A Sagaciously Simple Essay by Charley Reese; 545 vs. 300,000,000 People


Regarding 545 vs. 300,000,000 People


Re:   Charley Reese’s final column for the  Orlando Sentinel



Consider the following as an opportunity to read a truly inspirational essay from a well-seasoned writer.

After reading an essay titled:   545 vs. 300,000,000 People …I became instantly inspired such that I simply must pass this man’s work on …as  have so many others  who have read it before me.

I initially received the essay from a friend via an E-mail  earlier this week.

It so impressed me by its sagacious simplicity that I just had to look at it in more depth.

Afterwards, I expanded my meditation and contemplation of it …conducting a Google search in which I used its title as my search parameter:   “545 vs. 300,000,000 People”

I took the liberty to post my search returns below. Please take a look at these sites. If you do, I believe that you will find …as I did; that there is …not only a wide spread acceptance and agreement of this author’s essay’s simple …yet powerful theme; there is also a spirit whose powerful appeal also speaks to reach deep into the character of the American human persona.

In this regard, I believe the essay’s strong appeal emanates from an unmistakable call to collectively take strong individual responsible action for what was intended …in purpose, to serve all Americans in making this a land a land of free opportunity in which one is free to pursue his or her happiness.

Yet, for all this, there is a certain thread of a theme throughout the essay …one of blame which …like the three fingers which point back to self …on a hand which (at the same time) paradoxically …at the same time, points away from self.

And in this regard the one to blame is not the system; it is the apathetic individual.

What is the bottom line?

Americans must take more personal responsible action and become more engaged …rather than become more blame gamers in a sea awash with apathy.

 Individuals must hold their public servant representatives accountable (time after time) in a vigilant ever constant demonstration which proves, provide and demonstrates the political proof that delivers swift and just forthright consequences for dereliction of public duty.

 This is by no other means delivered than by those of greater voter education and interest …above all measured by participation in terms of voter turnout.

At the heart of the essay is its least common denominator. It is the matter which matters the most …a matter of how seriously Americans take their individual rights and responsibilities to become personally engaged.

To this point only will America be able to safe guard Her and her individuals’ liberty and the freedoms …for which it stands …one nation under God …indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

If Americans do not stand up against their minority congressional reps; Americans’ liberty’s freedoms will fall.

I have lived in former communist countries were the worker …for the most part, continues to support the state (where individual rights have been subjugated) in or, rather …under repressive socialistic régimes which rule from the top-down …rather than from the bottom-up. The rights of the State are not what this essay is about.

However, it is the HOW of how to avoid allowing the servant-state from becoming the Lord-STATE over all …supplanting the purpose for which it stood …and is now falling into fewer and fewer hands.

Think, for a moment about the words in the phrase; “…one nation under God …”

When the STATE rises above the people, what and who is next?

Thus, the HOW of standing against this fall ….is simply answered by reflecting upon how much energy an individual puts into researching the issues and making the efforts to become educated on how his or her candidates stand on the issues which affect the relationship of the individual with respect to the state.

How seriously Americans take the responsibility of ownership in performing the due diligence required to protect and safeguard their freedoms is the only way to ensure that prosperity will thrive …so as to be capable to continue to support Lady Liberty’s freedoms …with justice for all …even for those who fail and or do not care to participate in Her processes.

In order to take responsibility …one must take part.

In order to take part …one must show up and avail oneself.

Voting is just one such minimum act …a privilege which must not must be taken lightly nor for granted.

I believe this essay is saying that, it is better to stand and take part in unity …than it would …to be torn apart as a silent majority …in the wake of widespread apathy.

Participate. Educate. And turn out and vote …express the will of your word and passion.

America’s word   and passion for freedom are powerful when Her substance is greatly made know!!!


Act and Vote responsibly!!!

All the best, and enjoy browsing the list of sites below which have taken the time to post the essay’s author’s work on their websites.



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