Cut, Cap & Balance

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Building Upon A More Perfect Union:


A More Perfect Degree of Confidence & Trust


Cut, Cap & Balance


Multi-Growth Multi-Dimensions


Accountability and Oversight


You probably know this …already …but think of the following in light of the context of all that has been done during the current administration to punish, restrict, stifle and regulate commerce and free trade.

And in considering the lengths the administration has gone to, also consider whether or not this judgment’s hands is not deserved of some scrutiny of its own …that mirroring a like-kinded degree and measure which resembles …some of its own medicine?

Or is the administration and Senate democratic majority’s leadership simply above reproach in its service to “…We the People … totally ” without impunity?  

In my humble opinion, there’s got to be a better way to safeguard fiscal sanity other than by putting a chastity belt around the federal government’s purse strings.

They put muzzles on mean wild dogs don’t they?

Horses and stagecoaches come equipped with reins, yes?

Like checks and balances …such measure are not words which sound like the names of breakfast cereals.

Seriously, aside from these metaphors …one must not be surprised by all that the acrimonious rancor which formed the prevailing winds of the atmosphere that preceded the August Mid-Terms almost one year ago.

And today …in many ways …those metaphors were merely a preface …to today’s debt debates?

Essentially, today’s atmosphere reflect a mirror image …of last August’s driving wind’s spirit.

Nothing much has changed since a year ago. Today, the contentious atmosphere in which there is zero agreement …this reflection serves to reflect this administration’s level and degree of it contempt for the people of these greater United States of America.

Therefore, in attitude …today, hope serves little difference …for it is no less fraught and plagued by much the same acrimonious spirits’ which have built little more than a largely divisive …damaging …destructive atmosphere.

Therefore, what is there to left to compromise with …would be-political terrorists?

Oh, I forgot. This administration fosters an “open-arms” policy with respect to negotiating with terrorists.

Yet for all that, it can not seem to get out of its nor hopes own way economically …and now politically …not even being willing to listen to the people …for which it presumably stands. Go figure?

And to spite its self …since, last August …the administration and much of the left-over remnant …the democratic majority’s leadership in the Senate have done little, if nothing which would could nor should have demonstrated that they are willing and genuinely desirous of showing and giving more respect for the democratic processes.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

How can belligerent manners and measures of blind-sided contempt be construed as being capable of producing anything which now …today smacks of change …that, of a   sort which is worthy of being called hope?

The Democrats …in this wise; today, are continuing to move further and still farther away from those elections’ spirits’ dreams’ call for  unity and singleness of purpose.

The Dems are moving away …away from the spirit of unity.

The Dems are moving away …marching to the beat of a different dumber whose deaf ear failed to hear and or is continuing to refuse to clearly hear a august beat.

In this manner …the Dems are not only off beat; they are also off color.

Not Cool! Way …not cool at all.

Today the means and measures which the Democrats have chosen to cling …continue to serve no American unified good purpose.

Today, the measures with which the Democratic party has chosen are those which have sought to divide …those which not …today threaten this union’s spirit.

All of this, if allowed …will end in the miserable failure of abandon …in a wake of abandon whose dereliction of duty which will be read for their epitaph.

While Americans continue to robustly exercise the spirit of November’s calls …the president and the senate have hidden when possible …and fumbled when given the opportunity to run with the ball.

Now, America’s one real solution (other than side-stepping and still further fumbling) is to be found in a single preferred choice …one which is well poised and positioned to take the high road toward fiscal responsibility …decisively today …for there may be not a better tomorrow like today.

Fumbling forward is not such an option representative of last August’s decisive victories.

America is not looking for …still more borrowed time.

America is looking …no, America is expecting …no, America has demanded a service oriented solution.

And that is not the sort of drivel …nor the patsy …pussy-footing appeal of any sort of   politically oriented …self-serving compromises …EITHER.




No love lost serves to say it all, yes?

That was …and still is the expressed will and desire of a unified public voice sent to Washington last November. Since then nothing has seemingly changed.

Therefore, looks like it’s going to be; for the time being “…Play it again Sam!”

Today, in a dishonest manner …disingenuously; the president and the senate majority is deliberately making a fatal mistake …that of questing the express will of America’s resolve …one made responsibly  …in a rather august call to duty.

So, where there is no duty fulfilled …in this respect …therein, lies all of the ownership of one consequence.

