Inside The Senate’s Old & New Debt Limit Proposals


Inside The Senate’s Old & New Debt Limit Proposals


Someone’s Milking Your Cows


Who in their right mind would openly welcome …let alone, invite a jab in the eye with a sharp stick?

For a look-see at  some charts which portray  deficits, follow the following  links:

NOTE:   The deficit chart of this first link may not  be supportable on   some  mobile platforms.

For a simple look at a chart which compares federal revenues with expenditures see:

If this is Indicative of business as usual; how dangerous would it be to place a bet on the come?

I would suggest yes on both accounts …an example of assumption on a grand scale.

What does this grand assumption say for the security of the American people?

What does this all say of the character of this nation?

Does such suggest that America is no longer a free nation?

If this nation can no longer afford to be honest; what then?

Today’s 2.7 trillion dollar deficit cutting …10 or 12 year plan’s figure …pales by comparison to the 4 trillion dollar figure which was on the table as a part of last week’s negotiations.

When I first heard Harry Reid’s Senate announcement of their new proposal’s lower figure …it reminded me of the Beatles song, Yesterday.

I.E., In regard to Harry Reid’s new 2.7 trillion dollar figure, he isn’t half the man …he used to be.

I guess that would apply equally to Senator Charles Schumer who helped Senator Reid make the announcement.

Immediately, I realized that there was something that was curiously missing in these Senator’s newly revised announcement …namely, revenues.

Curiously, the new tax measures which had been at the heart of last week’s meeting’s breakdown …all were gone …summarily dismissed.

Gone and equally missing was President Obama’s made a multi-hundred dollar blunder …one whose plunder was announced in a surprise announcement of its own untimely making where …at the thirteenth hour, 400 billion dollars worth of additional …previously unannounced revenues were added to the 1.2 trillion dollars of revenue which was already lying on the revenue side of the proposal’s equation.

So, in looking back in at the surprise attack and the anger which ensued and prompted Speaker Boehner to walk out of the talks; I have to weigh today’s new figure and view it with a degree of caution …that against what was clearly on the table against why that it is now changed.

And in wondering, I have to ask …principally what it is that has caused the revenue side to be withdrawn …as if an additional 1.6 trillion dollars in tax hikes is what this nation really needed anyway.

After all, where are the funds going to come from in order to fund the essence of the president’s undying desire to make his social agenda’s fantasy any more of a feasible possibility …let alone a workable reality in a weak and recovering economy?

Could it be that the draw down of …and the exit of war-time activities could make up for the revenue side of the Senator’s announcement.

That future may very well be a realizable eventuality.

But like, business as usual; I would have to say that the President …like those in the Senate; they most likely have already crafted a way to spend whatever accrued savings may come from an exit from Afghanistan and Iraq.

None the less, what is now gone missing …in today’s Schumer-Reid new figure will most certainly neither preclude nor prevent new spending.

And such as it is; their announcement will not …in any way, shape nor form reduce irresponsible deficits and entitlements.

At best, the Senate plan, while it treats the symptoms; it fails to cure the disease.

If fact; the plan more than enables the disease of this hideous addiction …by pleading with the House to join in along with the Senate and President as co-dependants …enablers to aid and abet an addiction. This is truly not kicking this can  down any road any more than it is an act of those whose solicitations are seeking paul bearers.

Is that a vision worthy of this nation? I rather think not.

There are other practices Speaker Boehner would rather be busy about burying, namely spending for one.

As, is …even with, or without the revenue figures gone missing, in the context of cuts …as they pertain to the need for new revenue   …any view of what military base closures might mean to any individual state …such would compound the negotiation processes …resulting in what might most likely amount to little more than a partisan political slugfest …that fraught with blackmail and earmarks aplenty not withstanding.

Hence, my earlier mention of the sharp stick.

This is why term limits …as well as Cut, Cap and Balance are needed in order to reduce and or eliminate the atmosphere in which such counterproductive opportunities thrive.

