Moody’s Plausible Probable Likelihood


A Moody’s  Plausible Probable Likelihood


Are you kidding?

“…in the wake of the worst political rancor since the civil war …”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Jim Crammer Friday,

July 15, 2011

In Washington …the nature and rules of brinkmanship’s dynamics are always being written and rewritten, as they have been time after time again.

Why then would …or, what then could make the question as to whether or not Congress will raise the debt ceiling before the last minute …a question whose lackluster resolve’s and groaning dynamics different any more than any other thing which this “do-nothing” Congress has touched recently?

Well, then …consider this point of conjecture.

But let me set the stage first.

Is there any one you know that …when they walk into the room, there is a rushing like mighty sucking noise?

You know …the sort of person/organization who believes and acts as though the whole damned world’s charter was meant to serve as a mandate which justifies and encourages wiping their feet on any who take up an opposing issue …regardless of the costs.

And if you have any doubt about it …just ask them.

Well, in Washington’s play  …I believe that its brinksmanship in its (ownership) matter of the debt limit debate …merely serves as just such a sucking example …one in which partisan politics extols all of the best virtues and all the worst vices of wiping one’s feet on the other …all at the expense of “…We the People …”

And in this regard, it would appear that each party’s argument is merely intended to serve the principal political matter as to whose sides’ bluffs can be made to appear to be stronger than the other.

Sort of reminds me of two apes who are engaged in beating their respective chests …while engaged in screams and shouts accompanied by wild gyrations.

Enter into the room …the trump card ….the five hundred pound gorilla in the room …one of the Bond Rating Firms. Who else could deliver us all …out of the hands of a decidedly conflicted …undecided pack of selfish, child-like baboons.

You know, a firm like Moody’ …could do a lot to deliver us all from this unsavory lot …by pull the rug out from under the feet of both President Obama and Speaker Boehner.

Come to think of it, a premature downgrade could and would trump the Ben Bernanke.

Such an early move’s announcement from Moody’s might even take the wind (or …scratchy wines) out of the sails of one …namely, the likes of one Ron Paul …who is one of the biggest critics of The Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke.

And if …this merited and more mature sort of (premature ? …or overdue ?) announcement were to actually go down (no pun intended) no amount of all of Ron Paul’s whiney misplaced blame could force Congress to take more stock and responsibility in all of how it actually has conducted its childish bad self …much of which has ….till now, enjoyed a copious …yet, unmerited luxurious supply of impunity in the manner in which it has incrementally built a house of cards …one whose mortises and joints have been joined together in a politically mutually reinforced addiction to debt …one which also points to nothing but shame and blame …an escapist’s modus operandi which serves one to avoid responsibility …and ownership …and an inheritance not withstanding.

Whine-on Ron Paul …Whine on!

Whine on Mr. Obama …Whine on!

None the less, the only thing America has going for it is that Moody’s supports American capital interests.

And that may be moderation’s trump card which will demand immediate sobriety in greater degrees of forbearance.

But the real question is whether or not Congress has what it takes to recognize the eight hundred pound gorilla/s …let alone the humility required to listen to the message which was plainly spoken by “…We the People …” last November.

HELLO!!! Less is more!!!

I know that …up to four billion dollars in deficit reducing spending cuts are being negotiated.

Congress …Mr. President; the people have spoke; this is a no brainer!!!

It does not matter what the president’s election rhetoric was in; “Yes we can …”

The people last November spoke up to offer a slogan whose reality said; “…No you Can’t!!!”

And since nothing has changed since last November; “…We the People …: have not changed either …save having grown more impatient with the endless malaise of a do nothing mind-set’s …a track record whose abundant manifestations … have nothing much to speak of which is worth while …let alone “…We the People …”

But with the gorilla in the room …maybe Congress may be made to clearly see that a bright sun-shiny day will exist …only the Gorilla’s roars to  make a complacent and cavalier Congress and President to realize that they are about to suffer from a huge self-inflicted wound …one that they can not dodge forever.

NO PAIN …NO GAIN. And Washington’s way it is embracing pain is the highway.

Shape up …or, Hit the pavement boys and girls!

That includes the President.

What he has inherited does not entitle him to nothing (save a retirement) since he has neither earned nor taken responsibility for anything around here that amounted to a darned thing …save division …in the wake of his endless rants of shame and blame.

So, until the president actually builds something worthy of owning outright, I believe his retirement is a destiny which I am only more than happy to help him make reality …the sooner the better.

Fade to obscurity …a’nd, cut!

That’s my take.

And that’s a wrap.

Until then, I rater doubt that Washington gets the fact that they truly are not the only ones in the room …President Obama not withstanding.

Case in point; last November.

None the less, “…We the People …” are watching nothing more than childish behavior …and this, more and more …all the more.

It is enough to exasperate the most patient and tolerant …yes?

Yes, and …for that matter and more; I’ll be watching all the more as 2012 approaches …with more and more disgust …all the more with less and less trust.

Indulge me and let me ask one question, please.

Do you call yourself a steward?

Well then, please stand and speak out.

Let your voice be heard as one please,

Let yourself be heard before the 500 pound gorilla speaks for you.

News flash!

Did you vote for the gorilla?

Well, then …why sit we here all day in the rain and wait.

What do you have to lose?

Getting soaked?

Yeah right!

As is …you may not know it, but America is not just getting soaked; All Americans are   drowning …drowning in our own vomit …a vomit which is nicely called debt.

Can you taste it? Doesn’t its stench offend you?

Well then …how America afford to sleep on …in and out of ignorance?

Ignorance is no longer an excuse. I know. My work in this regard is just about finished.

So what do you (PERSONALLY) have to lose? More sleep?

Don’t. That’s right! Don’t sleep until you make your voice known in this matter.

You can’t afford to wait any at all!

And if and when you do (God Bless You!) I hope you will sleep soundly knowing that you did and said something for yourself and your country …above all else …especially …ahead of the gorilla (the likes of Moody’s) who is getting ready to stand and say something you don’t want to hear …all thanks largely to a do-nothing (…fait compli) group in Washington.

Thank you and go get’em!!!



P.S: …

In a world suffering from debt; how can American leadership serve  example if She stagers aimlessly about …like a drunken sailor?

World leader or not; now is not the time for Americans to shrink from the responsibilities of managing our public debt when, a  suffering world needs America to  take  sober  ownership of Her own affairs.

Unlike a shining beacon in a blinding storm …the world needs guidence more than ever from  America.

Leadership, in a storm is not  something which seems to vanish in the haze.

The answer my friend is not blowing in the wind; it is standing up to speak one’s mind freely.

Let your moderation be know among all men. The Lord is at hand.

Philippians 4:5

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