NLRB Nut Jobs = Not Jobs


Offshore Nut Jobs; Not Boeing Jobs!


Politicized NLRB = Nut Jobs; Not Jobs


The NLRB’s Decision to fight Boeing’s choice to locate a plant in South Carolina is about as absurd as Usama Bin Laden’s relatives crying foul play.

Since when did barking up the wrong tree come into vogue?

Tugging on Superman’s cape? Spitting into the wind?

Pulling the mask off the Ole Long Ranger?

Then, why mess around with Slim’s election hopes?

Who then …being of sound mind, has the gall and or the guile to question …let alone decree that President Obama’s ordered raid constituted an illegal action?

Well, yes …and ….?!

Maybe Usama’s relative have the power and the authority to put President Obama on an episode of The Apprentice …in expectation that Donald Trump will declare; “Mr. President, you’re fired!”

Yeah! Like that’s not happening anytime soon!

However, there is a rather more disturbing domestic matter which is equally …well; just as absurd.

In regards to the U.S Navy Seal Team’s assault upon Usama’s compound, what should be decreed as being totally illegal is the NLRB’s obstruction of liberty at a time when reason and rational sound logic needs beg the president to serve the better interests of the American people …rather than those of the NLRB.

What is more is that it would seem that Boeing’s pursuit of profitability more than justifies its choices’ means …legally, morally and ethically …more so than in any politically self-serving, whimsical, sour-grapes …foul-crying bunch of a wimpy, power-hungry, panty-waist,- bureaucratic, weirdo-nut-jobs-gone-wild.

Way to go NLRB! You and the administration may have just caused Boeing to offshore 10,000 jobs …and that’s just a start.

The economic loss to any community could easily translate to four times that number and un-foretold future opportunity costs …all down the dammed drain.

So much for balanced trade …let alone a balance budget.

In the coming weeks and months, it will be interesting to see how the president reacts to contain the political damage in the wake of the NLRB’s blunder …a decision which most likely …if not rectified will stand to benefit the likes of a foreign economy.

The Europeans do know how to manufacture aircraft …no?

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