No matter how great …one tries, blame and shame’s finger pointing can not and does not serve as any excuse to avoid the responsibility of one’s duty. Willfully and deliberately sidestepping  one’s responsibilities is merely an indictment of one’s aberration of service …and in this case; it has been and continues to be a failure to provide oversight of the express interests voiced by “…We the People …” all political spin …particularly, not withstanding.

If resistance is not futile …and ignorance is not bliss. Make no mistake, compromise has no place in this issue …especially none worthy which should …as this hour …be tolerated so as to be allowed to serve as an excuse to make 2012’s considerations any more important than is the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

Now …as in today; today is the time to come to the table without a party in mind.

The American people have spoken. This expression was and still is living in an active voice …one whose call to serve is in purpose to country …not in any one political party’s agenda or context.

This active voice calls and beacons for the best conversation whose manner is worthy to serve the country as a whole …in singleness and single-mindedness of spirit and mind …as a whole body. Such is was the urgency in which the people’s call needs must now …today …move forward.

Who will rest until  …knowing that this issue has been …once and all …resolved forever …for all …for God’s sakes?

And that …for God’s sakes …not in the interests of any one party.

What in the name of Jesus Christ ever happened to service to God and Country?

In this wise, bi-partisan party politics …in no means has room to speak out of turn.

No wonder …with priorities so out of kilter, that so Many Americans were allowed and encouraged to become so oriented so as to believe upside down was …vogue.

What is honor if deceit draw respect like sweet butter does flies?

Ignorance and stupidity are no excuse to abandon honor and respect.

Is that clear enough? That’s why they give out the Darwins each year …bless their poor hearts! (to be taken with a facetious spirit)

If a farmer plants a crop of stupid; the farmer reaps a harvest in kind.

And with regards to ignorance; if a man wishes to remain so …let him be.

And if any one party can not be held accountable to this most basic of premises, that party’s time has come …to be gone.

Let it be.

Now in this …most anxious moment in our nation’s history …it is time to put aside every weight   …all the spin …and all of the blame …and all of the (B-little-ing) attempts to ascribe (b-rated) shame to one would be …or should be owner or another.

NOTE:     Like …(As if that could help serve resolve in nothing short of a political end-all partisan tactic, no?)

America …like the rest of the entire free world is just about fed up with all of the tired and lame bickering and finger pointing.

There is no good purpose in all of these fruitless obsessive forays.

Honestly, how could such …counterproductive …divisive manners produce anything but confusion and chaos? Fine kettle of fish, no?

The only ends such means might justify would be in producing a deception designed to conceal the fact that someone is milking your cows.

If government exists to turn away and shirk its duties to serve its people more than itself; “…We the People …” of all people will become the most miserable …especially after its too late to wake up and do anything productive.

In this wise, who in their right mind wouldn’t stand up and do something …let alone not object …or say something in the slightest knowing that their cows are being milked dry?

NOTE:   America, someone’s been milking your cows …and they’re still in there trying to figure out a way to stay the course …cause free milk been good to them buggers.

Do these buggers mind?

Apparently not. No one else has called them on it save for a bunch of red necks …who said something last November.

Therefore, today is never like no-longer a time to embrace even the possibility of failing to either not say or not do anything.

Today, Americans must take an active role …that in building …a time and a place where failure to serve is no longer a tolerable option   …not even in the slightest ways and means …none even worthy of compromise.

Today, is the time to be busy …to be about making sound preparations which ensure that such are sure and certain to produce the necessary fruit …even if its prescription spells pain in the prognosis.

After all, what gain is ever had without some measure of pain felt …either now …or later?

However, for what little window of time remains to debate this issue, Pain is as essentially inevitable as it is essentially also avoidable.

One thing is certain …America is in line for pain by reason of putting of today what should have been resolved yesterday.

Popeye’s character, Wimpy was well know for having said; “…I would gladly pay you on Wednesday …for a burger today …”

America can afford to wait and put this off until we realize the reality of Wimpy’s Wednesday …for in regard to our Wednesday’s …to many have incrementally come and gone in such a progressive fashion …that …today; America’s leadership can’t even see straight to know what day of the week it is …let alone …be able to honestly …be reliably counted on to accurately tell the time of day …truthfully.

This is, of course …according to Washington’s willingness and ability to take ownership for the efforts’ needed measurers of resolve.

As is though, there are two sides to every coin.

