Imigration: Growing Apart; Falling Together

Photo by:   David Lacasse Digital Painting Caricature of Paul Ryan

Like a spouse whose marriage has fallen apart and is now, suing for terms of divorce on grounds which seek to maintain the level of comfort to which they have grown accustomed;

… is it not far from such common grounds that illegal aliens …who are seeking blanket amnesty …have also long enjoyed and grown accustomed to the creature comforts America has afforded them?
If so, then …I have to ask for considerations as to whether or not such is due …thanks in large part to a  grossly blind American Criminal Justice system …one whose tragic flaws have become fully manifest throughout …those which spring forth from within the system’s very core? So, from the heart of what has moved from the center …there seems to have formed a hardened, stiff-necked substance which is emanating and erupting on the surface …what is now, oozing up from the deep state below. 
And …I cannot help but see that what has emerged has been building a condition which has permeated a hard-core …an outer shell whose only to form …in my opinion …is an extremely ill condition which …within itself-inside …is now clearly visible …BOLDLY SPEAKING in every sense … before and in spite of a sleeping five-senses world gushing with emotions in full senseless and ineffective babbling.

Now, unavoidably more noticeable than “…WHATEVER …;” THE IRONY OF what has become a norm, has formed what is easily seen to have given way to become a populist pajority to the most part of a passionate persuasion. Nevertheless …today, desirable immigration policies should extend to cover the entire body of whatever more pervasively would otherwise serve to speak out in opposition of such injustice … That is to say; moreover… in favor of leval immigration.
But such as the swamp is; this is sadly not the case … as our respective (?) representatives (?)… they don’t …I believe, primarily …in fear of the peeps.
Courage? What of it?
So then, rather than push back against the basis of a clear and conflicted injustice …the greater body ought to be encouraged with a spirit that, with good motives cause a groundswell that responds by proudly stands up against such.
Yet, most members among the dark pool have pretty much decidedly sat down and given up the fight for what is prudent, virtuous and of good report.
I think this is born out of a complacency surrounded by fear …circling the wagons in hopes to hold on to their seats.
Such as the reasons may be for abandoning and failing to support what reflects just immigration policies, the dark pool seems content not only to emblematically fail in these respects, but also to a larger extent …manifestly actually have become preoccupied with engaging in and joining what has ALLOWED what has ushered in whatever fosters AND openly ENCOURAGES poor judgements that stand in direct opposition to WHATEVER is NOW …BECOME …the better pool of a growing number of Injustices …those which sadly …in the wake of the blind-eye and the turned cheek …are giving way to whatever has become as common place as mass public shootings and terrorist acts.
Don’t we…as an uncommon people …know that we have been given to know better?
Where is the Criminal Justice System for which we should have, could have …and would have stood proudly for …if, we were not so divided and separated from our wits’ end …divorced from good sound reason and logic that God gave to every man, woman and child to know better? We ought to have known better …for it is given to us to dress and keep the garden …and to keep it with every intent of performing the due diligence necessary to provide oversight in bringing about in the delivery of said better justice.
So then, what is of more value than whatever is capable of setting the rationale of our better common senses …to naught? What is in all of our better interests?
The answer is not to blow each other off in ignorance …let alone foster our differences.
No …! Ought we not to have fought a better fight?
But what of hind sight’s look back in a rear-view mirror?
Have we not so much still which is worth perserving?
So then, beyond a pastor’s sermon taken from an Old Testament story of kings and queens, what is more important in terms of PRIORITY AND Lawful ORDER that holds more promise in whatsoever will truly lead to a more stable ground? 
Let us all …then, ON that which righteousness depends …duly strongly affirm and passionately hold near and dear the integrity of that well-ordered priority IN ALL HONESTY …to dress and keep the time-honored values of justice and liberty for all in our hearts?
Where the Spirit of Truth is, there is true liberty …not bondage.
Aside from addressing and in keeping with the gardens of what most Americans hold near and dear; what speaks of divorce more than neglect and a blind eye? I believe that the result of such perhaps, moreover …is the cost of a blind justice system …one who’s ooze clearly indicates that ours no longer is a system running according to the tacks and foundations laid by our forefathers …one on which who’s foundations were intended to secure the consistent persistent delivery of LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL …! #Not just a few.
Above all …if mankind is willing and more desirable to give away whatever is more precious than what is in one’s pocket books …what is finer than silver and gold … even more costly than our cumulative estates, wealth and vast fortunes; Liberty’s freedoms are not long for this world.
But, such as it were, all that which may be left behind, when we relinquish faith, hope and love; it seems seems more like JUST US junkies are become preoccupied with seeking the immediate fleeting high of a temporary fix.
Thus, undoubtedly, Stuart Varney and Lou Dobbs actually may have a leg to stand on …Speaker Ryan and the various creatures of the Swamp on both sides of the isle …not so much.

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