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Fight Extremism. Think and avoid falling prey to irrational emotional appeals which are fraught with ulterior motives …the pursuit of power not withstanding.

Recently, I received a frightening sophomoric letter from a man by the name of John Tate. The letter made a pathetic appeal to me requesting my signature on a petition.   I have embedded the letter in six (6) j-pegs below …at the end of this post.


The letter was signed by a man who identified himself as a Mr. Tate …the President of Campaign\ for Liberty. The rather large letter came in a manila envelope along with a solicitation requesting money …supposedly under the pretext of supporting a bill which the letter claims is before both the House and the Senate.


This letter left me with the impression that the bill it mentioned is being sponsored in the House by U.S. Congressman Ron Paul of the 14th Congressional District of Texas and in the Senate by Congressman Ron Paul’s son, the freshman Senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul …an Ophthalmologist from Boling Green.


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As is, the letter’s abstract followed a rather alarming tone which was obviously chosen in an attempt to foment, leverage and play upon the public’s emotions and general dissatisfaction over all things economic …with or without well founded   sound reason.


As such, the better part of the letter’s form was made largely thanks to its omissions …committing …at the very least, several well designed, deliberate fallacies.


As is, whoever wrote the letter must take the responsibility in the great risk it took in releasing it to the public.


Beyond this regard, the letter employs some rather naïve and extreme assumptions regarding monetary policy. In this liberty the letter’s license primarily conveniently overlooks a monumental portion of responsibility in which both the House and the Senate of Congress must be held accountable as well as made to share in its own obviated responsibility in some way shape or form.


However, in the letter, there was not one mention of Congress’ historical gross lack of fiscal accountability …much of which the Fed was left to dance naked in the wake of the many derelicts in Congress whose only answer to crisis is throwing money on a fire in order to put it out.


How else is the Fed to dance …if Congress has two left feet and can’t help but step on the Chairman’s feet after Congress’ every two clumsy steps’ every pirouette?


But this letter is no waltz in the park. And in order to dance, the public is being asked to pay the piper.


The authors of this bill   …maybe, not so much.


Shoot! The way Congress has shot itself in the foot; it is truly a wonder that Ben Bernanke’s dancing skills have helped him avoid being trampled under foot by a bunch of would-be Congressional …gun-toting, slap-happy, cattle punching, big gallutes who have come into town for a night of fun …off of a long dusty drive.




The power of the presidency makes for a mighty strong elixir …even for a freshman Senator. Just ask his father.


Never the less, this letter’s egregious fallacy …is carried by one thread of a most disturbing, deceitful, and unmentioned assumption in that it fails altogether to fess-up …as it were, to ever having a hand in making a mess of the economic landscape.


And this ways …offers an insight into a failing’s view …both by omission as well as one of deliberate commission.


In this regard, I am rather surprised that such a well educated ophthalmologist such as the good Senator from Kentucky, Mr. Rand Paul …could have mist …stepping in it …these fallacies …as it were  …even if it were ever …made though that it might appear to be too foggy for the general public to see well enough to perceive so as to connect the dots.


However, I rather believe in the public’s ability to see 20 x 20 …without the aid of nor the need for political spectacles. I also believe in the public’s good logic’s better reason is enough to see through this letter’s charade and its play on the public through the use of a simple convention which obviously has tried hard to leverage and channel public sentiment through the manifestation of a spirit of fear.


Doctors indeed. Simple witchcraft by any ordinary measured discernment.


As such, even as well crafted deliberate irritant, the letter which came to me under the cover of an organization called the “Campaign for Liberty” is anything but that which should or could reasonably serve to excuse the Pauls and their organization’s leadership (???freshman or otherwise) in sidestepping the truth that Congress …not the Fed should be indicted and audited for the roles that their culpable hands have …and are continuing to play in producing unsustainable impossibilities for even the most empowered of Federal Reserve Systems could ever hope to handle …Ben Bernanke or not.


