of shorting these banks stocks; for they could turn an Orange Crush into a short squeeze in a New York minute maid …and any other Senator for that matter who believes that more stimulus is what America needs.

Beware of those who say; “…I’ve Got Your Back.” … especially, if they are two faced.”

Oxymoron of the minute maid: “Hello, I am from the government, and I’m here to help you.”

Double Oxymoron of the next minute maid; “Hello, I’m from the ECU government, and I’m here to help ourselves …or not?

I would rather suggest instead;   “Be Ware of Dog Catchers …Especially Those Who Are Politically Motivated …and seem to seem to breed and live upon uncertainty.

Especially, beware of those who make their living off of making political speeches …mostly the kind which are politically based on a type of exhausted and spent logic which is …as reason goes …as twisted as a crumbling, moldy-old, beer-stained German pretzel.

For that matter, beware of Greeks bearing gifts …especially at the end of September when the Germans are on deck …scheduled to make an important decision on their form of a European-styled form of Hank Paulson’s TARP.

It would seem though, that after spending trillions to put Humpty Dumpty back together again …trying to appear as if one is trying to pull an economic recovery out of a magic hat no longer matters as much as the pretzel logic which might be made to the liking of the masses …and that as a matter which may take on a more global significance by reason of relative currency valuations …the likes of which make for still more uncertainty.

In keeping, it would seem as though that all the U.S. administration is good at these days is fomenting division along class and other populist oriented political appeals ….all very likeable noble aspirations of character.

Actually in hindsight; as a hard working American …I get the impression I am being rather patronized by the verbiage coming from Washington.

Hard working my ass! God …if it were to ever be the case that Washington could ever learn how to row with both oars …with a full dozen …if you know what I mean, no?

Super committee indeed!

For the last three years, there has been a disconnect between the words …SUPER and LEADERSHIP.


This administration seems hell bent on doing what it has always wanted to do all along …screw the super rich …as its last option.

Is that leadership …or the the leader’s whip?

When all attempts at socialism have failed …does leadership intend to turn to haste to make its reason and logic more appealing in its call to haste.

Execute haste? Isn’t that akin to WASTE?




Where is one like a Mandela …a real leader …one who knows the value of redemption and genuinely honest reconciliation? Where is one such as that when one needs him the most?

Where is Herman Cain for that matter?

And where is Marco Rubio?

I’ll bet that these two gentlemen are not kicking dogs …pointing fickle fingers …ascribing fault or  …assigning blame?

Nor are the likes of these and other real leaders laying politically motivated black mail and booby traps.

Jesus Christ …son of God …Good Lord! Help us blind flocks all to see even if only with one good eye?

But in the depth of our   mist; it would really be a blessing to have the depth of vision and hearing to both see with both eyes and to hear with both ears.

National healing, it would also seem …is something which has been dispensed with…having been tossed out along with the baby and the bath water.

Shoot, while this administration is at it; I could only imagine that it will be only a matter of time before they throw out the crapper too …along with the VIP …the very important papers.

It seems as if no inconvenience is too small …even if it means having to push the banks far enough to jeopardize their tangible capital equity reserve requirements.

These GSLs (Government Sponsored Lawsuits) may essentially push the big banks to raise cash in ways that may cause them to sell or spin off some of their assets in order to meet their TCE requirements.

I sense that these GSLs purpose is to …either cause a break up …or induce a back- handed unsolicited campaign contribution drive going into 2012.

I would shudder to think that the government is on a path to federalize the banking system, no?

How about killing two birds with one stone?

If too big to fail is not an option   …and insolvency is out of the question …do you suppose the administration   has just had enough …that in regard to having to constantly bail out those two little stinkers called Freddie and Fannie?

You know …this whole stagnant housing mess thing has probably affected their TCEs as well.

Can you imagine their board members saying to Barack; “…Hey, buddy …can you lend us another dime?”

I smell a huge conflict of interest on a national scale.

And by interest; I …by no means meant to imply a pun.

Go figure.

After all, they did make some rather highly selective handsome annual campaign contributions by themselves over the last few years, no?

Talk about getting more bank …er, I mean …more bang for your buck!

Kick a dog when he’s down …indeed!

What a way to divide a house!

Exonerate Freddie and Fannie …as if they had neither part nor parcel in their share of culpability?

Barack! Please!

Your administration’s pretzel logic bites …big-time!


If the shadow banking industry (AIG included) is being pressured by foreign banks though, where is the transparency and open clarity in who and what is pressing this issue?

I believe that …in this regard, Dodd-Frank has totally missed the head of the nail …much like the announcements of these lawsuits miss the mark of being an effective smoke and mirrors magic dog and phony show.

When it comes to matters of national interest; in performing due diligence in a manner which provides oversight …one can not merely sit idly by and claim; “I merely inherited this mess.”

Governance implies implicit involvement …even to the point of admitting complicit accountability in the wake of gross failure.

It is not like government had nothing to do with being totally asleep at the wheel itself.

Governmnet shares complicit responsibility …not only for failing …but also in pursuing the continuance of such policies to which these litigious knee-jerks testify.

Had this last weeks economic data points shown stellar GDP growth …and stellar rock star like jobs performance …I would not be taking my time to address these litigious   B.S. lawsuits.

One must …at some time …get in the game …grab both horns and make a decision to own the lead position …responsibly by being both truthful and honest.

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