The Adage of Foolish Virgins

Ancient Oil Lamps

I offer no apology for being so slack in my writing this last year or so, but I guess this may serve as an explanation.

Seems as though I have been doing, like the past few Fed Chairs and pretty much all the other Central Banks’ bankers around the world …pushing on a string …and in so doing …avoiding the pain of failed and failing policy.

I have increasingly felt that my writing has had no positive impact.

Our nation is rushing all the more headlong over heals into the abyss of unsustainable debt.

So why should I waste my time and breath in the wake of such a folly’s continued futility?

Alas, I may be no different than those at whom I’ve been pointing my fingers.

Avoidance, is not just another river in Egypt …or is that denial?

None the less, recently …my dwindling motivation is a will which I have almost altogether shunned. In all honesty, I am no more in favor of taking any stronger and more healthy embrace of these greater writing opportunities as I must now have you know …I admittedly have taken less and less joy in each and every successive endeavor.

As is, I have to say that my writing has netted diminishing hopes that logic and reason might triumph over more prevalent brutish forces …those with which have moved mere blame and shame’s behavior to the next level of political warfare …character assassinations.

All said and done, none of the above has served justice to honestly shed light on and debate public policy. Hence the public has been treated like mushrooms …held in the dark …and fed dung.

Case in point, my waiter who is a WSU student asked me to encapsulate what precipitated the Brexit vote.

His interest, came out of the blue …catching me completely off guard.

Refreshing as his question was, I asked him to come back with some coffee and I would offer him my thoughts on this very complex issue.

So, when he returned …here is what I offered Colton.

I framed my response around a preface which came to me out of the blue …one in which I invoked both a single adage as well as a Biblical parable in which I offered the following:

An emergency on your part does not necessarily constitute an emergency on my part.

Keep your lamps filled with oil; for when the opening of the wedding feast’s doors is immanent, I …like the five wise virgins will send you …like the foolish ones …off to the market to purchase oil.

That is to say; I will not give half of mine to the foolish.

In the meantime, in your collective shared haste and lack of preparedness …in your opportunity forgone; I …like the five wise ones, will enter the celebration with lamps fully prepared to last the entire evening so that I may enjoy a celebration that you …the foolish will miss in your follies.

That is what the Brexit choice is all about …freedom from anything and everything tied to the strings which are pushing on the PIGS never ending emergencies …bailouts …restructuring …and the adherence to monetary policies which have been strangely strangling the hopes of peoples’ purchasing power everywhere.

And why?

Answer? To be in favor of pushing on the odds of the hopes of what?


And for what and whose betterment’s is this intended end purposed?

Could it be solely for the Central Banks’ restructured debt positions?

I say; “…Go buy some oil for your empty lamps and feed your empty foolish PIGS.”

“You need some light…?”

They need it …and will always need it more …addicted to debt.

Debt empty of a return. Zero? No …less than zero.

Now that is beyond empty …empty as a lie …one not much worthy of unity.

Hence a return to sovereignty.

Fill your lamps people.

Return to normal and permit you lands to be healed.

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