Freshman and well seasoned whiners indeed! I say; finger pointers and blathering boobs …rather!


I am appalled (no pun intended) and, I am thoroughly disgusted with a couple of U.S. Congressional Representatives whose charades are obviously masquerading about without impunity.


Shame on them for trying to ransack The Federal Reserve System by calling for an audit of the Federal Reserve. Time to pull the log out of your own (ophthalmologic) eyes boys!


Calling for the audit by itself is bad enough, but to do so without addressing …let alone mentioning the huge deficits which the President and Congressional members have approved is absolutely outright ludicrous …eye wash or not.


However, I suppose if one is animate about running for President, controversy is the probably as good as any other smokescreen tactic in which to avoid the truth of the failures of Congress’ past deficits and stimulus.


As for me, blaming the Fed is just too one sided …a one sided representation of any coin.


For that matter, the economy is multidimensional and the Paul’s letter is a salacious simple, single-sided misrepresentation …if not a deceitful obviation of the hand in which Congress has played its side of the coin’s tale …one which tells of a greater responsibility in making a mess of the budgets and the economy which have, in turn …incrementally, and …over time …impacted  the economy …leaving the Fed Chairman to deal with Congress’ mess in a clean-up on an almost routine daily basis.


If only Congress had to contend with the economy with the level of due diligence that the Fed must; maybe things would add up and balance …and then; there might not be a need for me to write this letter …as I obviously must so now and do.


Blaming the Fed for all of the woes in the economy is like the pot calling the kettle black …or not being …or (conveniently …by reason of ulterior motives) choosing to be either ignorant and or unaware of whether to put the cart before the horse.


The public as well as Congress itself knows the roles it played and is playing in making for the ginormous debt and its subsequent (debt load’s) service obligation. Never the less, continuing to play chicken with the Fed …merely to garner public support prior to making a bid to make a run at the presidency …with an irrational argument may garner a populist appeal from some, but …as Abraham Lincoln once said; “You may fool all the people some of the time, you can even fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time.”


Even the most simple minded should know that these arguments are easier to deal with that is the conundrum which contemplates; which came first …the chicken or the egg, no?


So, here’s my open-ended letter and reply to the likes of Ron Paul and his would-be- president-son, the freshman …green horn Rand Paul.


Thanks, but no thank you very much; I will not sign nor return such a convoluted, confounded …unfounded …unwarranted and un-merited, baseless petition.


Your letter, your petition and subsequent mailers to my state representatives …aside from being a huge misdirected waste of your time and money, commits so many fallacies of prudent reason and logic; it is a wonder that your constituencies ever put you two in office. Maybe they will put you in your place come the next election cycle.


Until then, I would advise you to come down off your high horses and do some real work …not toward seeking to grab power and press time to grandstand  …but to work hard on behalf of your constituencies by giving service to the priorities needed to reduce the deficit. That is the priority of your constituencies’ job one …the one for which you were elected to serve; not to be preoccupied with grandstand upon that of a national stage as if you were all that and a bag of chips …cow chips not withstanding.


I would countermand the purpose and obvious ulterior purpose of your petition’s letter, instead …by insisting that you exercise a bit more foresight in correcting the nearsighted astigmatism of your profession’s purpose.


Otherwise, there may and most certainly will be far-reaching affects which will continue to threaten the economy …those which will …as they have been allowed to …continue to do irrevocable and unrecoverable detriment should Congress (NOT THE FED) be unable to manage the affairs of your respective houses of Congress.


After all, if you can’t manage your own house; I’ll be damned if you will ever run mine ….with or without your budget deficits …which (by the way) do nothing but cause Ben Bernanke and the whole free world no small headache by yourselves and your hands alone …and no others.


Just in case you are wondering; I put your petition through my shredder and then flushed it down my toilet.


After all, if iron sharpens iron; that is definitely where it belongs.


Pity! Seems like a damned fine waste of good paper …Kum Bah Ya!


All the best,




P.S:   See the letter below …


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