Regardless, it is worth noting that, in last week’s negotiations there was a 1.2 trillion dollars worth of additional revenue on the table that is now gone. As was mentioned earlier, on Friday, this proposed additional revenue figure which had been on the table …was supplemented with an additional 400 billion at the 13th hour.

Let’s do last week’s math. 4 trillion …minus (1.2 + .4) = 2.4 trillion dollars worth of net cuts vs. a plan which was shaping up along a plan whose math goes roughly like this;

4 trillion …minus 1.2 trillion = 2.8 trillion dollars worth of cuts.

Now, lets compare the two plans net sums together.

4 trillion …minus (1.2 + .4) = 2.4

4 trillion …minus 1.2 trillion = 2.8

If one compares last week with today’s 2.7 trillion dollar proposal, such a comparison would make no more than a mere meager 100 billion dollars …or, a paltry .1 trillion dollars.

Spread that out over 10 to twelve years …and the cheapness with which they carry on comes into a significantly greater perspective …that of a true something for nothing mentality.

So, same ass it ever was. Same ass as it ever was.

Nothing offered …nothing gained.

What the Senate is calling a compromise is a standard no pain solution …merely a time bomb of blame and shame.

Comparing the two proposals; last weeks with that offered in the Reid-Schumer proposal would suggest that Americans are still being hijacked by the same sort of a 13th hour proposal …now equipped with the custom made options of smoke and mirrors …of what amounts to little more than curb feelers.

No wonder why House Republican Majority Leader Boehner would want to walk out in disgust.

The ploy of insignificant tricks are not the substance of comprises.

These are blind attempts to avoid and skirt around the real and greater sum of all the issues which the President correctly characterized as saying that both parties share fault in making …equally.

And by a measure of reality …in doing the math …one can clearly see …by a measure of compare …how these plans differ in respect to their components which are intended to cut spending and raise revenue.

What the President has bought into is business as usual, and does nothing to reduce, reverse or eliminate the dangers of standing upon the precipice of our nation’s indebtedness.

Smoke and mirrors …like a mouthful of chaw will serve this nation no more than a pretentious pretty speech full of sincerity.

If God is to bless America …American’s must act according to the grace that God has shed on Her …above all by acting to faithfully diligently provide adequate measures of oversight which are strong enough to protect the rights of Her members in particular.

Silly rabbit tricks are for kids.

By intentionally attempting to marginalize Cut, CAP and Balance …this new …LOWER figure makes a mockery of   the President and the Dems in the Senate.

They are not fooling no one by ducking the threats they are trying to avoid with the comparable measure of the size of their toys.

You know, they say that the only difference between men and boys are the size of their toys.

No wonder that the President is so obsessed with his mention of Executives’ jets.

He must be suffering from a form of toy envy …that explained by the covetous nature of envy and jealousy.

This not a cheap shot, just a possible explanation of a curious repetitive phenomenon.

You know, where I come from …the more people buy corporate jets …the better my cities economy.

You see, in Wichita, KS; we know how to build and repair things …not merely how to break things.

We are busy about that …building up; not breaking down.

And this city knows the meaning of giving.

And we know when someone is trying to milk our cows.

When someone leaves your barn door open time after time again …you eventually come round to the realization that someone is out to milk your cows.

By any honest chronicle’s measure of compare, last week’s debt represent business as usual; Washington is trying once again to milk this one for all its worth.

No new tax revenues. Surprise!   Surprise! Gomer Pile might fall for this; but America won’t stand for being duped again and again.

But now that this blanket party is over, where did the better part of that 4 trillion figure go in becoming a 2.7 trillion dollar figure?

Up in smoke, that’s where?

NOTE:   …a line …from the cult classic Up In Smoke is in order.

” …Repression …recession man! It’s all the same …”

Therefore, over the next ten or twelve years …where in the world and how the (@#$%^!!) did Democratic Senators Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer come up with the SUBSTANTIALLY LOWER figure of 2.73 trillion dollars?

Compromise? Oh brother, please.

