No Depends …Running Bare Bottom …Exposed …Out in the Open

No Depends …

                              Running Bare Bottom …

                                                              Exposed …Out in the Open


Disclaimer:   No! This is neither a reference to  …nor an endorsement for the childish practice of public streaking.

For when I was a child, I walked as a child …I spoke as a child …I thought as a Child; but when I became a man …I put away childish things.

Sadly, Washington has not found a way to grow up and put away its childish things.

Otherwise, the consideration of service might actually be returned to “…We the People …” once more.

In the mean time …congress is failing to effectually deal with the matter of raising the debt ceiling. As such, one could easily say that Washington’s childish manner resembles an obstinate child whose continuous refusal to take the garbage out will ultimately come with progressively more certain and more dire unavoidable consequences.

In this regard, I believe there is another way of encapsulating the simplicity of the sad state of America’s debate …a process which is holding all Americans as much captive …as is every one of Her debt-riddled affairs.

Therefore, bear with me and please take note of the following. It is a Magical Metaphor in the form of a  classic song of timeless humor …written and performed by the one and only, Shell Silverstein.

I took the liberty to embed a u-tube video of a recording of one of his songs  into the body of my post’s text below.

If you read the post …you will be likely to appreciate it still more.

Sara Cynthia Sylvia Stout!


My Unalienable Rights Depends on What?


 I truly believe through the mismanagement of public debt, my country has …and is continuing down a dangerous path ….selling off and denigrating my unalienable rights …in favor of political profit …enriching those who have …and are …mortgaging my freedoms through a progressively incremental corrupted process called indebtedness.

My government’s reliance on borrowed money has led to an abusive obsession in a compulsion which has too long been allowed to enrich its self-serving, would-be player-servants …a small  herd of legally sanctioned plunderers ….a.k.a. …the body politic …a rather small body which has almost all but forgotten that its purpose to uphold and support the constitution which was ordained …after being fashioned after a godly image under a charter whose more pure order placed its priority in a purpose which was …above all …to form a more perfect union …one fit and made worthy by the nature of that Godly Spirit …to  serve  a proud and  free people in safeguarding the strength of the individual moreover and above all else …any small set of plunderous  law makers not withstanding.

It was at this time that, the agreement of free men and women joined together to form a government which  was intended to  provide insurances which could return the public goods and services needed to provide for the common good of its citizens.

Unfortunately, since its inception …this government of plundering servants has just about succeeded in corrupting the very foundation of this nation’s charter.

And though our forefathers provided for a well balanced system of checks and balances, the one which continues to be of greatest value is my individual right to vote.

And with my vote, I helped put my representative where he is today in Washington.

He indeed, has his work cut out for him for there is plenty of tough work for him, but he’s tough enough and up to the task.

Make no mistake, Washington is a battlefield, and deceit is everywhere.

The constitution is always at risk …under constant attack.

So too is the sort of service Washington returns to its citizenry …the constitution not withstanding.

Let’s face it, prior to the last seven or so crisis …Washington has not always been a watch dog to write home about, no?

Has anything changed recently in that regard?

Well, then …therefore …now, more than ever; it should be evident how damaged Washington’s blind-eyed mind-set can …has been …and continues to be …for Washington is still adding to the cost of running the nation into the ground …fueled by irresponsible ginormous debt-building deficits.

And it is in this unsustainable manner which has and still is continuing to add to the cost necessary just to service that debt.

When taken aggregately, all of the debilitating issues surrounding America’s public debt are simultaneously exacting a toll upon this nation’s ability to service it citizens in the clean and pure manners that our forefathers intended.

Debt and its service load are   merely two aspects of this matter which are negatively impacting America’s ability to both protect Her people’s freedoms.

Debt has also called into question America’s role and ability as the leader of the free world …principally because of the size of Her debt’s principal.

As such, America has been allowed to become so conflicted; it is questionable and uncertain as to how She can and how She will be able to continue to serve so as to safeguard and ensure that “…We the People …” have the opportunities once strongly assured and guaranteed all under the constitution.

As is, it now seems more certain that the interests of government mater more than, and have all but eclipsed the charter mandated constitutional obligatory mechanisms provided by our system of checks and balances.

Debt has encroached upon my unalienable rights and is now …on a daily basis …threatening to deny me the opportunities to access and pursue happiness.

