Field of Dreams – Build It & They Will Come


Jackson Hole, Wyoming

…On Pulling A Rabit Out of A Hole


In light of Japan’s lost decade, why would America  be inclined to invite the same to visit our shores for an equally long extended stay?

Yet, moving away from the 08 burst of the housing bubble, what hope is there which would, could …and or should offer Americans any more reasonable hope that is tending to suggest that Washington hasn’t already opened the door to usher in another similar black-hole decade?

Who in their right mind would want to slog through another seven years …like those of the first three ….let alone suffer all the lost opportunity costs like those which Japan paid for in the darkness of a lost decade …a period of low …no …and or lost opportunities which otherwise could be looked forward to in and with hightened returns?

In the wake of the past three years of finger pointing, back biting and in-fighting …and with each and every passing minute of every day …of each of the  passing weeks and months, America must …at some point in time; get out of the bed and put both feet on the ground.

It has been bad enough to realize that America was pretty (whatever-ugly) much  asleep as the housing bubble built an  environment for what turned out to make for the perfect storm.

Now, with each daily release of subsequent marginal …lack-luster abysmal economic data …there has been very little which smacks of generous hope and optimistic change …especially in view of a broadening global economic contagion …European woes not withstanding.

Above all, such as has been the case, what is there which could translate to good news for either of the   housing and jobs landscape …which by the way, is central to any successful cost effective efficient organic recovery?

Compared to the Japanese Lost Decade ….and according to the forward-looking economic projections; America is …by all means …heading for a marginal, protracted period of low …or no growth …all losses not withstanding.

In a sea awash with a mindset …hell bent on either cutting …taxing …and or any combination thereof, growth …understandably, in the last three years has almost gpme went without a mention …let alone an emphasis worth a  weightier  consideration …to which I say; “…Politcs! Bah! Humbug!

This, I attribute primarily to the fact that the administration and Congress are both lacking in business experience and leadership, and have therefore been the biggest contributors to the hurdles which have been impeding effective, efficient organic economic recovery.

However, in keeping focused on a perspective …that being with respect to the three years in which America has merely been burning rubber …and spinning Her wheels. In standing still …we have gone no where in all our bickering …no where, but deeper in debt …while essentially finding ourselves …still facing a continuous  economic cricis of confidence …standing still …rather than moving forward.

Move on dot org …indeed!

Understandably, there have been a growing number of those who are borrowing from a quote from Sir Winston Churchill in which he said; “…Americans will always exhaust themselves trying everything else before eventually …at long last, they will do what is right.

I rather think Churchill was being nicer than he could have been had he chooen to be a bit …rather more  direct.

None the less, usually …what works  is also what gets and holds  our attention.

What works is usually what is also worth investing our time, money and attention.

Therefore, in looking for the greatest bang for the buck  …why not  provide incentives to that which would reward private ownership  the most …for owners’ bucks?

If there is any opportunity worth putting an investment in; private ownership is  the single most  worthy and  deserving  investment of  our time, money and  efforts …one whose returns  provides opportunity  for all who choose to participate in the risks and  rewards.

To play, one must buy a ticket.

No tickey …no washey.

After all, all giving …equates to all receiving.

This is not to say “investment” …as from a governmental perspective.

That word from that perspective always spells governmental spending …throwing good money after bad.

Expressed another way; government’s answer to putting out fires is to …always throw money on  the fire.

Instead, any investment which encourages a private sector solution is the solution which builds an atmosphere of greater hope in an investment called individual freedom …in this case …the freedom of the individual right to own private property.

If this atmosphere is encouraged and builds …a field of dreams; contrary to what the political forray has produced …pessimism will subside.

Today, that is what we have …pessimism and doubt.

On the contrary, if  all doubt is dispelled  …regarding hope and change  …they will follow.

Good leadership …then, like good ideas are the makings of what is needed to  build a field of dreams.

But agreement must first build agreement …even to pull a rabbit out of a hole …as in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Remember the line in the movie; The Field of Dreams? “…Built it …and they will come …”

If America were to ever (God forbid …) build the perfect environment; private ownership might actually come to do the heavy lifting which plagues the housing inventory and employment woes which are holding recovery captive.

Build the solution to address these problems …and all else will follow.

But how shall we build …and how shall we build without reliance upon debt?

I would suggest, in view of the housing debacle; we should be busy giving ourselves to active by building equity into the American housing market.

How could this become a reality?

Adopt mortgages whose Incentives offer SIGNIFICANTLY GREATER reward FOR RESPONSIBLE PRIVATE HOME ownership …those WAYS AND MEANS which enhance the STRENGTH of equity ownership.

The more one gives …the more one has a vested interests in the same.

And if there were to be a highly specialized mortgage product AVAILABLE …which were to OFFER specific home owners …SPECIAL ADVANTAGES …homes might be made to fly off the shelves like hot cakes at a KIWANIS pancake feed.

Recently, I worked on this idea and come up with some ideas which …I believe have great promise to quickly reduce the gigantic inventory of existing houses …and jump-start the housing sector.

And in view of how long America has stood so precariously close to the precipice of an abyss which threatens to pull us back into recession; …isn’t it time to move away from this pit of this abyss?

Why give home owners an added measure of reward for COMING BIG TO THE TABLE with an added measure OF SKIN IN THE GAME?

Why not empower homeowners with stuff like the power of boldness with access and greater confidence?

Hasn’t that been what has been missing around here the last decade or so …the lacking side of equity ownership’s formula?

Let’s put our money where our house is …in our homes …in our neighborhoods …and into our communities, banks and back into our economy.

After all, we didn’t merely inherit them; we want to own them outright.

And there is something in the meaning of this that we all need to get a grip on …you know; wrap our heads around.

The sooner people realize that …the better all things will become.

After all, the concept of ownership is only as good as the DEPTH of ones earnest vested interests.

In view of this, I would like to invite you to read a particular post which I have referenced below.

 Simply, follow the  link that explains how such a unique mortgage product just might  hold the  needed  added measure of promise which may be able to  form  a solution to many of the problems facing the housing industry.

The Fed’s New AAA = BOA’s New Ballance Sheet Tool

All the best!


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