The French: A Tale of Two Cities

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Oui …! Oui …! Oui …! Three Little Pigs is no story about THE TALE OF TWO CITIES.

Nevertheless, consider this.

This is my predisposed personal look back upon BREXIT while waiting for the outcome of the May 7th elections in France.

I quite look forward to these this election for it has a lot to say about the future of the EU …particularly with respect to the unity of the French people …disenfranchised or not.

So, for an opportunity to take a bird’s-eye view of the aggregate importance of what this election’s results might mean to both France and the EU, consider the following sites’ information.

As for me, I believe such a view is just another opportunity to look back in sovereign angst …primarily from how I view the impact and futility of egregiously ginormous proportions of public debt and the affect and the extent to which which such irresponsible momentary policies have besieged and laid hold upon a once proud, sovereign and more free and independent people …in this case, the freedom-loving French which once cherished their unfettered spirit of LIBERTÉ.

Pity the French …?

Oui …oui…! Yes …yes …! We will see.

The Adage of Foolish Virgins



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