However, time is time, and no one can print any more of it. And in this regard, why merely choose to pursue the precariously uncertainty outcome of an unstable currency.

Grimm’s fairy tales make for substantially better fantasy.

Unchecked deficit’s formed on fallacies are the makings of nightmares.

And the choice to kick the can down a road called inflation is an open invitation to an inevitable mess which no one in their right mind would ordinarily …ideally welcome; that is, of course  …unless America deliberately wants to make the choice to continue down a road which is becoming a path so often traveled that its groove will leave a Wimpy-like legacy to all generations to follow and long scorn far into the future.

Therefore, today …in spite of the fact that this single decision is simpler than many might be willing to suggest …n order to follow another path …one more promising, one needs must possess the courage of a deeper conviction closely tied to the foundations of the constitution’s very own checks and balances.

Hopefully, America will choose to swing the battle back to the gates of last November’s resolve.

In the time being …some tyrant …or gang of tyrants is continually leaving the barn doors open.

Guess what? All the dammed cows have got lose again too.

And you know what they say about time being money. Well, them cows take plenty of time.

Hopefully, America’s leadership will respond in kind …not by rounding up cows which they let loose, but in respect …with honor in a genuinely higher degree of intent to deliver a resolve …so as to bring into play the adequate means whose ample measures are sure and certain to serve …above all else …the priorities which should otherwise be properly predisposed to  respect and serve the will of “…We the People …”

As such, this nations’ president and majority democratic representatives in the Senate …can not  …be allowed  …to turn their backs in all of what …till now appears to be little more than a game of chicken.

Such as all that regards respect for “…We the People …” it appears, the president and the majority democratic leadership in the Senate …are prepared …and have chosen …instead, to flush …gag and stifle the will of “…We the People …” summarily down the tubes …pretty much …all without reason and logic …save the pretzel logic associated with this baby’s political hot-potato’s tactics called shame and blame.

Honestly, after time after time …I for one …am growing tired of this administration and its so-called leadership’s liberal assumptions …those whose willing suspension of disbelief have all but chosen to characterize the American public as being too stupid to realize what they are trying to get away with …which amounts to little more than kidnapping on the order of politically driven, socio-economic suicide.    

The Dems should …as America does …know better. That’s what last August’s votes was all about …fiscal responsibility. Unfortunately, like Vanilla ICE says about gravity; …he doesn’t have any.

And while the level of this last November’s mid-term election’s rancor was almost as white hot in fervor as …as it currently now is …with regard to ownership’s more august oversight of fiscal irresponsibility …whose got your back any more?

Who’s moving you forward toward the abyss in this more august spirit of fiscal accountability …and in what dimensions?

For that matter, with respect to leadership, who has got a grip ..or losing theirs …their head not withstanding?

Let’s talk about leadership, OK? No. I’d rather not!

Let’s instead observe a three minute silent prayer …one in which nothing is said …nor done.

Good health is like a silent prayer …no? Oh, really!?

How’s that nothing said and nothing done thing working out then? Huh?

Good health is supported by several of the body’s systems. They work in concert …constantly doing work …mutually interdependently. These benefits occur …even while one is at rest. In fact, these processes restorative process work better when the body is at rest  …while doing nothing at all …at the highest states of contentment.

Can you say nirvana? How about harmony? Interesting aspects of the body’s multidimensional interdependent state of optimal balance.

However, there are real consequences in doing nothing at all for very long, yes?

Life, like health is multidimensional.

Just do it applies to being more than a conqueror.

How many days go by that you merely use you eyes and nothing else?

How about the days in which you merely use your ears’ sense of hearing …but not your eyes?

Why not use as many member and senses as needed …any number and or combination thereof as needed in order …in order to serve and profit the moment’s particular need at hand.

Well, in this regard …House Speaker John Boehner has a right jolly novel and capitol idea.

The idea is to simply put together all the necessary missing provisions that make for the   benefits in a mutually reinforcing dynamic sort of multidimensional manner.

That’s synergy 101,   which is much better than the blind leading the blind, yes?

Wha’cha’ say now?

And in today’s world of hurt, now is better than never …for there may well never see a better moment in history more worthy of such a plan’s pound of cure …one which actually has your back.

Therefore, House Speaker Boehner’s Cut, Cap & Balance takes a multidimensional approach to putting this issue’s many fires out …once and for all.

A speedy recovery is not one realized by merely treating the symptoms; it is a prognosis whose successful outcome depends on treating the patient.