The forms of tyranny which our forefathers sought to protect America from is become the very government which …in a debt free society …would do just fine.

But what justice is being served when a government places all of its citizenry under the shackles of this sort of fiscal irresponsibility …the one of its own making?

And so, the garbage continues to rain on down and fill the room with an obsequious noxious from of one of the fiercest of tyrannies …one self-imposed by the likes of a most conflicted, raging, rancorous, self-serving, two-headed partisan monster …one which is doing no good service to America.

This monster has grown its debt imbalances in agreement whose covenant has made a pact with death at the very point and height of brinkmanship.

The stakes are high …and all the chips are on the table. And rather than act rationally, for all this; America still wants to make a deal with the devil.

Yet, for all this, if …all that this deliberate division is intended to serve is …the wages of a work whose fruit is but to further a dangerous battleground called 2012 …I say; woe be to those whoremongers whose spirits yearn do battle in high places …all without impunity …and with little regard to those who have spoken loudly once before …not as many voices, but as many voices …which spoke as one.

Now, again …in the time being which might otherwise be just as dangerous as before the onset of this recession, this singleness and unity of purpose will …above all else …rise above the rancor …that bearing the fruit of many …as one …shall bring about a resounding resolve …one formed by unity in a singleness of purpose. The last word of any higher agreement …will bear good fruit in the wake of a unanimously more certain knowledge whose message …will be …as it was loudly and clearly spoken once before …one …which …once again, in 2012 will be heard above today’s noisy debates’ rancor.

For as conflicted as the debt ceiling debate is; and as much doubt and disregard as to what the people’s mandate and message was in last November’s mid-terms; 2012 will be the last excuse for Washington to turn a single blind—eyed.

This is what the parable of turning the other cheek implies.

One must understand the common cultural usage of the Biblical expression in order to understand the literal meaning of metaphor as used in the context. To see and to hear clearly …one must have obtained an understanding from that in order to sense …the a deeper meaning beyond both the mere verbiage and the colloquial cultural expression under scrutiny.

Yet, after the expression is understood from a view as to how that expression’s cultural usage is literally to be understood, then the usage of the expression within the context fits …so as to therefore add the proper sense to the sum of the whole.

However, the sense of much of what is taken out of context simply falls apart on its own.

And so it is …when taken out of the culture and the context …many misunderstood colloquial expressions can not stand …but fall into doubt.

Agreement needs unity.

And this one thing I believe strongly.

The servant is not the lord. Nor was the servant meant to strike the lord.

Such a tree will not bring forth fruit.

If I pay no heed to this once …shame on   you …  

But, if I pay no heed to this twice …shame on me.

I would not be a watchful …diligent steward …not by leaving myself open by turning my back …or my cheek on my responsibilities …a blind eye not withstanding.

Last August, the people spoke in this regard …expressly to fiscal responsibility.

Yet for all that, the president and the majority of the Democratic Party have all expected America to  turn the other cheek.

In regard to this matter of the raising of the debt limit’s ceiling, the president and the democrats are again asking America to …turn the other cheek …in spite of the outcome and they losses suffered in last November’s mid term elections.

Such as it is; if the debt issue fails to be resolve in an efficient manner …one which further depicts that Washington has all but turned a blind eye on the voice of America…I believe that the democrats will have hell to pay in spades …come 2012.

America has spoken one once …and will not stand for any more pussy-footing whatsoever.

A socialist’s agenda …run on debt? You got’ta be kidding!

As is …all that’s left is for Obama to turn a blind eye on the economy …by raising taxes.

For in shame …your tree shall produce no fruit.

Look away …look away Dixie land …

Turn the other cheek indeed!

One merely need to understand Eastern culture to understand the meaning of consequences …in turning away from one’s failure to esteem and honor another …those are cultural responsibilities which especially apply in regard to stewardship lordship …a servants obligatory oversight in duties …the performance of due diligence not withstanding.

Oh say, can you see …that a pervasive “…whatever-like …” cavalier attitude …has paved a way which has become so prevalent …so widespread …so as to promote the spread of an enablement …one most appealing?

Oh say, can you see …yet, such as it is …this mind-set’s grip has such a grip?

Oh say, can you see …so perverse is it in populist’s appeal?

Oh say, can you see …the dangerous nature of this spirit’s disregard?

