Waxing Righteously Upon the Backs of Parables

Waxing Righteously Upon the Backs of Parables

I find it an interesting objective commentary to closely view and scrutinize the observations and comments of third-parties’ consternations….the lowest form of which is otherwise known as gossip.

My case in point today is one which I have deliberately chosen to make, taking it from a lesson which came to mind in a lesser-known and seldom quoted Biblical parable …one which chillingly reminds me of the today’s events and affects of all things European.

The Rate of the Wait; The Cost of the Lost

The magnitude of the money required to service the interest costs generated by the public debt is stopping for no one.

With respect to its costs; the rate to wait has benefited no one save the administration which has not missed a beat in every opportunity to turn a blind eye on housing …while jabbing the financial sector in the eye with a sharp stick.

Once upon a time, not too long ago …I lived in Hungary at a time in which the rate of inflation was running at 33%. As high as that may have been …it was a promising time. People were full of hope and looking towards a brighter future. And as bleak as 79 % effective tax rates were, optimism was running rampant.

Unlike what we have here in the U.S.A. today, there and then …the velocity in the Hungarian market could only be characterized as torrential. Money was moving at an amazing spead. Opportunity was in the air.

However, here …overall broad spectrum inflation has not raised its ugly head here …now, primarily because velocity is anemically low …and whatever inflation currently exists has been rather limited to commodities in a low demand …low growth environment.

The TAX/SPEND or Cut Conundrum?

The Chicken or the Egg Conundrum

As Washington plays CHICKEN WITH AMERICA’S ECONOMY …there’s something missing in the national conversations these days …something more than common sense. Sad to say; that’s a given.

Sadly, that’s also a given which has been politically fostered, channeled and has also been allowed to grow and fester to become a spirit whose source of angst and arguer has created so much frustration and uncertainty …more so than jobs and that which has translated to housing sales.

So, I’d like to add something here which adds more to and along the lines of a question …one which is become hung-up …merely contemplating; “…Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”.

In this regard, I would venture to say that the truth is that Washington is pretty much preoccupied with a truth which …by itself, has revolved around the President’s pre-electioneering speech this last Wednesday …as much …if not more so …the influential conversations in Washington which have been so centered around taxes, revenue, the deficit, and spending and spending cuts.

The adage applies; those who are so wrapped up with themselves make for a small package.

Go figure! It is a multidimensional complex world; isn’t it?

Irrespective of just how much of a part of the needed conversation as these still-unresolved issues are; in the midst of these issues’ conversations’ arguments …there are core-central priorities whose issues are more complex than those like the irreconcilable chicken/egg conundrum.

All anyone with half a brain knows that this conundrum has yet to be resolved.

That’s what it was …what it is …and what it will be.

What I am saying is; it should be abundantly clear that jobs, employment and housing are America’s core golden geese which lay the golden eggs that develop tax revenue as well as GDP.

So, why is Washington so preoccupied in making meager forays into these do-nothing conundrums …Photo Opps and pre-electioneering not withstanding.

Heavy lifting is where it’s at baby; as much as is …arguing over how many angels can dance upon the head of a needle.

Action Jackson. Leave the rhetoric for the nuns …and the nannies.

Thread the eye of a needle …and you can enter into a simpler …more productive opportunity …immediately …as in right now!

Until then …the truth of the Pre-election mantra of “Yes we can.” …will remain; “No, you can’t …haven’t …and won’t …until you demonstrate than you do.”

All else is meaningless lip-service.

God Forbid; Take a Lesson from a Review of the AIG of Yesterday and Today?

God Forbid; the Lesson from a Review of the AIG of Yesterday and Today?

Prefacing Comment to the Letter Below:

Taking a look back, two years ago …I sent out a short letter which commented on compensation in the wake of an AIG compensation party held at a resort hotel. This party went down shortly after TARP was passed by Congress …and all hell broke out in the wake of such an untimely opportunity to celabrate AIG recipients for their successes.

On March 18th, 2009, in response to this by measure of no lack of egregous, media-driven, political grandstanding, I sent out an e-mail which is a form of the letter that I have pasted herein below.

Two years later, I think these subjects are worth revisiting to remember the topics which surrounded every media story at the time.

