One Bad Apple

Support American ownership.

And if you can not distinguish a winner from a loser; then, America will do the job by replacing you in the wake of your miserable failure.

Yes, failure is more of an option than a faddy fashion accessory …pejoratives not withstanding.

Hand outs are no way to craft incentive for ownership …save promote ones own political office …and that is so passe’.

And in this wise; beware …there are bad apples whose design it is to spoil the entire lot by making those who are to come …losers ,,,one and all by reason of an unbridled …unchecked debt.

So, the next time you hear someone speak for all by saying; “…We do not believe that the government should be in the business of picking winners and losers …” better take a closer look under the hood.

Kick the tires while you are at it too.

Your kids and their loser kids may thank you for taking a closer look.

Own your destiny; manage your character.

Craft your fate …and offer your children the opportunity to do the same as well as you now have a day with which to do something constructive about private ownership.

I like my apple pie served up warm and fresh.

How about you?

Field of Dreams – Build It & They Will Come

Field of Dreams

Build it And They Will Come

In light of Japan’s lost decade, why America would be inclined to invite the same?

Yet, moving away from the 08 burst of the housing bubble, what hope is there which would, could …and or should offer Americans any more reasonable hope that is tending to suggest that Washington hasn’t already opened the door to usher in another similar black-hole decade?

Who in their right mind would want to slog through another seven years …like those of the first three ….let alone suffer all the lost opportunity costs like those which Japan paid for in the darkness of Her recent past period.

In the wake of past three years of finger pointing, back biting and in-fighting …with each and every passing minute of every day …of each passing weeks and month, America must …at some point in time; get out of the bed and put both feet on the ground.

It has been bad enough to realize that America had been asleep as the housing bubble built the environment for what turned out to make for the perfect storm.

To Teachers Tenured-Non-Performing; “You’re Fired!”

This is shorter than it is sweet, yet it should be just as easy to serve to connect the dots …as it is easy to see how higher priced commodities (…namely escalating oil and gasoline prices) represent a significant quasi tax-like burden. So, in the same light, what I am about to discuss should be equally easy to see how such (like rising oil and gas prices) also poses a significant threat to drag down a healthy economic recovery …all the more …along with the detrimental affects which are associated with a rise in commodity prices.

So, in like fashion, what I am discussing today, will only serve to highlight the exasperating affects of the above commodity-driven affects’ drag on the economy and …moreover …do so in an additive fashion …rather much like explaining and warning of a more real, clear and present danger’s approach.

Taken together these two real threats pose a significant real punitive tax which is now …as it has been …currently working to threaten recovery …pretty much undetected and unchecked …right under our very noses.

And whether or not these threats are taken separately or aggregately …both, when taken together …will combine to form and work together …as a single matter’s impact …forming a double taxation whose hikes, which …when combined will essentially threaten to erode and reduce expendable discretionary personal income …hampering a badly needed healthy economic recovery.

I do not mean to be pessimistic, but the cards have already been stacked against those who have pretty much have chosen to ignore the facts at the …city, county and state-wide levels of government …that is of course …until recently …as can be evidenced by the forces aligning themselves for the real clash in 2012.

Yet, in spite of what appears to be two eight hundred pound gorillas in the room, Americans have been unwilling to take up the conversation at, in and upon the stages of more locally oriented state-wide levels …and; as such, sadly …a less prudent reason has more than all but avoided a more sobering conversation whose time is long over due.