Oh say, can you see …for all things regarding all things contempt of all that is privately.

Oh, say …can you see …the covetousness with …by and through which division is become disowned.

Oh!!! Say …America …who has so easily bewitched you?

Ownership ….or a lack thereof?

I say …not ownership; for had America the true, honest, right and just wherewithal in whatsoever needs must correctly serve the virtues which esteem the concept and privilege of an individual’s right to hold and keep private property …I would not be writing this essay now.

However, at the heart of this debt issue is the tyrannical manner in which Washington has shamefully conducted many …if not all of its recent hasty political debates and ensuing unjust costly pursuits.

And this sadly, merely points to the principal of the illness which is continuing to negatively affect the responsibilities which could …would …should, and otherwise…were meant to serve and ensure the American spirit of independence which has long since then …till now, so successfully guaranteed the rights every American should take every opportunity to take pride in …every opportunity to be giving thanks for all the joy of each and every freedom there is in this great land.

America’s freedoms and privileges extended to all of America’s citizens …under the constitution of the United States of America for which it stands …one nation which this administration is trying to tear apart.  

Sadly, in the wake of   “…whatever …!” and its mind-set, a greater frustrated and disenfranchised populace stands at risk …more empowered by Washington’s rancor …discouraged and disparaged.

This discontented spirit which is dividing America is one which America’s forefathers never sought to support. But it may be this administration’s only way forward.

By sowing the seeds of discontent, the administration seemingly is using a principal like the physics of the arm and lever …to leverage the public’s dissatisfaction through means by which it is using nothing but rancor and discourse’s might to manage its spread of a socially unacceptable agenda.

Every which way this administration’s mocking bird can fly …the only chance it has to ignore last November …it will do so …looking past the responsibilities of freedoms hope which otherwise would better serve an individual’s rights …and the responsibilities that underpin all of ownership’s many privileges.

This is what is failing under the shadows of American public indebtedness.

Ownership. The failure …not of ownership, but the failure to esteem the due diligence of ownership’s responsibilities.

You see, without execution of due diligence …ownership responsibilities are merely words.

Without action there is no belief.

And in this regard …where there was no action …the damage was allowed to occur.

And it was  (upon all stages …at every level) …where the damages were done.

And the damage began …incrementally over the last thirty years …and the failure of due diligence’s oversight continued to produced a cavalier indifference which was reinforced by a something-for- nothing indifference to the principal value which underpins the assurance which all but guarantees successful ownership …equity …skin in the game.

But widespread greed of disenfranchised self interests prevailed (unchecked and without regard to responsible ownership) in every quilt’s fabric, throughout each thread’s fiber, upon every stage, and at all levels.

The lack of esteem for responsible ownership touched every one of our nation’s institutions …both ecumenical and spiritual.

The prevailing winds of a “…whatever …” mind-set blew over …by-passed and skirted around all things involving:  how …what …why …where and when Americans took every opportunity to forsake their individual rights’ responsibilities to execute in the performance of adequate measures of oversight’s due diligence.

Thus, the fatal weakness of “…whatever …” which allowed the nature of greed to lead to complete perversion resulted in making a mockery of every institution …easy political targets for any Johnny-come-lately …a reformers’ field of fodder not withstanding.

Failure which would have occurred systemically had failure been allowed to be as much of a legal provision …as was …say …greed’s “…whatever …” option was.

Suffice it to say …all of the unintended consequences conspired to collapsed the law and property alike …impinging upon every institution in less than a moments notice.

“…Whatever …” which had served to inflate itself …also served to excuse and dismiss almost all of the necessities and actions which are required in order to pay heed …to serve …to perform the due diligence that nurtures …and ensures all of what should sustain and move successful private ownership forward.

However, what now remains  on the battlefield of Washington is the meager remnant of this rather cavalier mind-set’s …rotten …rotting fruit …and truck-loads of it.


And who are Debt’s constant companions? Deficits …debt load …division …debt limits …a rancorous discourse …and the 500 pound gorilla in the room   …uncertainty and doubt.

Imagine …one nation under a cloud of doubt.

Today’s forecast, calling for more thunderstorms later this afternoon …followed by hail   floods and an overflowing scourge …which, by the way will be clearing ….er, say …in about ten years …if we all are lucky …God willing.

