Boehner Not Wondering Nor Wandering

Boehner  Not Wondering About


Nor Wandering From …What?


We the People?


Speaker Boehner’s  Walk Is  Indeed A Homerun Hit!


President Obama’s private interpretation of it all equates to …well; not so much more than the sort of spin which  resembles  the simple drivel from  a cottage industry.

 Revised 07-23-11

The sting of today’s failure to reach an agreement with House Speaker John Boehner over the peripheral side-show issues which are continuing to plague an urgently needed deal regarding how  best to raise the nation’s worst …its debt  ceiling …is enough to frustrate and try the patience of the most long suffering …no doubt, also those who have ever enjoyed an audience with the president …John Boehner not withstanding.  

And today this  apparently did not set at all well with President Obama who especially took exception to voice his extreme displeasure with the speaker of the house after the speaker walked out on the negotiations president …after the president brought an unexpected powder keg or two to the table …namely over four hundred (+400) billion dollars worth (???) of previously unmentioned tax increases …an amount far exceeding and outweighing what was already on the table’s agenda …going into the negotiations.

What’s more disturbing is that such a failure which has resulted in producing an irksome  pound of pain for the president …is merely more than a photo opportunity for the president …a one act play which …in all honesty …was and is not becoming of the president.

Mr. Obama’s outburst was not at  all good for his executive image …regardless how good his act may have been.

For all his spin, I …for one am not convinced, and I do not believe that Americans by and large are either.

Honestly, the presidents expressed contempt is a slap in the face for all who know better and can see through the paper thin nature of the president’s weak-ended nature whose last straw attempt’s appeal fell short of greater needs ….especially those in view of the unwavering strength and resolute character of the speaker’s measures’ lengths which have had the benefit of his honest hard work.

In contrast to the Presidents nature, Speaker John Boehner and the House have gone to far greater lengths in order to represent the express will of the Americans who (last November) sent a whole host of new freshman reps to Washington …principally to manifest and actually do something responsibly in a manner which actually resembles an ounce of substantive prevention called fiscal responsibility.

In the weight of substance compared to an act …there is overwhelmingly no comparison worth whining about.

Therein this comparison’s divide …America’s future stands precariously in the balance …and is still found wanting.

However, beyond this mute point …in a deeper level, there is  an  unsettling substance whose manifestation  should be  blatantly more alarming. In listening to the  president’s  ensuing rant, it should become more than apparent  that the president’s monologue  today, was fraught with more than an apparent  lack  of honesty

Spin is spin no matter how one attempts to defend pushing  a poor position.

However, deliberately pushing well crafted plan of deceit is quite another matter indeed.

Especially disconcerting is the exasperatingly poor timing surrounding such a poorly devised vision …one more apt and befitting of a drama-queen’s self-serving benefit.

When the death of the country’s triple AAA rating is on the line …fits of a tirade’s rant do not well serve to excuse in anyway such a weird political epitaph.

Please, allow me push your buttons for a moment …and I too just might be able to cause you to walk away in revulsion too, no?

Leadership …like agreement and harmony’s bond  requires and seek to move forward in honesty and responsibility, not the opportunity to sidestep it by employing the deceit of blame and more finger pointing.

Deliberate leadership builds upon that which requires honest and responsible oversight, not the opportunity to sidestep it, or to destroy it …especially knowing that …when and …in and if ….push-comes-to-shove …one must and will ultimately shove it and  walk away from  one’s pushy opponent  ….especially when one’s opponent is pathetically preoccupied in deliberate compulsive fits pushing on  a wimpy string.

Such a call in this atmosphere …at this late moment is not even a last minute call for a compromise.

It rather smacks of a planned piece of inappropriate well crafted text of some minor playwright’s lack of imagination.

Such as it may or might be, I rather doubt that this ploy was unscripted.

Instead, I rather believe this carefully devised script contained a deliberate last-minute plan to make a “Johnny-Come-Lately call to raise taxes.

I further believe that this ploy was deliberately planned with …no one else in mind but Barack Obama.

I guess it is not so surprising, but it is overwhelmingly disappointing in that it amounts to little more than an attempt to hijack and derail a more productive process which has been moving through the House.

Furthermore, this hijacking’s assassination was deliberately executed to serve one ulterior motive …one whose form and purpose was and is …being made to serve a greedy, politically motivated, self-serving, selfish agenda.

How, then …is America served if the President’s leadership forsakes the will of the people …by pushing a deliberately deceitful position that placed a (business-as-usual) higher priority on a need to fish for a self-aggrandizing 2012 claim?

Where is the adult in the room who has sought to spawn a highly charged, last minute, side-tracking atmosphere …calling for an impulsive surprise multi-hundred billion dollar tax hike?

 Let’s get real …Let’s get honest. This matter of raising the debt ceiling limit is no time for childish games …nor is it time to dismiss the will and express voice of “…We the People …”

Today, before President Obama turned and walked away from the Washington press corps; he made reference to “Leadership.”

