Higher Property Taxes!

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Since when did paying more and higher taxes make anyone feel more free …?


Higher Personal Property Taxes …?

Yikes …!         Egads ..!


Don’t Bring Me Down …! (Embedded link to Electric Light Orchestra’s hit …Don’t Bring Me Down ..!)


I’ve personally never met a property owner who claimed to enjoy paying them …let alone, anyone who welcomed receiving their County Assessor’s  annual tax statement.


For that matter, many I know have fought their county’s assessments tooth and nail.


Understandably, in periods of low growth, it is not unreasonable that one would question what they believed to be are unjustifiable high evaluations.


I can understand this …particularly during the recent protracted, multi-year period of slow economic growth.


For several reasons, I …for one, believe this low growth’s stagnant environment is the inept byproduct of artificial monetary policies which have been countered at every turn by ineffective fiscal policies …those paired together which have been purposed more to serve the nation’s ability to service its debt rather than control inflation or bring about full employment …the two tenants of the Federal Reserve’s so-called Dual Mandate …a mandate which Congress has made more to resemble a two-faced facade …rather than a genuine mandate  which was intended to be capable of genuinely serving “…We the People.”


Whatever reasons, I would argue that our nation’s monetary policy has gone a long way  to help give the Obama administration its opportunity to orchestrate what I have never hesitated to deem as …Demand Destruction …which, in turn …has also helped to justify keeping rates low during a protracted period of artificially disingenuous uncertainty …thanks largely in part to the bumbling of Obama Care and its hapless bungled roll-out.


For no more than the sake of political shame, can you say Oblamea Care …?


That’s right …! Besides Caring to do more than blame President Bush; Lame O-Blame-A-Care for crying out loud …is the extent of the Obama legacy …!

Welcome back my friends….to the show that never endz…

But then again, alas …I digress. After all …it’s all Bush’s fault.

Never endz…never endz …never endz…


Moving forward, in terms of taking note of the mother load of all central banks’ monetary policies, the gold prize belonged first to l …deservedly earning a Klondike-like monumental fitting term …one which aptly describes the affect of Japan’s monetary policies which repetitively heavily relied upon practicing Quantitative over a protracted period …resulting in producing a decade-long period of unequaled economic lethargy. This period came to be ironically known as The Lost Decade.

Never endz …never endz …ne …ne ..ne …

The period I am referring to was called Japan’s “…Lost Decade…”

Putting it mildly …never endz.

And now, I believe the US is teetering on the verge of entering a second period which may likely eclipse Japan’s Lost Decade.


Whatever the Fed’s QE (Quantitative Easing) policies may have done to buy time in what all may have avoided this …the US Fed’s efforts were also  squandered on the belligerent, deaf and blind guides over which period …the Obama administration choose to both give birth to all manner of divisive spirits …those whose mantras of covetousness erroneously focused upon that which sought to falsely pursue and punish those whose entrepreneurial spirits which sought to embrace ownership…those who predominantly form the greater pools of Americans which actually believe in the precepts of liberty’s freedoms …the right to private ownership not withstanding.

In this, the mantra of President Obama’s pay “…your fair share …” spared no small opportunity …in taking aim at erecting roadblocks …one after another which …effectively thwarted and hindered rather than encouraged and rewarded …risk taking and whatever would organically build out the entrepreneurial free spirit’s will to engage in private ownership.


Thus, in the wake of these diminished necessary considerations’ respects gone missing, I must ask; are “…We the People …” being served in a true …honest and righteous manners …those whose pure and virtuous ways actually encourage pure independence? Couldn’t …or rather …shouldn’t  more be done to honestly allow people greater freedom in ways which allow Americans opportunities in which they can actualize their dreams in manners more like what our forefather’s constitutional model’s fullest extent intended?

The American people rate more freedom, not more traps, fetters and still heavier burdens.

Lift a finger…! Lighten ones load.

Do so now …not 10 years after …long ways down that road.

So, in the light of our lamps’ path, I must ask; in regards to what all now threatens to swamp out the focus of our forefathers’ more free considerations, hopes, dreams and vision; why has the service costs on our nation’s Public Debt …been allowed to shackle and enslave us all the more …particularly for the better part of what is also become reflective of another Lost Decade?


So, if you find the obvious truth of this bleak reality’s manner shocking and shameful, please consider the rock band Electric Light Orchestra’s hit …Don’t Bring Me Down.



And with respect to a debt which has swamped so many better interests; Of thee I sing …


Don’t Bring Me Down …down …down …drown …drown drown …! Don’t Bring me Drown..!


So then, in respect to the succinct metaphors of Isaiah’s chapter 28 and Mathew 23, I ask again; how may I cause them to understand that living under the shadow of the nation’s +19 Trillion dollar debt is not living free …?


I see this all as no more than living in error…as being …as being out of the way …as having been drunk with wine where in is excess …rather the more than living free and in unfettered pursuit of opportunities and the freedom to succeed ….for all the tables have been filled with vomit.




So, please; Don’t Bring Me Down …not within any sense of a sincerely misguided, cheesy appeal to my Good Will …!


And don’t make me turn the other cheek …at least not without being willing to perform the badly needed due diligence gone wanting in a manner which is capable of being carried out in a good spirit that I call accountability …without blame and grumbling…! Please …


This nation cannot withstand another so-called Great Recession …let alone another lost decade given …and I mean possessed and encapsulated by BLAME …!


Turn the other cheek ..? Indeed …! Misbeguided fools might think this is being humble. But not me. I’ll fight tooth and nail to have nothing of the sort in following blind guides’ failings and such as a blame which would have me fall into the ditch for a second time.


SLAPPED once, shame on you.


SLAPPED twice, shame on me.


Why beg …once slapped …to be …once and again …set up for no more than to be cold-cocked once again …?


In terms of the wake of the continued absence of any resolute commitment to efficient and effectual due diligence…who is willing …let alone …who will be able to weather another lost decade?


Not me, thank you very much.


On another note, I see that there is a distinct possibility that soon, Washington’s blind guides may propose eliminating the deduction on my primary home’s interest deduction.

Good grief…!

And whether or not these drunk fools come staggering down my city streets with an equally self-serving, Cockamamie notion ….a smokescreen which is known as a national Value Added Tat (VAT) I have to ask; when will these professional cons stop chiseling away at my freedom in ways that show no respect nor regard to my life, limb and personal property rights …my rights to pursue happiness no less …?


Until then, don’t say to me; “Oh boy! Higher property taxes …!”

Don’t settle for less …for less is less.

How about setting our nation’s sites purely upon promoting and encouraging organic private sector growth instead?

Now, that’s a greater value I can support..!

When this true notion is made our nation’s prime goal, those whose choice it is to leverage the spirit of covetousness for power’s sake will have no leg to stand on …no wedge to drive between us. And we will once again become a nation of neighbors rather than those who are made to feel jealous, envious and selfish.

A spirit of covetousness? Indeed …!

At that time …in renewed spirit, we will realize and appreciate more the value of cherishing and safeguarding our great freedoms all the more; for where the Spirit of the Lord is …there is Liberty.


And …when Liberty flourishes, our Freedom Bell in strength and unity will ring loud and clear …!


Until then, don’t bring me down man …!


Amen …!



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