I wonder if blame and shame worked so effectively well in 2008; what …if anything original Mr. Obama might pull out of his bag which could top blame and his endless tirades of finger pointing.

To bad nothing in all of that have seemed to translate to an air of confidence.

Unfortunately, in this regard, the “O” in Obama …definitely does not convey Originality!

Apparently, it doesn’t play well? Maybe, originality is not even it his play book.

Perhaps it is beyond the grasp of his four-year learning curve.

Obviously, nothing has changed …or, at least not …for the betterment of “…We the People …”

That is to say; what he does have in “O” of Obama is an “OWNERSHIP” to all THE DEBT he has put up WHICH merely resembles little more than a growing rotten heap …fueled by deficits …which are fueling the growing costs to just tote the note …a cost called “debt load” …the interest payment required to merely service America’s ginormous growing public debt.

In this regard; “…Mr. “O” …you da’bomb!!!”

But your stuff stinks like rotten chunks of moldy old baloney.

Please take note of this Magical Metaphor: A classic song by Shell Silverstein.

Sara Cynthia Sylvia Stout!

Fitly …in the midst of daily routine practices …Washington’s rancor and clamor have become commonplace. Yet, it should come as little surprise how its antics resemble the description of this little girl’s refusal to take out the garbage.

How appropriate and timely is a  rotting  mish-mashed set of ambiguous and unsavory ulterior motives though?

And how is this to serve “…We the People …” whose sensibilities have been stretched to the limit being bombarded daily …constantly being nurtured by the nature of an abundant …almost constant source of misleading and divisive political rhetoric?

In this highly charged divisive atmosphere …there is obviously a single purpose of propaganda whose end is meant to justify the end …in and by one and rather dubious, single-ended, objective …re-election ….and that obviously …apparently at all costs …regardless of the costs.

Political greed, is it any different than financial greed?

Its tyranny of injustice is such that it will always attempt to obstruct justice.

That is …I believe why there are so many now standing against the president.

Those freshmen congressional reps were sent to do battle for all the Americans who went to the polls and resoundingly said; “…No you can’t …” to Mr. Obama in spite of being fooled once by;  “…Yes, we can …”

As dubious as Mr. Obama’s campaign slogan and intention’s were in their purpose to redefine and redistribute wealth in America …his intentions and hopes for change have obviously not change at all.

Much more over, the remaining undying essence of Obama is undoubtedly, far from  the underlying spirit of visions which drove our forefather to frame our constitution.

It was their original express intentions and definitions given to all to serve the dignity of equality and justice for all. Our forefather’s handiwork was intended to be a testimony to all the purposes which were conferred to all …unalienable by a supreme creator …God.

This pattern was meant  to serve rather than to enslave.

It was a framework whose America’s public servants and citizens alike …can and could well take a lesson from …after the likes of one of the last most exemplary modern, post WWII-era examples.

Humble leadership in an example of humility may best be seen in the example of how President Harry S. Truman served and conducted his life in as a public servant and as a private citizen alike.

Comparing Truman’s  modest  benefits to the spoils and trappings of most modern-day presidents, senators and congressional reps  will most likely make your head spin.

Now, where and how is  this  sort of plunder unlikely to either restrain or stop the deficits feeding America’s indebtedness if leadership is neither familiar, neither accustomed to nor bothered by the fetters which define both the boundaries of one’s strengths and weaknesses?

Part of one’s strength is in knowing one’s limits …especially in respect before they are exceeded.

Take Icarus as a contrasting example to President Truman’s sure and steady style.

Does  leadership today …actually lead by strong sure example any more than the emotions which fed and led Icarus hubris?

I would say one needs to honestly weigh and balance reason and logic along with and or against the wonders of the spectra of the human emotion in order to guide one’s senses to arrive alive in order to continue one’s   drive to thrive.

I would suggest that what follows best is that which is best capable of discerning good judgment from poor.

Knowledge teaches know how. Training in know how offers the best opportunities to take Experience in a progressively broader understanding as to the wisdom of not only knowing right from wrong, but understanding it deeper …on all levels.

And there is nothing like taking understanding forward in applying the experience of lessons which profited from right training and proper instruction …and then …passing it on with doing …leadership by example.

Does  leadership today …actually lead by strong sure example any more than the emotions which fed and led Icarus’ hubris?

