Never Kick A Dog When He’s Down!

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Field of Dreams – Build It & They Will Come

Field of Dreams

Build it And They Will Come

In light of Japan’s lost decade, why America would be inclined to invite the same?

Yet, moving away from the 08 burst of the housing bubble, what hope is there which would, could …and or should offer Americans any more reasonable hope that is tending to suggest that Washington hasn’t already opened the door to usher in another similar black-hole decade?

Who in their right mind would want to slog through another seven years …like those of the first three ….let alone suffer all the lost opportunity costs like those which Japan paid for in the darkness of Her recent past period.

In the wake of past three years of finger pointing, back biting and in-fighting …with each and every passing minute of every day …of each passing weeks and month, America must …at some point in time; get out of the bed and put both feet on the ground.

It has been bad enough to realize that America had been asleep as the housing bubble built the environment for what turned out to make for the perfect storm.

The Fed’s New AAA = BOA’s New Balance Sheet Tool

Here’s a novel organic idea for the Federal Reserve Chairman today …one which dose not rely on printed …or borrowed money to craft ..draft …implement and execute.
Actually, after thinking of this for a while …I think this monumental idea has more to offer the banking industry …Bank of America for one …above all.
I say so, because bank of America is scrambling about …trying to raise capital at a time when cash is king.
And if there ever was a cash generator, this idea has huge potential to rock and roll …recapitalizing an anemic sector like gang busters …like the Dallas Cheerleaders at halftime.
Shoot, I bet Timothy Geithner could figure a way to securitize and market this idea’s exotic specialized product’s potential.

Bring back the exotic specialized products division …in safety …with an eye …whose oversight measures actually support honest home ownership.


What is this idea?

Offer increment interest- breaks as incentives to home buyers as a measure and form according to the skin they bring to the table at closing.

In other words “…Skin for A Time Out.”

More skin would translate to a greater “…more time out” period.

After all, PIGS We Are Not!

Today, I am taking a look back at a letter I wrote Friday, November 21, 2008 dealing with a principal commonly used in bankrupcy proceedings called Cram-Down.

It seems fitting to revisit it to achieve some degree of perspective in view of communities whose municipal bonds’ bond ratings are at risk in the face of of dwindling tax revenue.

And taken in perspective of TARP and various stimulus programs which have been walked through Congress under the pretext that their purpose is aimed at saving community jobs and services, I have to ask; as what point will America become like Germany …less than willing to support the pigs of Europe …those like Portugal Ireland/Italy Greece and Spain?

After all, are the PIGS …all that much different than any number of the hardest hit states here in America?

Without a doubt, The Germans have had to pay an exacting price to pay for reunification …not to mention what the PIGS’ bail-out may wind up costing the quality of their return on social investments.

So, tonight is an opportunity to visit the letter below while asking what are state and local governments doing to maintain tight budgets and exercise fiscal withstraint?

It seems to me that in the face of lowered property values …rising property taxes are a sad social commentary …one in which state and local community governance has thrown away prudence and reason in favor of the opportunity to ignor reality and the consequences of neglect …hoping that no one would take notice.

In that respect, I will introduce my letter by saying; “…pay no attention to the man behind the curtain …” You better pay your taxes, or they might just cram them higher property taxes down your throats.

Cram Down? vs. Higher Property Appraisals & Property Taxes?
Go Figure!
How does that translate to …Spending Cuts?
It doesn’t, does it!?