The Achilles Heel of Capitalism


What is the Achilles Heel of Capitalism?


a. Too big to fail


b. Too small to succeed


c. No due diligence, oversight and accountability


d. All of the above



Mutually Inclusive or Exclusive?


Is The Failure of Capitalism …Too Big To Fail?


If the failure of Capitalism is deep seated in “…too big to fail …” where is China on a scale of 1 to 10?


The U.S. has long promoted …if not flirted with too big to fail. Yet, in spite of the recent past’s intertwined  financial catastrophes …the U.S.A. is still …reluctantly  unwilling to demonstrate an ability to adequately exercise the sort of responsible constraints and policies necessary to fully come to grips with the realities and consequences still facing her in the wake of her failures …both in the here and now, as well as with  many compounding issues which will extend  like an outstretched hand …outward, long  into the future.

Like road bumps and pot holes; the catalysts of America’s most recent failures are …those which have produced some most revealing wake up calls.


The responses which these calls have produced should have …far and away …largely been enough to raise the dead well enough to …once again reassure the performance of   the necessary due diligence and oversight which would otherwise   have provided the necessary acts which could have fulfilled the neglected responsibilities associated with managing the ginormous accountings in whatever all of which …sadly now, have instead been revealed as the sort of wide-spread, blind-eyed, wonton and willful dereliction …the sorts of stuff of which neglect is rather much comprised.


However, that said; I have to ask whether or not any higher and nobler degree of accountability has been re-established any more than that which most egregiously came to be recently taken for granted sinceAmericaobviously lost its way off the path of its focus on the balance of powers?


Regardless, if it is to be the case that the pain of such wanton abandonment is to be favored in favor of an embrace of a more promising willing suspension of disbelief; where is the destination of “…too big to fail …guaranteed to take us?


Is that implication, an impudent answer …one beyond the reason of balance and the strength of independent sovereign power?


None the less, and in spite of the fact that the USA has led the charge to embrace “…too big to fail …” pretty much unchecked …what say the we in the U.S. now to a Europe which is in the same soup?


Yes, having failed in pretty much the same regards, is America to be shamed any less or relieved any more in having a mutual partner with which to commiserate in the shared failings of Capitalism’s Achilles’ Heel …failing to honestly see, address, manage, report and avoid whatever is STILL becoming …too big to fail?


FAILURE is not becoming any less …an exclusive democratic phenomenon. Certainly, FAILURE is not …limited exclusively to the western hemisphere.


For that matter, who is willing to say that failure will likely exclude China?


Most just do not know enough to say for certain yet.


And those who do know are yet willing to bet the value of their country’s sovereign independence on any means necessary to avoid the pain and harsh realities of failure.


After all, if one does not respect the wisdom of the lessons of “…too big to fail …” those one is bound to repeat in the re-learning processes of the failure which could have …should have and would have been taken if only taken to heart in the first place.


However, in spite of the obvious noses on our faces   …China now seems to be more than willing to naively follow in the west’s mutual footsteps …embracing with its open arms …the west’s miserable Capitalists’ failings.


China must know something that the west doesn’t in being willing to imitate the west’s Achilles’ HEEL …swallowing failure hook-line and sinker.


China is poised to swallow this …too big to fail like a wide mouth bass.


This phenomenon of size begs to ask one to try to consider the sheer meaning and depth of every failure’s dimension …its breadth, width and aspect of time not withstanding.


Since when did failure become mutually exclusive …limited only to the failings of disenfranchised unraveling democratic socio-political processes?


Therefore, more and more …why shouldn’t I tend to believe that failure is rather mutually inclusive of all …like a great pox or deadly plague? As such, I believe therefore …that the answer to the question above should be the one below; “…all of the above” …that is …of course …unless you tend to be the sort of person who would otherwise prefer to skip the question altogether and simply proceed to the next question …which is;


What and where are your priorities relative to …all of the above?


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