Take a long deep look into the mirror, and examine yourself …then, answer that honestly …if you can the following question;

Where is my life leading? What am I following? Does my image reflect  the kind of fruit I want to manifest? Am I capable of managing and controlling either or both …my thoughts rationally and or my emotions reasonably?

Traits of leadership’s …let alone good sound judgment dictate knowing one self well …or being reasonably able to assess one self.

Self examination.  

If you are thinking; “Yeah, right ….” or, “…Whatever?”

Good luck with a better comparison.

America could use one …one by which to compare whose rotting …near riotous fruit stands in direct contrast to the an otherwise more productive style of leadership. Make no mistake, America has allowed herself to be taken in Her bewitched state by and in all of “…whatever …” has led, charmed and bewitched Her.

Much of this spell has been cast by unchecked Voodoo economics …which worked once; but the balance which was found to be wanting was never restored for times of trouble and strife.

There is a lot to be said about being prepared, no? Just ask any Boy Scout.

But the gateway path of Voodoo economics led most politicians to excuse a path which encouraged more of the same old …something – for – nothing mentalities whose mindset has been further championed by political greed which has left America weak and dependent …reliant on nothing but debt and the kindness and charity of Her foreign strangers.

Bogus. Don’t you believe that for a minute. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

In America’s weaknesses, She is easy prey …for terrorists …and soooo vulnerable to the onslaughts of Mother nature …who ….her kind self is no more America’s friend indeed, but rather an ominous potentate whose powers and probabilities’ permutation make for more of a threat than any one or all known certain foes combined.

Surprise is the element of haste …a hard lesson to learn from while one is in the frying pan.

But make no mistake, whether it is prepared for friend of foe …and the most certain reality that nature’s calamities are always at hand …nothing beats being deliberately prepared …even when one is trying to cope with the haste of the heat in the frying pan. Nothing could be worse than the fire, no?

Hell no!

So what’s up with not pursuing the state of preparedness?

Until we come to grips with such …American leadership is making a mockery of the spirit of deceit which is underpinning Homeland Security, yes?

Are the lights on in the belfry?

Sad to say; such unrecognized paradox has been …the sort of mindset which has led America to the point of teetering upon such a shaky precipice of uncertainty …the one whose very foundations have been based solely upon the debt  we now have built …principally by following the example of our leadership’s lamps and footsteps …along progressively less dimly lit and unfamiliar paths!

None the less, history can serve to teach those who choose to follow the brighter light by observing the lessons of knowledge, wisdom and understanding …while offering fare more certainty from a more noble and courageous respect of choosing to own one’s individual destiny.

This is called taking responsibility …the prerequisite forerunner to being willing and able to take ownership of anything …including ones inheritance …thank God for that grace he shed on me …amen!

However, outside of the path dimly light by progressive liberals, there is one brightly illuminated by a more reasonable Tea Party …one whose light which stands in direct contrast …whose bright light is a direct manifestation of the public mandate which was so eloquently voiced in last November’s mid term elections.

Who else has made a stand to say enough is enough?

Who else you gonna call now?

Ghost Busters?

Obama? John Boehner?

God Lord! Myths and vanity abound everywhere!

Leadership? Not so much though.


The true spirit which made and formed this nation’s charter …is the one true everlasting guiding spirit which was …and is emblematic of the how this nation’s motto came to be …in God we trust …which is a finer fingerprint whose example was meant to stand and serve as a chief example of leadership …far and away more than any finger-pointing group of lame politician …statesmen …wanna bees.

Liberty and an individual’s unalienable rights, and the freedoms of all mankind do not have for their inception nor their origin in any sort of man-made law …nor any whole set of laws.

The pattern of the foundation upon which America’s forefathers deliberately choose to guide them in the expression we call The Constitution of the United States of America is a tribute to their understanding of the wisdom that they took from the values of years of esteem for Biblical principals and truths.

This is the same truth …that has long emboldened a free people that value the belief that an individual’s unalienable rights did not originate by anything man made.

Our forefathers believed and patterned a foundation upon the best expression and confession of faith available “…in God we trust.”

This foundation is patterned on doing and willing to freely do nothing new other than that which was freely and expressly given …gifted equally to all men by their creator.

America’s forefathers’ express mention of an individual’s unalienable rights acknowledges that these rights did not exist because of man’s authorship or because of some man-made inception.