Maybe, he   could take a senior lesson from a real public servant; The Speaker of the House of U.S. Representatives …who I believe speaks for the better interests of   “…We the People …”   more so than all those who make up  the majority in the Senate …the president himself …not withstanding.  

No amount of finger pointing translates to leadership if leadership fails to honestly serve the express will and better interests of “…We the People …”

There should be no question as to why Speaker Boehner would walk out on the President.

Boehner has a mandate.

President Obama …not so much …and not any more.

What can’t …or, what doesn’t the president get it?

Any intelligent man, woman and child should not need to wonder why Speaker Boehner would wander from a tax and spend president.

The speaker …in walking …is demonstrating a manifest will of the people who spoke last November.

In this wise, Speaker Boehner has not wandered a bit from the solidarity of the message which the mid-term voters voiced overwhelming in unison.

No! In Mr. Boehner’s steadfast support and respect of “…We the People …” there seems to be  only one sort of people who need wonder here; those Democrats who now, for the time being … cling to the precarious hold they have on the course of their ownership of their public office.

These are they who will be left to continue to wonder when they are sent packing …looking for work when their respective collective constituencies join in with those who spoke last November.

For the time being, there should be no question as to why Speaker Boehner would walk.

And for that matter, in view of who has not negotiated in good faith, I …for one, am not for one minute buying into the false bewilderment of the president act …an act whose leadership now appears to be relegated to hiding from “…We the People …” by seeking to spin and characterize “LEADERSHIP” as …hiding behind the entire Senate floor.


Denial is not just another river in Egypt.

I can just about spin this as:   MOMMY!   I WANT MY BLANKY! NOW! …and DAMMIT!

Wonder about that Mr. President. Do this much longer and those for whose single voice …Speaker Boehner walked for will make sure that you too will lose the opportunity to further serve to this once great nation.

In this regard, Mr. Obama will have plenty comrades to console in the wake where this sort of pain will have no political gain.

For now, though …for all the President’s attempted sidestepping and toe-tapping, after all of his wonderings in his “Post-Boehner-Walk” ascription of blame …the president’s behavior came just about as close to owning the responsibilities of the consequences of his office. NOT!!!

 I wonder NOT …because, since he first announced his candidacy …Mr. Obama has done little more to characterize his personal style’s approach and execution of the duties of the office of The President of the United States of America …when he first announced ; “…I merely inherited this mess …”

Is that service? Maybe!


But that form of self-serving complacency is no excuse to hide behind the Senate or any subset thereof.

Gang of 6!?

Hiding behind the likes of …this pile …? Leadership?

Leadership is not turning a blind eye on America ..expressly when America has spoke.

Go to now   …stand and speak for the people.

Fail to stand for anything less …and one after another will fail and fall by the unity of the voice of   “…We the People …”

Yet for all the president’s difficulties in owning anything to date, the one aspect of ownership the president certainly just made clear tonight is that the ONLY thing Mr. Obama is willing to own …is …the desire to raise revenues, namely   …Taxes …chiefly through any and every available means of taxation.

This is no wonder. It is merely an obsessive social public compulsory redistribution of resources. What’s more is that it represents the single greatest systematic policy blunder …one whose plunder represents little more than a discouragement of private ownership …one whose mismanagement and inefficiencies will result in the misallocation of land …capital …and individual human know how …resources which have been squandered for the greater part of over two and a half years.

The only greater waste of raising of taxes is the costs …the opportunity costs “…We the People …” have already wasted …waiting for something to speak, act and execute pro-growth measures which are worthy of returning confidence to the individual’s right to private ownership …in pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Is there any wondering why raising taxes now would represent the worst timing possible.

When this tax policy occurred the last time …in this environment …it led America into a recession …the great one.

Now there is an oxymoron because, there was nothing great about it.

Non the less, in true Obama fashion, The Essence of “O” in Mr. O’s America is anything but ownership.

Instead, The Essence of “O” may be found instead, in the B.O. …a Big Obsession to raise taxes.

Therefore, make no mistake in regard to the nature and deliberate use of the president’s semantics.

Spin is as much spin as a tax is a tax.

For that matter, there is nothing unmistakable about how President Obama cavalierly has chosen to suggest that closing loopholes does not amount to raising taxes.

That is an outright boldfaced lie.

I thought that a rose is a rose is as a rose is a rose?

And in this regard, when did not leading become leadership?

It very well may be that America will have the opportunity to witness …when too big will fail.

I wonder if there is a one to one correspondence between a failure of leadership and the size of one’s britches.

As for the pride which comes before the fall …the people have spoken and there is no wondering about that.

As for one; I stand …without wavering, as one …with one …one who stands as resolute and unwavering as House Speaker Boehner …side by side …in solidarity …with “…We the People …of the United States of America.”

That’s my take it or leave it …take.

All the best,


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  1. Good luck on the new blog. The mess in Washington needs constant monitoring from the heartland. Glad to see you joining this struggle.

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