Harry Ried’s Game Let’s You And Him Fight



The Sky is Falling

No More Than …

The Sky is The Limit


However, is A fraud being propagated in believing both?


I apologize that I posted this without having first edited and revised it.

I have posted it, as such  …in keeping with regard to  the late nature of the Debt Ceiling Limit’s  debate.

It is crunch time, so I haven enough time to do the due Quality Assurance this issue deserves.

As such,  the priority of the question as to whether or not America’s debt limit ceiling will be raised …is not so much at the heart of   this debate as is …how it will be resolved …if, ever at all …thoroughly.

Furthermore, I do not enjoy having to escape or shun the  need to revise and edit my posts, but I am  hard pressed for time and must put it up in the following “…as-is” condition.

As such, I promise to return to it  to address the necessary responsibilities  which I am overlooking for the time being what it is …late   …and getting later than you think.

Many  thanks for your  patience in this on-going matter of highest national forbearance.    

All the best,


Haste, Waste and Abuse …


In consideration of all of Senator Reid’s digs and innuendos’ …his pat answers make no more than one gigantic piece of work …which is still not going to work for “…We the People …”

His scripted sound bytes have even gone as far as to suggest that the size of former President Regan’s deficits bear a strong resemblance to the deficits of today’s debt’s relative magnitude.


For one, to suggest such is to obviate …overlook and turn a blind eye on the fact that today …the health of the economy and the prevailing lack of confidence herein …only causes today’s deficits and prevailing economic malaise …to pale …when …and if …truth be told …is allowed to serve as a more sobering measure of a more truthful comparison.

Therein, the Senator’s drivel doesn’t even come close to making for a stable leg to stand on and make such broad sweeping comparisons. The logic and arguments of such depict a total lack of vision in such an argument whose mere attempt demonstrates its inappropriate and untimely nature. Such as they are, Senator Ried’s comments can hold no water.

A cracked cistern can hold no water.

Cracked pots are like this, no?

The only purpose such trivial belittling comments serve are to spread and sow the seeds of discontent …to build a cloud of doubt which is merely intended to avoid a more certain sensible solution …one whose foundation Senator Reid refuses to acknowledge simply by reason of his liberal political perspective whose mind-set is staunchly entrenched in a deliberate and reckless commitment …that holds to the desire to tax and spend without restraint.

Senator Reid may as well come out and speak his mind clearly …leaving the digs …innuendos …along with all his coy pat answers at the door.

I can only imagine what such a man might say if he were ever able to speak freely in a manner more direct.

So, I am going to take the liberty by offering the following conjecture in a presumption below. As such, I believe that this convention best allows me to speak in a manner whose suppositions best serve to satisfy the disposition of my detractors …as projected by my imaginations below.

How close to reality the following may be; feel free to be the judge of that.

I will now attempt to portray the assumption of such a character …that which might serve me well by convention …as if to say, I were in a position having the responsibilities like those of the Majority Leader of the Senate, Senator Harry Reid …who might say;

  •          If I can speak prophetic-like truth well enough to leverage and

enrage the angst of an unruly mob …I could set the Tea Party upon   the House leadership and send them against one another  …on a hi-way to hell. After all, reason and populist sentiment are easily separated when the emotions are excited to form an irreconcilable paradox.

  • The power of perception favors the third-party bystander …their greater  opportunity in the midst of a third party squabble.


  •  Blame and Shame ascriptions stick well to those who are scuffling.


  • In the wake of a scuffle, it is easier to successfully ascribe fault and blame.


  • As such, I can afford to avoid the need to come to the table with a plan which  has a logical and or more reasonable solution.


  • In an emotionally charged environment, what good are the weighty encumbrances of logic and reason  …more so than, playing a game called;

“Let’s you and him fight?”

  • Why not avoid the more visceral aspects of such   …when I can stir up a figh  that is bound to net so many more dividends?

And, if I can emotionally divide the other two of my social triad, I will successfully gain the advantage of the luxury of resting my strength …as I …the odd man out …avoid the resulting scrap of any foray.

As my adversaries challenge each other tirelessly,   I …on the other hand …need not be so much as bothered with a need to craft …nor mention a meaningful plan …one which need suggest that I have even considered a single solution.

As such, “LET’S YOU AND HIM FIGHT” offers me the many opportunities to build …going away in time …all the more …especially when time is of the essence and perception matters more than reason.

In this …the sting of my twisted sound bytes …inflect still larger wounds …further weakening my opponents.

Especially, in an atmosphere of haste, it seems that, what moves mountains …what holds greater Impact is that which conveys more efficiently by reason of how human nature is wired in a five senses manner.

And what most effectually moves people is best obtained without regard for the substance of reason or logic.

And in spite of the fact that sincerity is no guaranty for truth, what should matter more …matters less.

And this matter …matters more when haste is allowed to overshadow logic and reason.

Seemingly what should matter more …us under threat of becoming drowned out amidst the emotionally charged atmosphere of the 13th hour’s haste’s.

As such envision a teeter tooter with logic and reason on one seat …and emotion on the other seat. As time passes …the weight of emotion is growing like a NFL tackle on steroids.

As such …amidst a growing haste …any old solution may become a progressively easier sell …regardless of however void of substance a more earnest attempt may have or might well have had the opportunity to serve “…We the People.”

