Know What I Mean Maynard?


Know What I Mean Maynard?


Dear Vern,

Do you recognize the following quote?

“The market can remain irrational longer than you can stay solvent.”

It is said to be a quote attributed to English economist John Maynard Keynes (1883-1946)

Curious though, is the market any less irrational than Washington’s will to deal effectually with American Public Debt?

NOTE:   If only Washington were to be as zealous with regard to its debt                                                  management as it was in its craft of Dodd-Frank; maybe, then …I would                                  not be writing this piece.

In this regard, I would venture to say that the market  appears to be far better ordered than the likes of Washington’s irrational treatment and management of its budget and fiscal oversight responsibilities.

If someone were to be asleep when the house catches fires; shame on them for not being more diligent.

But, later …if that same person were to be wide awake and vigilant at a time when the house catches fire again, well then …in America; when that same person screams out; “…FIRE …! Fire! …Fire!” I guess it is not irrational to say that this person is a politically motivated scoundrel?

In this same vein, I guess that the S&P should be thrown under the buss along with the Tea Party.

Rationally, what does this say about Washington …short of any  and all redistricting efforts which may be aimed at  marginalizing  any further  future impact that the Tea Party’s powerful potential  may have  going into the 2012 general elections.

The redistricting efforts are something to watch and …be aware of as the primary season gets set to go into full swing.

Honestly, what does this say about the service of power   …for the sake of power? Answer: the people lose the opportunity to be served by those who actually have the gumption to do what is right …the first time …for those who otherwise should receive the consideration of our public servants honor.

Alas, all is vanity.

Regardless, whether or not Washington is any less irrational than Europe …that is anyone’s guess. Both are struggling to deal with and service their respective debt obligations …as such encroach upon some more than others. What is vanity? Surely it is not sovereignty, no?

In this regards, debt is indifferent as to where districts lines are drawn or redrawn.

Debt does not recognize nor discriminate over, under, around and in view of any borders and issues of sovereignty.

Furthermore, the affects of debt impacts socialist countries, communist regimes  equally as much as any other capitalist countries.

Debt is almost totally indiscriminant.

And with regard to big spending …debt is particularly impartial to partisan politics …for whatever purpose and use; good …bad …or sick and ugly …or  …all of the above and poor …natural disasters not withstanding.

However, with this all in mind,  the impact of debt …in respect to its affect upon creating inflation and diminishing the value of the dollar …is there any comfort in being able to claim; “…well, at least …America can print more money ….whereas, Europe can not!”?

When is an opportunity …not!!!? The answer may be …when the border of purpose and entitlements’ boundaries become blurred   …and indistinguishable.

Prudence and discernment become skewed …and …as such, poor judgment …like debt join forces to become indiscriminant coconspirators.

Therefore, I believe that the common irrational denominator in and above all things is debt.

All else seems to have taken a back seat to it; cutting taxes, raising revenues …and the 800 pound gorilla in the room …The ALL IMPORTANT growth …WHICH  HAS  BEEN  swamped out by a bewitched mindset which has become preoccupied by  all the POLITICAL TYRADES WHICH HAS BECOME  tied to the MANAGEMENT …OR NOT …of debt and service of that debt …all of its opportunity costs ….above all not withstanding …and counting …and mounting …amounting to what is more promising of becoming a LOST DECADE.

Therefore, I would restate the leading quote above by simply asking; “…Can the growing irrational size of American public debt stay solvent any longer than one may remain sane …and this …in another recession?”

What does a crisis in confidence say about the respect for unity …doing what is right …or the consideration for “…We the People …” above party politics?

Then what does this say about:

About leadership?

About borders?

About district lines?

Well, then …if the Tea Party is as close to unity as anything which has …thus far resembled resolve; who else will there be left to lead America forward outside of an irrational mindset?

Ben Bernanke?


The S&P?

The European Union?

Know what I mean Maynard?

Remain cool. Remain solvent.

Remain sovereign.

Above all …remain independently vigilant!

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