No, America’s forefathers attributed none of an individual’s unalienable rights to any sort of a man-made law …or set of laws …or sets of a set of laws.

Carefully …deliberately ….it was their express intentions to be guided by the desire to submit to and emulate the innate godly nature of this  Spirit’s higher character …above all else …as in “…In God we trust.”

Is then ,,, the law superior to the Spirit?

Well, then …if it is; our nation’s motto might as well be; “…in the flesh, or …in the law we trust.”

In this manner, one might as well argue which came first  …the chicken or the egg; because man blows hot one day and cold the next, but I know that the word of God lives and abides forever.

As for me, like my forefathers; I’ll the sanctity of my unalienable rights in trust with God.

That’s leadership worth following.

Man is simply too shaky.

Debt limit ceiling debate; need I say more.

Men come and go. Nations come and go; but the word of God lives and abides forever.

Truth is certain …man’s understanding is not.

Without understanding …derision and division thrives.

Where the spirit of the Lord is …there is liberty.

I was born first, and then I was made to where clothes.

I was born free …without laws; but then made to serve them.

And so it has gone  with this “…One nation, under God …”

Since the inception of America,  man certainly has been busy  doing a fine job at mixing  up  its priorities …those which are becoming more …out of order in ways whose unintended consequences are  more than messing with individuals’  unalienable rights.

Is that progress? I rather think not.

But now, seemingly more than ever …that which once mattered most …seems to  matter the least …by those who “…We the People …” have elected to serve what interests and rights Americans have left to speak of. And in the wake of one ensuing crisis after another … what may likely be last left of value to defend …may be our mostly unalienable rights.

However the manner in which we …as a nation have …in familiarity chosen to relinquish our responsibility to due diligence …will most certain …come back to haunt us in haste …and in spades.

In view of today’s increasing rise to crisis, is haste any sort of legacy which is worth leaving to America’s following generations?

Why then, are America’s leaders squabbling over such a weak course of action in such a time of urgency in a manner whose haste dose nothing but further the dangerous gambits involved in brinksmanship?

Forest Gump might have something to say, like; “…Haste is as haste does?’

When a driver drives their car off the road; if, its drivable and one can manage to find a way out of the rut …one should do so at the earliest possible opportunity.

Waiting for it to rain will most certainly be a poor choice.

So, why then is America content to set all day here in the rain and wait?

Or is there, yet …now a new determination …a new mind-set which is willing to push away from and turn from the public trough of debt …the one which has fattened Her over-entitled self-indulgent leadership’s poor example?

Consider  now to ask; who has and is helping …enabling debt to hold  a ONCE-free people hostage?

Is it China?

Well, that depends upon whether or not they buy Europe’s Debt?

Well, if they do …then, are there issues associated with European sovereign debt that is holding America hostage?

Well, that depends upon whether of not they can solve the sovereign debt issues surrounding the periphery of the  PIIGS …namely Portugal, Greece and Ireland …A.K.A. …the  three little PIIGS as in some  circles and at some dinner parties is most certainly a contributing factor, but …in all likelihood, such is not the smoking gun …or, at least not yet.

What about  …the president?

 (Are you kidding me? Isn’t this president one whose job description is wrapped up in claims that he does not own any part and aspect of his job’s responsibilities …save the ascription of shame and blame? Remember, he merely inherited America’s mess?)

Well, that answer depends upon the president’s continuing unwillingness to do his job.

After all, how much can be done merely by a lame-duck President whose spin is all that stands between re-election and an early retirement …all that which merely serves to disenfranchise him from the American people ….while further excusing him from doing nothing more …or anything more in duty to his country …and “…We the People …” no more than he would ordinarily do if he were given any further opportunity to further the conflicted social agenda of his primary partisan interests.

Ok, if that is not the case …then is it the Congress who is holding America hostage over the Debt Ceiling conflagration?

Well, that again depends upon whether or not Congress can (even …for a short time) put aside all of the so detrimentally conflicted partisan rhetoric and rancor long enough so that a calm may allow cooler heads to prevail.

There is …after all …and above all, in the reassurances that America has voiced its will in an expression which was clearly stated in an unambiguous message …which mirrored a genuine consensus.

What depends on congress is whether or not it is capable of aligning itself with the will of  “…We the People …”

How tough can that be? Plenty …obviously.

