Kudos For A First Step To Move Us All Forward


Warning:   This post is totally inaccurate. As such, please disregard it in as much as  the numerical figures used are invalid. Many appologies.

For a retraction and an appology, see the post dated August 2, 2012, titled:

Debt Ceiling – My Crow-Eating Apology







To Rand Paul:


Kudos for speaking your mind today Rand Paul!!!


You are so right in one respect. This vote to raise the debt ceiling is not going to stop the annual deficits’ from contributing huge sums  to the debt. Your are right  this bill will not stop the fact nor the affect that each yearly deficit  will  continue to grow  the public debt.

In this, this still will not much alleviate the huge sums  which  still need to be borrowed in order to sustain the spending habits necessary to support the governmnet in  a lean revenue environment …one in which  tax receipts are still a very  scarce and  harsh  reality.

The paradox of  reality’s  pain  has not yet well embraced.

Otherwise, it would have been more than well met and dealth with  the necessary degree of resolve demanded in principal and scope by means which  would have otherwise …resolved …long ago …to reconcile  our debt in  and with a rather greater  certain measure of calm fiscal sanity.

And you are right that it will merely slow it down a bit …still allowing the debt to grow by 7 trillion dollars …rather than 11 trillion over the next ten years.


I understand why you declared tonight that you will not vote for the Bill when the House Bill is presented to the Senate.


On principal, it is no wonder why …over 60 Republican Nay VOTES were recorded in tonight’s House Vote.


Non the less, that the more of less is 7 of 11 …a 4 trillion dollar beginning dent …an initial change …a first step to undo in ten years that …which would not have even been a part of the conversation had it not been for the stand of a voice whose resolve’s desire gave birth to what has been tagged as “The Tea Party.”


Decidedly, had this voice been marginalized …and had this administration been left unchecked …who knows what progressively larger number might have resulted …to usher in a whatever and a whenever our (we all own it) debt which is still in a process whose threat is honestly approaching an unsustainable reality …earlier.


My father used to often say; “…It is later than you think …!”


And seemingly not soon enough …but, none the less …in the nick of time …without the mid-terms of last November …this debate and this bill’s first step would not have achieved the impact which actually opened the door for the conversations that lead to the ways and means to introduce and move the message into the national conversation …progressively more and more toward conservative fiscal responsibility.


Restoring sanity, in the wake of vitriol madness …requires a measure beyond mere patience; it requires persistent forbearance involving a will to endure through longsuffering. And that requires joy which requires a more certain hope …in vision.


Recovery is often a slow and painfully incremental, progressive process.


And …Wow!!! Tonight …what a joy was seen on the floor of the House!


For what could serve as better and more appropriate metaphor …than to have Congresswoman Gabby Gifford walk into the House Chambers …to usher in the moment that the House vote achieved the necessary number of votes necessary to pass?


Now that the substance of a more balanced approach has passed through an open door, the next step is to continue in the vein of more of the same until balance and sanity are totally restored to complete and competent health.


If it takes 1% here and 1% there; If it requires a give here and a take there …let’s give growth a chance in a balanced atmosphere which resembles hope for a real change …as America continues to strive to reach the strength of a balanced which is prepared in both vision’s resolve and the desire of a unified plan.


And on that, I think all Americans can agree …for the good of all.


Sleep well …live well!


Rest tonight …work tomorrow …enjoy it like it is your last …believing that Congress might just have a grip on …at least one of the bull’s horns.

Let’s hope tomorrow, they might have both hands’ gripping  the beast …in a manner which rather more is suggestive of a conversation whose aim is worthy of stimulating confidence and growth.  


All the best,



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