And for one reason or another these issues preoccupied and permiated the American mindset …if, but for only a matter of weeks or so.

So, now …with th passage of two years’ time; I have to wonder how much honest esteem for such calls’ greater discretion remains?

And so, now again; I have to wonder what of any significance …has changed in the last two short years which have passed to cover over this subject’s matters and concerns?

Are the seeds of such concerns still growing? Have such produced any fruit multiplied 30, 60 or a hundred fold? Or is this a mute case of an old story gone passe in the wake of the Gulf …and now Japan? (They shoot horses; don’t they? How about Boy Scouts?)

Or did the seeds of blame and shame fall upon more than fertile ground …upon more futile stages or self-serving interests …merely failing to produce the needed wisdom in any significant abundance which would …could …and shouold serve the greater interests of all?

What work is to gain profit so few by taking a lazy and mindless course? Wouldn’t it follow that these more imediate pursuits will easily and soon forgotten?

Then, why not remember these shortcommings and …compare their woes’ measures’ lessons taken from a measure of a greater appreciation for a work whose wisdom and ethics’ mindful pursuits produce meaningful fruit?

So, then …in that which is intentioned to grow from long-lasting, applicable understandings within efforts …less lazy; why not embrace a look back in a meaningful comparison …if not merely to remember what preocupied our minds …if but for such a short time?

Therefore, in such a comparitively relative short period of time, I have to ask what has Congress to show for the passage of its time …in service to raise due diligence to a level …which is worthy of serving to provide greater oversight and higher …more nobler …more honorable levels of responsibility …and adherance to corporate governance in performance systems which demonstrates consideration for the priority of far more nobler assurances …those which strive to achieve to promote quality leadership by reason of adherance to high standards, transparency and the clarity of honest, open-door accountability?

In other words, other than our collective votes; what other enhanced ways and means of oversight has America acrued that serves to speak of improved achievable measures of oversight, safeguards …in openly improved levels of transparency?

No Child Left …or Right; Get Behind Me!

The three year anniversary marking the release and launch of Obama campaign slogan rhetoric; “Yes We Can!” is quickly approaching and one thing America has realized is…

No We Can’t!!!

Who Me, Protest?

The following is the result of looking for data to support and build my case in a recent real estate tax protest I have filed.

Before you open the link below, read the following short explanation below first.

The following is a look at one of the 20 Metropolitan components which make up the Case-Shiller SPCS20R Housing Price Index. The SPCS20R is a 20-city composite index comprised of 20 major metropolitan areas in the U.S.
The index reflects upon the overall movement of housing prices across the nation in these twenty areas.

After all, PIGS We Are Not!

Today, I am taking a look back at a letter I wrote Friday, November 21, 2008 dealing with a principal commonly used in bankrupcy proceedings called Cram-Down.

It seems fitting to revisit it to achieve some degree of perspective in view of communities whose municipal bonds’ bond ratings are at risk in the face of of dwindling tax revenue.

And taken in perspective of TARP and various stimulus programs which have been walked through Congress under the pretext that their purpose is aimed at saving community jobs and services, I have to ask; as what point will America become like Germany …less than willing to support the pigs of Europe …those like Portugal Ireland/Italy Greece and Spain?

After all, are the PIGS …all that much different than any number of the hardest hit states here in America?

Without a doubt, The Germans have had to pay an exacting price to pay for reunification …not to mention what the PIGS’ bail-out may wind up costing the quality of their return on social investments.

So, tonight is an opportunity to visit the letter below while asking what are state and local governments doing to maintain tight budgets and exercise fiscal withstraint?

It seems to me that in the face of lowered property values …rising property taxes are a sad social commentary …one in which state and local community governance has thrown away prudence and reason in favor of the opportunity to ignor reality and the consequences of neglect …hoping that no one would take notice.

In that respect, I will introduce my letter by saying; “…pay no attention to the man behind the curtain …” You better pay your taxes, or they might just cram them higher property taxes down your throats.

Cram Down? vs. Higher Property Appraisals & Property Taxes?
Go Figure!
How does that translate to …Spending Cuts?
It doesn’t, does it!?