Now, it they were to come to the table with the original figure of 4 trillion with the same no new taxes provision; they might have something of a substance …that which could be called a beginning.

How can a wimpy-like number like their 2.7 be characterized as anything which even bears a semblance of compromise?

Come on; who’s kidding who?

What drugs are these fellas on …?

Go figure …!

Compare last week’s number 4 TRILLION …with a paltry …poultry one …2.7 …and I would be led to believe that these guys are either stoned …or they are full of it.

I rather tend to believe both may fitly apply than one or the other.

I mean, by lowering the bar ….The Senate’s Democratic majority leadership have mutually redefined pretzel logic, yes?

Why then should their new, lower number make their proposal in any way more palatable?

How could such a small change figuratively be made to resemble what could conceivably be considered …let alone …what should be construed as bargaining in good faith?

For crying out loud, such a figure tries the stretch of one’s imagination’ …requiring a willing suspension of disbelief when compared to what could be gained by following the more sober path of the House’s high road.

Compared to the figure of 4 trillion dollars which had been on the table last week, a 2.7 trillion dollar figure makes no sense at all …especially in view of a proposal which has always sought to leave the barn doors wide open.

Four hundred billion dollars, my ass!

Just jab me in the eye with a sharp stick all day long until cows come home.

If today’s proposal amounts to no more than 100 billion difference over a twelve year span, then the Senate might as well get busy milking them thar cows, yes?

Oh, please! Where’s the accountability in this logic?

Honestly, there is more excuse to leave the barn door ajar than there is to close it …once and for all in an end all cure all solution.

None the less, seeing that today’s Senate proposal amounts to not more than a hill of used beans, such an attempt points to the fact that the Senate’s Democratic Leadership …namely that consisting of the Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid are not at all interested in serving the nation’s best interests …in and or with a spirit of goodwill.

Silly rabbit! Tricks are for kids.

Is it any wonder why the president’s endorsement resembles no more than merely trying to put lipstick on a bigger pig?

In last week’s episode, of the “BIGGEST LOSER” …the GOAL was to lose 400 pounds.

Today, the posted GOAL’s   number has changed.

Is that a miracle? Not just no; but hell no!!!

So, what has not changed?

Now, that today’s goal at this pig’s lips suggest; the posted goal has seemingly been reduced to the less ambitious number of 270 pounds.

So, should I be any more excited to jump on the President’s bandwagon and kiss babies and cry; God bless America?

I rather think not. At least not for an appeal which offers nothing more for the license which allows more of the same old …business as usual …all without much more substance which respects adequate measures of badly needed oversight and accountability …soooo much more than the liberal license of shame and blame.

For one, judging from today’s Senate announcement …I don’t have a clue as to how much this hay rack ride’s is going to cost me …especially over the next 12 years.

In view of the largely unchecked compulsive nature of today’s spending isn’t there something else gone missing from today’s

Senate proposal?

The House measure offers a far greater measure of wisdom whose approach is founded upon a consideration which needs must be included in the conversation in order for the Senate’s to make sense.

The Senate’s proposal is merely a half baked …partial recipe whose other half has been largely marginalized …lost by smoke and mirrors.

Who knows what will have taken place after the passage of 12 year’s time. By then, the revenue side of this proposal’s equation most likely have been all but forgotten.

But, today, Americans have a way and a means which will leave no doubt that …today’s paltry 2.7 trillion dollar figure should have come included with the ways and means to put a lock on the barn door …once and forever.

Any conversation of deficit cuts alone is a half truth …one which seeks to shirk the performance of adequate and dutiful oversight.

Where’s Paul Harvey when you need to be able to say with certainty; “…and know you know …the rest of the story …?”

With the President and his Senate gang …you can’t.

The goal posts are always changing.

What kind of a thief knocks on your door to clearly announce his plan’s full intent is …to milk your cows, plunder your land and steel you (as in stealthfully …or, progressively?) blind …because, as such …he believes that it’s only fair to do so today?

