Waxing Righteously Upon the Backs of Parables

I find it an interesting objective commentary to closely scrutinize much of the obviously biased and baseless, observations and comments which often dominate what emanates out of so many media outlets.


At times, such rather drivel resembles little more than a plethora of disconcerting, slanted, third-party takes whose consternations offers a rather large, gaping opportunity to make a much more revealing observation in taking a path less traveled …that of making a much more objective study of such patent, broad sweeping, cavalier assessments.


Often that which is often released resembles little more than a deliberate campaign whose substance consists of little more substance than that offered up in a designer’s concept …the consistency of which is comprised of little more than a barrage of bite-sized side bars and miniscule sound-bites.


In this, the chance that reason and logic may become replaced by whatever …looks good …sounds good …feels good …represents more danger than does the error of fallacious reason and erroneous logic.


I find it an interesting objective commentary to closely view, to the point that the scrutiny what weight and credibility is given to the biased observations and slanted comments of third-parties’ consternations which drives media outlets as they pander to the entertainment needs of those they pretend to be serving.


More often than not, then; a warranted closer look …becomes the opportunity to make a rather more revealing honest study.

 Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain?

In the case that I am looking at today, I do not; in anywise …take comfort in knowing that the lowest form of such practices is otherwise known as gossip.


My case in point is one which I have deliberately chosen to make by taking a lesson from in a lesser-known and seldom quoted Biblical parable …one which chillingly reminds me of one of today’s central most current, economic, geopolitical events and the developments of which affect more than simply all things European.


Are we all, not in this together …equally affected to one degree or another?


And in this way, I might add …the more than happenstance similarities between the U.S andEurope…beg to suggest that the term “highly correlated” is not just another coincidence.


Moreover, this term only bolsters the apt adage that …if the shoe fits, then; wear it.


Beware then, for whom the bell tolls, for it tolls for thee!


By this, I mean to suggest that we then, needs must think rather the more to look inward instead and refocus our misguide consternations upon the matters of state …those which affect matters more subjectively …if and only if we hope to positively affect matters more objectively …rather than matters more abjectly.


In this the Serenity Prayer seems rather more appropriate …especially the part which speaks to “…and to know the difference.”


That part of the Serenity Prayer more than speaks to the exercise of discernment’s better portion of what must be …GOOD JUDGMENT!


Curiously, today’s focus led me to look at some wisdom in the form of a parable.


And so, befitting of GOOD JUDGMENT …such a parable as mentioned above, it is also one which fitly follows closely on the heals of the parable which precedes it …a  more notable parable called the Parable of the Unjust Judge.


However, the one I am specifically referring to is otherwise know as The Parable of The Pharisee and the Publican.


My references to both parables may be found in the book of Luke in the eighteenth chapter.


After giving some time to consider the later parable though, I have to shake my head in wonder as to how easy it is to forget one’s own faults and plights in favor of the routine practice of judging one’s position better than another’s pitiful plight …especially when one’s character is merely one ingredient of the stock from which the broth is made to boil …the same soup in the same pot.


In this manner, is it not more curious as to how willing it is for the pot to call the kettle black?


Then, why point across the pond and cry; “…Poor Europe?” …when the crying shame is much more to do with all that is rather closer than the noses on one’s face.


What a fine kettle of fish it is to continue to overlook the pressing growing matters closer at home …all the while, doing so without impunity?



Woefully with regrets,





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