…Raise the people …not the debt.

Now, here’s a novel idea …                 …Raise the people …not the debt.   After all, it should come as no surprise; People […]

Where are Principled Sextant, the Astrolabe, the Compass All?

Sadly, as is, the course in Washington today, the President, Congress and Ben Benanke have all but charted (intentionally …or otherwise) one which has taken America to sail into heretofore, uncharted waters …now sailing away (dead reckoning …as it were) without the guide and principled aids of navigation’s more reliable, well-founded, forms of reliant checks and prudent navigational measures.

Unstable waters? Questionably one trifle which begs for a measure of compare? For without measure, these are likely anything but calm waters.

Know What I Mean Maynard?

  Know What I Mean Maynard?         Dear Vern, Do you recognize the following quote? “The market can remain irrational longer than you can stay solvent.” It […]

S&P Grade; Looking A Gift Horse In The Mouth

Friday evening, I was reading and listening to as many media resources …such as I could get my hands on …so as to get a grasp on the various media takes on the recent S&P downgrade of America’s Credit.

My take away from the deluge of the various news agencies offered me a unique and insightful view on number of wide-ranging variety of takes on this news moving forward.

After learning of this event; this is what I believe I found out in my approach to the media’s window

Harry Ried’s Game Let’s You And Him Fight

In consideration of all of Senator Reid’s digs and innuendos’ …his pat answers make no more than one gigantic piece of work …which is still not going to work for “…We the People …”

His scripted sound bytes have even gone as far as to suggest that former President Regan’s deficits bear a strong resemblance to today’s debt’s relative magnitude.


For one, to suggest such is to obviate …overlook and turn a blind eye to the fact that today …the health of the economy and the prevailing lack of confidence herein …only causes today’s deficits and prevailing economic malaise …to pale …when …and if …truth be told …is allowed to serve as a more sobering measure of a more truthful comparison.

Therein, the Senator’s drivel doesn’t make for a stable leg to stand on before making such broad sweeping comparisons …those whose logic and arguments are both untimely and can hold no water.

A cracked cistern can hold no water …such a cracked pot not withstanding.

Money Market & Retirement Accounts’ Backstops vs. Downgrade

What would a downgrade to U.S. Public debt mean to Treasury-backed Money Markets and reitirement accounts whose security profile requirements stipulate that they must be backed by no less that AAA grade securities?

Answer that …would you?

Inside The Senate’s Old & New Debt Limit Proposals

Inside The Senate’s Old & New Debt Limit Proposals

Someone’s Milking Your Cows

Who in their right mind would openly welcome …let alone, invite a jab in the eye with a sharp stick?

For a look-see of a chart of the deficit, follow this link:


If this is Indicative of business as usual; how dangerous would it be to place a bet on the come?

I would suggest yes on both accounts …an example of assumption on a grand scale …the likes which equate to …the value of real estate will never fall …but, continue to rise forever.

Or, how about trying this assumption on for grins and giggles: America can afford business as usual …for as long as it takes for value to return …when property values stop falling …like a knife?

These assumptions bet on the come.

Cut, Cap & Balance

In my humble opinion, there’s got to be a better way to safeguard fiscal sanity other than by putting a chastity belt around the federal government’s purse strings.

They put muzzles on mean wild dogs don’t they?

Horses and stagecoaches come equipped with reins, yes?

Usama Bin Laden; The Weapons of Our Warfare

Extremists and Despots vs. Truth and Vigil

The Weapons of Our Warfare Are Mighty

When extremists attack a problem with forceful lies and deceit, they often do so in order to achieve an objective with the least amount of resistance, harnessing the greatest discontent as quickly as possible through a narrow well chosen gate.

In this, then means of arriving at a desired end is deliberately caused by channeling an emotion response toward containment.

Despots have no solution …only the desire to throw rocks in a glass house without regard for the truth.

Beware! The more obvious the truth; the bolder the lie …even when the truth is plainer than the nose on one’s face. The admission of nothing is a form of denial which is the leading symptom of deceit …the symptom of a lie …counter accusations not withstanding.

“…Pick your battles.” Its About Ego – Not Race; It’s …An Easy Pic-A-Ticket to 2012.

Who? Donald? Boldness? Courageous?


Just P l a I n

Hand-Picked Saps?

I believe there is a bit of wisdom in considering the expression that admonishes one to; “…Pick your battles.”

And so, with respect to Barack Obama’s response to Donald Trump’s recent cajouling …I have to wonder; why did President Obama pick this moment to respond to the matter of Donald’s obsession over Barack’s birth certificate?

I mean …as much as Barack could have relieased it in response to Sarah Palin. doesn’t this timely release speak volumes to Obama’s alterior motives in this “…Pick your battles.” moment’s worth of opportunity?

I mean; Obama couldn’t have picked a better moment to leverage the true Trump nature …blowing smoke up the skirt of Donald’s pride driven honor.

I mean; you have to give Barack his due in playing the pride card …blowing Trump’s ego …as if Donald needed anyone to blow his own horn for him.