By a measure of compare; the House of Representatives …HAS YOUR BACK …in every dimension of truth …no holds barred …no disclosures in small print needed …at the bottom of the contract.

The house has your back; the Senate …well, not so much.

Bottom line, this administration’s vision is not going to move forward without a desire to tax and spend above its ability …checked or unchecked …announced …or, unannounced.

In this regard, the Senate may efface that it has demonstrated restraint, but the facts speak for themselves and rather suggest that this sort of restraint is in regard to trade and commerce.

In each and every dimension of this debate’s various proposals, this administration’s prime concern has demonstrated that it is preoccupied with spending.

That is …above all else what has been at the forefront of every one of this gang’s prime consideration.

God bless America.

One, might as well put lipstick on a pig   …indeed!

Actions speak louder than words.

Today, the president and the Senate’s Majority Democratic leadership has shown their true nature by deliberately attempting to sell snake oil …claiming it is half-off today.

What could be more representative of a continuing denial than their attempts to marginalize the restoration of the character of the nation and the will of the American people?

Today, by choosing to belligerently ignore the badly needed missing pieces of the conversation of a more august solution, The President of these United States and The Senate are   continuing …hell-bent down a path which promises to do little more than deliver the same ole tainted hay …while milking your cows.

And you know what that will get you, no?

Clue:   Its byproduct is not merely methane gas.

In the mean time and on another note; what if they gave a party …and no one attended?

On the same token; what if Timothy Geithner were to hold a treasury auction …and the same thing happened?

If you did not see the deficit chart’s link above; I’ll give you a second chance.

Much of the chart from the link above is …a bet on the come proposition. Things could …like the barn door …swing either for the better …or, for the worse.

As they say; nothing in life is certain …save death and taxes.

So, with regard to the missing pieces …be careful where you step. For if the President and the Senate leadership have their way …there will be more of these unproductive missing pieces’ lying behind and around every thing the Senate and the President choose to characterize as compromise.

In this uncertain environment …compromise means nothing but kicking deficits down a dirt road with more and more printed money aided and abetted in further codependent   rounds of quantitative easing.

So do not be fooled by how the President and his gang choose to use the verbiage “…kick the can down the road.”

The true leadership honestly knows one thing for certain.

America’s back is up against the wall.

This is like the beaches at iwo jima …and Omaha.

Today is an assault’s landing day …and there is no where else to turn.

So, who has your back, when …your back’s up against a wall?

Is originality expressed by revving up the presses?

When no one shows up for an auction to buy America’s hay …America will have no other choice but to print more and more fluff with or without abandon.

Judging by the shape of our deficit’s chart, I’d say that; if America can not see that She is already in default …what good is honesty if America is seeking to pursue a remedy in a course of an avoidance that is no more of an avoidance than it is also not a compromise.

In calling a spade a spade; I would characterize today’s so-called new proposal more of a politically driven excuse.

If Americans can’t see that the facts in the chart speak to more than suggest that America is already over extended and that …as a debtor nation, much like Greece …America is a client whose behavior has already more than strongly demonstrated a contempt for oversight and lack of responsibility …what then does America merit more other than of a down grade?

Honesty, what successful loan officer is there who would tolerate dishonesty?

There’s no shortage of this today, no?

And without honest consequences, what difference can the truth make?

America should know this by now. After the entire housing crisis, one should have learned something about the value of esteeming the truth …and being able to honestly discern right from wrong.

If not; America is in default already; for She has been weighed in the balance …and now is merely seeking what …still more avoidance of a consequence most certain to be found without having seen or having known the truth’s profit.

That’s not all …that’s the beginning of the end …the beginning of a season of milking.

This is especially so, when …the whims of progressives do not no the value …nor the regard of knowing when saying no.

My father used to say that a lot …and you know …I learned the truth of honest restraint …in the wake of his leadership by example.

Often times, my father would also say …in a manner of disgust; “Fine kettle of fish!”

Katie, bar the doors!

Looks like were in for taking a lesson in a season which may more  honestly become known as …no, you can’t.

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