EU …S&P …Ben Bernanke …Sovereinty & Sucker Punches

Like …It’s All About Me?




Given that last week (when everything was all things Europe) why should Ben Bernanke …be about Ben Bernanke …as the media would have one think?

For that matter, why should last week have been about S&P?

Then again, if Ben Bernanke was …all about Ben Bernanke, this week would be about QE-3 …but it isn’t!

Thank God for that!

Instead, it is all things which are relevant …in an attempt to maintain balance.

And if that is not the case …where is the balance in investor confidence?

Under a rock?

It is not coming from the S&P.

It is not coming from Congress.

And it sure isn’t coming from the President.

Then, with respect to a more sure foundation, if it is not about Ben’s clarity what  is it about …the ECB?

How shaky then, is it …that sovereignty and the sure stability of such …have all been swamped out by US Public Debt?

Know wonder most don’t get the S&P’s move. Is most of America is in denial?

Or is most America merely being lead astray by the media in a never-ending string of blame and shame’s search for a candidate more worth of an ounce of American castigation?

Good luck catching it when you get it.

In the mean time watch out for sucker punches.

Wouldn’t it be a novelty, if one were to suggest that it is actually all about the 800 pound gorillas (PLURAL) in the boat?

Aside from denial; one had better hope that not one of them rock the boat.

Sovereignty? Yeah, right! Whatever!!!

Like, that’s not buried under a rock of highly ratable …highly desirable debt, yes?

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