Well, shoot …I thought that, if  “…We the People …” have already spoken about this fiscal responsibility thing once before last August …well, that should have settled it all.

That should have been a no-brainer.

Don’t they listen in Washington to “…We the People …” anymore?

Well, of course …again; that depends upon whether or not the players in Washington need to receive a second WAKE UP message …as if another reminder could serve as such …any more than just another    SNOOZE alarm.

Snooze on Washington …as if bad habits do not die hard.

Well, when will they learn …if they won’t listen?

Of course all this depends upon …God willing “…We the People …” all won’t be under marshal law by the time the general elections roll around.

Patience …wait for it …wait for it.

Until then, and while all wait on pins and needles for …either …all hell to break lose …or for Washington to get its act together …shit happens.

And if it does, make no mistake, there is depends made large enough to contain that sort of shit.

Therefore, one would hope to think that if there is so much which is depending upon on all that is riding on this bill;s passage Washington would get up off there depends and move forward.

One thing is for certain. The people have spoken. Washington needs to get out the way and show some gumption before 2012 and or before they break the machine altogether.

Service to America has too long been  held hostage by this debt matter whose issues are not only at the heart of the matter of this piece of legislation …they are on the heart and at the heart of every man’s, woman’s and child’s best  interest  here in American.

Therefore, Washington’s service to America’s highest priority  NOW depends upon nothing less than that which does nothing short of  (…for the people’s sake) effectually …and significantly  …actually positively affects  the debt ceiling …both in a manner which addresses  each and every short-term and long-term  structural woe that now poses a threat to American sovereign security by  reason of her indebtedness.

It would seem to be easier said than done, but Washington needs to be strongly reassured that the courage of the American people is more certain …standing well and ready enough to provide more than an ample measure of (come to Jesus) conviction which when worded appropriately should be all that is necessary for them to reform their collective resolve in a manner which shall resemble a like-minded agreement which reflects that of the will of America’s like-minded single voice.  

In order to hit these crucial targets, a lot is riding on congress.

Understandably, a lot of that which depends on what all is riding on congress …all must be made to yield a harvest of fruit in a variety of ways …ways whose means’ responsibly  must appropriately address and facilitate the management needs associated with all aspects of our public debt and deficits so that their mutually reinforcing threats do not become any more out of control than anyone cares to admit or deny.

As such …I move to make a call for a vote which would  place our congressional reps and the president …one and all …forevermore in Depends ® and Huggies ® before they piss and shit all over America.

Such as it seems that may be America’s best and last only hope left. Now, that’s a capitol idea, yes?

NOW, I bet that’s something which Kimberly Clark could get behind too.

Yes, indeed …I NOW did mean this as a pun for the buns NOW in Washington who have been up to nothing …doing nothing…wile doing no good service while waiting for something which would otherwise serve them selves.

I swear …if, I get one more political solicitation …I go to Washington and piss on a few choice loafers myself.

 But that too, of course …will eventually depend upon how much of my freedoms I allow Washington to take from me in the wake of their derelictions.

At this rate …and in this manner, Washington is mortgaging my freedoms in step with each tic of the debt clock.

For now, it appears  that’s as dependable as it is going to get around here in America, so, I guess I should be packing my bags as quickly as possible.  

Until then, good luck in  your Depends ® Washington.

Good luck with your quid pro pro brinksmanship you bunch of political cry babies …you!

Remember America, in this sort of brinksmanship sincerity is not a guaranty for the truth …it is a self-serving …self aggrandizing preoccupation with self.

And, after all …what should that say about Washington’s contempt for the consideration of “…We the People …?”

Do not be fooled by a load of bull.

Often times, sincerity is merely the stench rising from a pile of dirty diapers.

So, don’t be stymied and taken by a group of those whose Depends ® are pulled down around their ankles.

Americans should be the most spoiled on earth …those who should live free …as if without the need to be spoiled …nor soiled …further.

Set aside all the weights America. Run open and free …debt free.

Fly like an eagle …without the all the depends’ dependencies which are holding us all grounded.


Be Flying!!!

Yes, even if your choice is to do so in jets!

Be flying …and be busy doing it!

Be Busy …DOING …DOING Whatsoever … IS …RIGHT!!!

Right on …right now!!!

All the best,


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