Emotionally, therefore, haste is serving a hasty reach toward rest for rest’s sake …predominantly more and more in nothing more than what resembles nothing more than a last moment emotion’s grasp of “…WHATEVER’s …” reach …a wimpy vision which is intended to do little more than move us forward in an escape’s rest.

Even if escape is a rest …it is one no more fitting of any other than HOW a lie is turned to serve a liar.

As such, a hasty solution    …it is a perception of the easiest most viable immediate solution.

And whether or not one is able to serve the liar the rest which one’s delusion buys …will be an abrupt bubble burst …in the wake of any unavoidable downgrade.

Solutions which are not solutions have consequences …lies or not.

The truth will prevail and the hail of the storm’s scourge will offer no one rest …regardless of whether or not one has made a pact with hell and or death.

Therefore …the means of solutions are those most easily abandoned …those emotionally relinquished …in the midst of last hour’s option …outweighed by virtue of any means of escape …hastened with shame and blame in a game called “LET’S YOU AND HIM FIGHT.”




As such, aside from logic and reason …shame and blame, employs an emotional appeal which stands and builds upon the a chance   …in contrast …to gain …building the appearance of credibility and strength …sympathetically more …in spite of the fact that actions should speak louder than the sting of my words.

None the less, at the thirteenth hour, what other than this needs be offered than that which holds a measure of substance worthy of the promise of the change which …in haste …it will be easy to be made to pale by compare …even without a significant plan.

In spite of all that is …needed …I merely will emerge from out of the midst of this skirmish’s thirteenth hour’s with as my objective’s motives fully in tact …not even having suffered a single scar.

Yes …

If I can set the Republican hard-liners against the new-comers within the Tea Party …I can enjoy the luxury of merely sitting on my haunches …on the sidelines.

Why wouldn’t I sit on my duff and lick my chops like a wolf …while other two have a go at one another?

Above all, in my shame and blame …at this hour’s resultant haste, there will be no hope that the otherwise blameless Tea Party could possibly here and forever after offer redemption to the Republican Party for the sins of the Republican Party’s blunders of the past Bush administration’s over spending.

Even if the Tea Party was not a culpable participant member of such egregious spending habits …let’s you and him fight will serve well enough to divide the party so as to burry this opportunity …once and for all.

In the wake of my successful ploys …I would say that my shame and blame has netted a sufficient amount of chaos and disorder.

In the response to shame and blame …in the wake of “LET’S YOU AND HIM FIGHT” …Republican Party Unity SEEMS DOOMED TO   a never-ever possibility …a figment of the people’s reality which lives only in the fairy tale land of make believe.

(A Sad …Sad …Pity! )

In view of a whole lot of shaking going on, what need have I (…as a Democrat) of a more substantive plan or hope and change …when, such as it is …all may most likely …be delivered into my hands …greater insurances that will issue in the wake of this calamity …guarantying that …business will go on as usual.

Tax and spend …Tax and Spend. The same as it ever was …same as it ever was.

Tax and Spend …without a plan will ensure that America’s addictions are well fed at the expense of all.

(That’s the status quo …and that’s what hope which is now become well poised to serve America’s shameful addictions those which are going unimpeded …with and or without what the Senate care to characterize as compromise.)

For in shame and blame’s division …America’s continuance of “Business as Usual” shall NOT BE DENIED THE ADDICTIONS of tax and spend.

The Tea Party has suffered and fallen prey to division from within rather than a measure of success whose opportunity could have been taken from a harvest in he resolve of the courage of the conviction.

The hour of solution from such has come and gone.

For such opportunity will not come from the NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK …those Tea Party members have been successfully marginalized by my shame and blame.

The test failed  …and their more august  associative measures suffered from the sophomoric tactics of “Let’s You and Him Fight” …which delivered me …division within …and that within the midst …failings from within.

Who are these Tea Party idiots anyway?

Who are these who come with pretensions poised to redeem the Republican Party?

What has the Tea Party to Offer the Democratic Party? What? Cut …Cap and Balance?

Be that as they may; what match are they   …and what chance do they stand against my digs, and innuendos”?

None! See how they fall?

The Tea Party members do not realize that the Democrats in the Senate are the true party of “NO” …the party whose no’s will ultimately lead to the resolve of YES, we can …tax and spend.

The Democratic party …the true party of “YES” …will prevail to raise the debt ceiling so “…We …” can and will tax and spend   …FREELY …without restriction as we Democrats …like you Republicans have always done.

   So, who needs a more reasonable plan …when the plan has always been to continue to tax and spend without the constraint of withstraint.

Dammed rich Jet owners!

Who needs a balanced budget when America is such a taxable target-rich environment?

The House provision which calls for no new tax revenues is just as flawed as stimulus.

After all, more taxes could lead to more stimulus.

Who needs solutions when the real issues are those which will be resolved in the wake of shame and blame anyway?

Who cares if this issue’s matters are miles apart from the resolve of a Tea Party solution?

America wants more problems.

America doesn’t want solutions.

Hail therefore the Democratic Party!!!!


I am making plans in provisions which provide for something from nothing …nothing but Let’s you and Him Fight.

In this manner; even the blame and shame of Harry Reid’s innuendos’ hits and misses will make me more dependent on the federal government.

After all, they are the ones who have told me that they have all the answers.


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