Where are Principled Sextant, the Astrolabe, the Compass All?


Where are Principled Sextant, the Astrolabe, the Compass All Gone?


Is there no more a true north?


Can we no more the stars plainly see?


Sadly, “…stay the course …” is a rather iffy policy in Washington today. The President, Congress and Ben Benanke have all but charted (intentionally …or otherwise) one which has America taken America to sail deeper into heretofore, uncharted waters …now, for the most part …sailing for the most part, using  a principal known as “dead reckoning” …as it were, pretty much without the guide of more certain aids.


Having seemingly abandoned  the well principled means of navigation’s more reliable and  well-founded  forms of navigation …where the current course may take Americais can be anyone’s guess.


Has America found more benefit for dead reconing than the  reliable checks and prudent navigational measures more true?


Hence, the reliability and certainty of such waters makes for sailing into unstable waters?


For without measured means more sure, this course most likely leadAmericato likely anything but calm waters.


Furthermore, such a steady course once founded …unchanged, such a course seems to have made its principal aim;  …to make hell to pay!


After all, it is not as thoughAmericais not already in this rather iffy business already, no?


As if a growth more robust returns ….If energy policy can be crafted to favor choice rather than merely the majors by whom America is now held hostage   ….As if revenue can be found to return and fill the tax coffers instead of I.O.U.s …If spending doesn’t get out of control (A GRAND SOCIAL DELUSION …IN AND OF ITSELF) …If new taxes will not snuff out the flame of a modest recovery (expendable income not withstanding) …As if the price of energy isn’t up to this task in and of itself even AS if no tax were to be levied at all …as if no small public debt load needs be serviced.


And as iffy is such a fine course for America …it is not as if America has no choice fit for all in such a course most miserable. However to offer no other choice is akin to simply to invite no more but miserable sets of unavoidable consequences.


And like jagged rocks which dangerously are strewn before a jetty’s shore …where is a skilled helmsman to be had whose procedures’ practices hold and offer better choices?


As for now, it seems those now at the helm, have made a certain destination less clearer each day the ship draws near these rocks which lay before. Consider then, we …who like the Greeks are sailing toward a point beyond which there will be no return.


Half a league …half a league. Half a league onward.


Really? Are there no better choices than merely to do or to die?


Me thinks me …the rather!


There is the opportunities of endlessly far better choices in and if discernment were the choice of well established principals.


However, in the wake of a willingness to guide all into and through along a course of willful abandonment of all things …above all most principled; America is most likely on a course …one which will result in further weakening beyond which point …our course …less principally guided …will result in a full embrace of nothing more than a continuing erosion of whatsoever strength once made for a proud American nature well guided.


And by then, I am afraid that Americans will have traded in a nature that has always embraced a love for liberty  … all for the love of trading it all in for a frail, Wimpy-Like character …that is if by fortune and fate; ours is lucky to avoid all of the rocks which lie before the shore.


Why? All because the consumer is strong inAmericawhereas …and in spite of the lack of courage …the politician can be weak at the expense of the consumer.


The question is; for how long canAmericaignore the lesson being lived out in a most certain reality …that of a current day Greek tragedy?




                    Inflation on the horizon ….inviting prices to rise as the dollar continues to fall …a solution whose invitation has just about invited every form of mayhem imaginable to a party merely to celebrate the demise of theUS…OPEC not withstanding for starters


                    Where is a meaningful significant and cohesive energy policy?


                    Talk about inviting mayhem of any other imaginable shape and form!


                    Talk about US sovereignty, once above question …one which is now becoming so like the over-stretched dollar …it is more laughable, more so with each passing deficit-riddled annual budget …so much so that there remains nothing but questions …and that …at every turn …also, with each successive passing day.


                    Such as is the case, what imaginable scenario needs an open invitation to embolden ones enemies to beleaguer and reduce the promises of ones diminished hopes and abilities? Where then, is gone out the light and the strength of leadership’s character which would …which could right a ship which, so far …has been allowed to sail off its once more nobler …and truer course?



                    International currency concerns left, right …and center …the crescendo of the PIGS crashing against rocks …breaking like waves against the shore …one and all not one withstanding.


                    Commodity and input price squeezes placing pressure on the corporate bottom line …making tax reform a more and greater unlikely certainty.


                    Lower revenues …lower tax receipts in spite of higher debt load requirements.


                    Larger budgets …asking more from fewer resources …all the while expecting for less …making for reality’s bleak wake up calls.


                    Larger deficits which have not been shrinking responsibly at all in the least sense.


                    Treasury Auctions based upon who knows what …QE-3?


                    QE-3 …based upon who knows what …a red hot printing press?


                    Housing data doldrums …stuck in one quagmire after another.


                    Rising Mortgage Rates …followed by a seemingly endless list of distressed and short sell properties.


                    Bankrupt properties …held up in lengthy, legal and compounded bureaucratic red-taped processes slammed with fresh fees from court-appointed third-party management sap suckers.


                    Larger deficits or those which have not been shrinking responsibly in spite of

last November’s mid-term elections. How long does it take for a tea party

to brew fiscal responsibility anyhow?



                    Till hell freezes over or when Obama actually realizes what reality is in spite of his campaign promises.



Now, if that’s what one could call hope and change; I’ll eat my hat.


Now, if that don’t beat all; how is that hopey …changey thing working for you?


I don’t know about you; but, I can’t wait until the next election to stand and demand a change which resembles a true hope …one which honors the well founded truths on which our American time honored principals have stood and served this nation’s liberty and the freedoms for which it stands.


Now that’s a hope worth fighting for in a cause which will only and always make for a better course …one far better than the one which has been left to tempt a fate worse than death.



I don’t pretend to speak for all, but reversing the course we are on …this strikes me far better than Obama’s Hopey …Changey thing which merely claims no ownership responsibilities for all that he has merely inherited.



So, what’s new and exciting about taking responsibility for a meager lackluster economy NOW…when one has been unwilling and unable to commit and take responsibility for the liberty and the freedoms one has inherited …in God we trust …not withstanding?


The cost of the lost is and has been in the time of the whine?


Now is not the time for whinners.


For there is no more time to be wasted in creating more excuses.


Now, there can be no more time wasted in pursuits of clever bickerings.


Yes, now, there is no sense in the entertainment of one’s whining.


Our inheritance and its responsibilities …everything hangs in the balance.


Now is the time to make a difference …to stand up and tip the balance …to actually make a difference.


Now is time to chart a new course …to head for safe harbor …to sail upon calm seas.


Now is time to take principal to application and execute best practices for all that now matters more before we lose the opportunity and say in what all


Go figure. Until then, if I have to listen to Ben Bernanke tell me that in spite of how good we NOW have it, in spite of the hint that we still need QE-3 …I say;   bring in the pig with the lipstick.


If not, go figure!




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