One Bad Apple



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Monday, March 19, 2012




One Bad Apple


…and the whole lot of them to boot.


This last week end, in the Wichita Eagle; I read an article which chronicled the demise of the soon to be fated investment energy credit which has until recently been standing as a promising means to offer incentives to those who ways have made decisions to put up and build up and out solar energy in the great state of Kansas …for one …among many other states …as well as countless private citizens who are interested in reducing their dependence and ties to grids which they have no say or choice in matters concerning all things energy.


The article reported that these government sanctioned incentives are all slated to be going away …and soon.


Seems as though Congress pejorative mantra that effaces; “…We no longer believe that the government should be in the business of picking winners and losers …” is moving us all forward …OR, NOT!!!


Speaking of moving forward, one need only be invited to take a historical review of what single government sanctioned incentive has most long well served American the most effectively from a perspective of efficient utilization of capital …private capital not withstanding at that.


So, in respect to picking winners and losers …entreat me for a moment longer and let me simply single out one extremely significant group of the most historically important group of winners …those who …through Congress’ lack of due diligence …have and are continuing to move “Us” forward toward an ultimately larger …more untimely failure of private ownership.


Congress mantra …driven by the extremes of public debt’s ginormity …is paradoxically continuing to fail to provide adequate considerations (investment incentives) which would otherwise add added measures of personal, private and public oversight and accountability to one of the freedoms Americans have enjoyed the most …until recently when Congress turned their blind eyes on the fiduciary responsibility of safeguarding this freedom’s responsibilities.


And if intentionally …or, unintentionally, Congress is still abandoning its oversight’s obligatory responsibilities to return accountability in clear (CONFIDENT …TRUST-BUILDING) measures; their so-called pejorative-led POLITICAL mantra wants to enlarge their pejorative’s definition of what actually constitutes and delineates a winner from a loser.


I say; private ownership beware; these groups’ wolves reason revolves around the passionate will to build or dismantle the cloak of debt (taxes) and the mismanagement of it (SPENDING) ….AND have now …these wolves’ rhetoric has become sharp as steak knives and American’s freedom and path to Private Ownership may well already be fated to those who are the ones actually slated to become Congress’ next biggest losers.


Therein this single fated group, home owners may likely find themselves in the crossfire of Congress’ political cross-hairs …intentionally …or merely as collateral damage.


Regardless, among Lady Liberty’s cornerstone freedoms, there is one unique single freedom which is more at risk today than it ever was.


The right and the paths which have provided Americans with their opportunities to enjoy their right and privilege to engage in private ownership by reason of government sanctioned guaranties now stand precariously at risk.


At risk from what …one might ask?


From a single pejorative …I say …one which has become the weak grasp of an impulsive group which has chosen to bring a knife to a gun fight.


Deficient in strength and number this group of legislators may as well just go shoot themselves in their feet …one and all.


For the indecencies which have long well provided for home ownership …those which are …for now …still standing …are mostly serving well enough to promote private ownership without any additional need to change the policies which have served to support private ownership.


Save for the Fed’s low interest …accommodative policy …there is no other larger incentive to own a home other than the almost sacrosanct …interest mortgage deduction, and sadly …this  may also be on the so called chopping block as a new group of Congressional reps seek to pull their heads out of their rear ends.


I only hope they are successful in doing so …so they can wake up in time to figure out what it is that they were sent to Washington to actually accomplish that will “…move America forward …” rather than backward.


Bye-bye Miss American Pie. Drove my Chevy to the levy but the levy was dry.


Bottom line, the pied piper may be leading all Americans under a banner …calling us all out to fight against huge deficits …to stand united against the unsustainable massive debt, but let’s get real.


Let’s not forget to save the baby as we rush in to throw out the bath water.


The paradox is that while the mantra of such a sweeping pejorative seemly so well speaks for all by effacing a promise to move “…America forward …;” the nearly ONE TRILLION DOLLAR ANNUAL BUDGETS …have already most certainly picked the real losers …those whose better interests …CONGRESS HAS all but LOST SIGHT OF TOTALLY.


For if one is not in support of stimulating private ownership, one may as well confess to being in favor of moving the scope and expanse of the government forward instead.


And who needs more bad apples? One bad apple is bad enough, no?


As can be clearly seen these last few years; one bad apple has just about spoiled the entire lot …and now,Americais become subject to losing sight of the hope of the power of a leadership which needs be led by a private sector solution.


And in regards to whatever paltry recoveryAmericamay be currently enjoying; it truly can’t be the basis for pinning a medal on anyone save the strength of the consumer.


Beware of politicians who claim otherwise …for one bad apple will indeed …spoil the whole lot.  


May this serve a more sober newly elected 2010 mid-term freshmen class of Congressional representatives.


Lead on my friends …lead on boldly!


Don’t let go of the reins.


Drive on smartly!


Above all guide wisely to steer around the wolves and their pejorative’s mantra.


For one thing is clear, if you are not up to crafting ways and means that pick winners; America will …that is; if, Americans’ still have a right and a decent path to embrace the opportunity to own a piece of the American dream.


Any one care for a piece of American Pie?


If so, then …show it and go out of your way to show that you do by wisely picking winners.




Support Americans.


Support American ownership.


And if you can not distinguish a winner from a loser; then,Americawill do the job by replacing you in the wake of your miserable failure.


Yes, failure is more of an option than a faddy fashion accessory …pejoratives not withstanding.


Hand outs are no way to craft incentive for ownership …save promote ones own political office …and that is so passé’.


And in this wise; beware …there are bad apples whose design it is to spoil the entire lot by making those who are to come …losers ,,,one and all by reason of an unbridled …unchecked debt.


So, the next time you hear someone speak for all by saying; “…We do not believe that the government should be in the business of picking winners and losers …” better take a closer look under the hood.


Kick the tires while you are at it too.


Your kids and their loser kids may thank you for taking a closer look.


Own your destiny; manage your character.


Craft your fate …and offer your children the opportunity to do the same as well as you now have a day with which to do something constructive about private ownership.


I like my apple pie served up warm and fresh.


I like it that way because I am discerning and I am lucky to currently still have a choice and a say in the matter.



How about you?



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