Such as it is, in all honesty …one might say; “…We have met the enemy and the enemy is us.”

To move the battle toward the gate …successful American leadership must be willing to submit to and march in spirit …marking time …step for step, in cadence with the American people?

What possible consideration mirrors the respect of that more August call for fiscal responsibility?

Ronald Regan once said;

[G]overnment’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.

Freedom is a light burden with heavy responsibilities …whose inverse corollary is a lie.

The president’s plan to date has been to offer no plan, at least none which could be construed …at the very least to be worthy of any consideration to the freedoms of Liberty’s pursuits …even the least of which …should be to elevate the opportunity of an individual’s right to private ownership.

Today, the president has all but abandoned such hopes’ considerations.

So by a measure of compare, with respect to last August …the only difference in the current environment is that there are more elected public servants who are serving notice as expressive voting tokens of these recent American consequences …those whose more considerate representations are far greater measures of American resolve.

These are they whose patriotic duties must include a more august consideration of those whose interests …were …and still are …resolutely unified in the will, ways and means by which greater opportunity will serve to help save this nation from the ravages of Her would be tyrant’s addiction to debt …stifling taxation …in all but a spirit of abandon …of all that which would …could and should …otherwise, promote the building of an atmosphere conducive to all of that which encourages growth in confidence …above all …chiefly by respecting the resources and power of a strong vibrant and healthy ….free private sector.

Trust is like a thousand at-a-boys.

It can all turn to mist and vaporize in and instant …and in the wake of one aw-shit; the substance of credibility and belief can be destroyed …gone in an instant.

Like the destructive capability of just a few awe-shits; it is time for leadership to listen to the many at-a-boys …and girls …who have with one voice called for government to stand down.

It is long since time for government to lead, follow or …get out of the way …and that …especially of the private sector.

Since November, what has America learned from politicians who have and continue to turn a blind eye on their more august responsibilities in this respect?

What chance …no, what honest chance do the American people have for a just resolution of this debt’s mess if the leadership in the oval office and the Senate can’t see their way to avoid stepping in …still a second pile of aw-shit?

Falling all over themselves is become an out of favor  routine …routine …one whose routine conclusion of failure is already become a path strewn with the litter of finger pointing …back biting …seasoned with the salts of shame and blame.

Where it will all end …and how it will all end is not the question.

Neither is this big mess merely a matter of a choice whose ounce of prevention is not worth the pound of cure.

Symptoms are symptoms.

America needs a cure not a band aid.

But one thing which needs must be made clear and certain is that America has made a call for the   construction of a solid and decidedly more certain economic foundation.

On this level, the equity of this foundation’s needs …need not be concerned with any new definition of what is the new-normal as long as time honored truths and principals are given the respected considerations from which form the cornerstone was originally cut.

Otherwise, like a house divide …one built on shifting sand …will not last but a few hours, or until …the next storm.

Tribulation is as much a given uncertainty as is its impact is a measure of the degree to which ones decision are affected by one’s resolve.

In this respect let us all lay aside anything but that which reflects a unified belief in all of that which historically …has served well to make America the best place on earth …to live life and freely pursue happiness.

The time honored traditions and principals which our forefathers considered and deemed worthy to support America’s institutions have stood the test of time.

They, altogether …have stood together to weather many and all sort of storms.

America is not unfamiliar with tribulation …neither are here institutions nor Her people.

Today, it is still ok to change our methods …but the message must remain the same.

Freedom in honor and respect of all that made …must be allowed to foster a more perfect union.

What is union if, respect  …fails to honor the form of an agreement …tike honored or otherwise.

And today …like last August “…We the People …” can no longer afford to simply abandon our respect of those principals …nor our public servants …theirs.

In order to move forward, America can not afford to delude Her self by believing that

moving toward without an agreement to include all of each of the following concepts of John Boehner’s plan …namely, “Cutting …Capping …& Balancing” this nation’s budget.

The substance of all of which is neither just another political act, nor are these dimensions just another form of an unworkable fantasy.

On the contrary, the Boehner plan’s components …one and all are realities whose principals have all but long ago …abandoned in measures of dishonor in too many degrees of whatever’s disrespect.

Today is no better day to make what some have disparaged and chosen to characterize as fantasy …a reality in   our day and time …

While the time is ripe …that’s my take.

Don’t leave it; believe it!!!

Pick it up and carry it to the gate.

All the best!


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