Controlling Labor – A Look back in Anger
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As for my post’s title; I should have labeled it …Mismanaging Labor.

Alas, I believe this fellow …Tony Crescenzi, got to the heart of it today …that is “…What it is.”

Thus, of all the best extrapolations, I also believe that …from his perspective, his …offers the best path forward to the most insightful backdrop (…quite possibly that there ever was …) one which may provide a most certain degree of stable of all platforms capable of supporting the most sound conjecture thus far …as for looking for …what will be.

Excuse me, but …as for conjecture …what will be …is (in my humble objective opinion) an opportunity to read his unbiased non-partisan expressions.

Most straightforward as they are, I am made to realize Tony’s insights’ provide the greatest opportunity which may …in all respects, cut through most all other atmospheres of the highly biased more liberal defensive conjecture.

Regardless, Tony Crescenzi, Pimco Sr. Portfolio Manager spoke openly today as if he were a sage’s wise adviser. (Link to Tony’s January 7th Bloomberg Interview)

Actually, Tony’s professional position and platform confirms my take-away well beyond mere conjecture.

Therefore, with respect to such sage wisdom, I am more than compelled to share the comments Tony made today on Bloomberg, but …unfortunately, his insightful comments which he made today are not …at present. Otherwise, they would be posted here. Unfortunately, they currently are not available to be posted here now.


And even though Tony’s language and conversation takes place at rather lofty levels, he makes the complex unmistakably understandable without the need to invoke condescension.

Instead, Tony refreshingly …elevates his panel and Bloomberg’s audience up to his professional perspective rather deftly in a simple to grasp manner.

As such, instead of posting Tony’s comments today, I have taken an alternate opportunity to take and post one of several of Tony’s many widely publicized earlier comments.

Thus, instead of offering his most recent comments made today on Bloomberg, I have chosen to include a prefacing sample which I am calling here – A look Back in Anger.

So, please allow me to set the stage here and now by offering a delayed introduction to Tony Crescenzi’s incredibly insightful comments. And in my request for patience, I promise that I will make every attempt to post Tony’s comments here tomorrow afterwards …or as soon as Bloomberg makes today’s interview with Tony available.

Until then, please enjoy a taste of one of Tony’s earlier comments which he made this past January when he was interviewed by ….among others, Tom Keene during a January Bloomber Special Report. For this video’s look back, see click on the following to open this text’s embeded link:  Regardless, Tony Crescenzi, Pimco Sr. Portfolio Manager spoke openly today as if he were a sage’s wise adviser. (Link to Tony’s January 7th Bloomberg Interview)

So, before I leave and close, let me say …I am getting more and more angry in my impatience with the more than disingenuous hypnotized lot of liberals who have deceitfully used debt as a way to stand in the way of Private and Public Sector Capital …all the while, deliberately using debt as their veil and means with which to dismiss the promotion of more pro-organic Capital Expenditures.

In this path, the administration has chosen to avoid the best and most efficient considerations available …those which naturally would otherwise promote the most efficient considerations that would …could …and should have been employed to promote jobs and labor participation in a more genuine return …not just to full employment, but also as a means by with which to bring about and usher in a return to organically increase the level of labor utilization …effectively promoting participation rates.

Alas, Tony’s comments which land squarely on these issues must wait until Bloomberg makes them available.

As is, such as these organic phenomena are …they mostly all form the vast ocean of what all the Obama Administration has abandoned …choosing instead to favor its misguided pro-large government alternatives encapsulated by any number of any and all of its consistently errant public policies …which have …truth be told …all but  thrown labor under the bus …in favor of the opportunity to leverage up public debt upon the shoulders of the poor, those reliant upon fixed income and particularly labor.

As such, I believe one need only look around to realize, the administration’s policies have hampered and deliberately restrained labor participation as well as a return to robust, organic, economic growth.

As would have been the case …if, favor …were given in public policy in a way which would so ever be otherwise inclined to prefer private and public incentives …by policy which should have been busy promoting capital spending …organic growth would have already done the heavy lifting which liberals have been controlling (in the meantime) for their own social agenda’s purposes …Social Engineering. Adage’s look back:  “…How’s that hopey, changey thing working for you now?”

So, in most respects as to what is missing from the economy’s uncertain, low-growth puzzle …I look back in anger …and do so in an opportunity to also salute Tony Crescenzi’s comments today.

Bis Bald, or …bye for now.


PS:  Found it…! Click here to view this morning’s Bloomberg interview of Pimco’s Sr. Portfolio Manager, Tony Crescenzi as he fields questions from Bloomberg’s David Westin , Johnathon Ferro and Alix Steel in a most insightful interview today.

Present in the interview with Tony Crescenzi were Bloomberg’s:

Johnathon Ferro

David Westin

Alix Steel


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