The TAX/SPEND or Cut Conundrum?


Revision One, Edited April 17th, 2011


The Chicken or the Egg Conundrum


As Washington continues to play CHICKEN …pretty much so on both MAIN and WALL STREETS …there is something which has gone missing in the national conversations these days  …something more than common sense. Sad to say; that’s plainly a given.

Sadly, that’s also a social madness which has been politically fostered, channeled and funneled so as to also allow the height of Washington’s lunacy to  grow and fester to  a point now that it is now become the dammed spirit whose  source of poisonous angst and arguer  which Washington is obsessed with has done nothing more creative than fan the flames of so much frustration and uncertainty …that the mere thought of the once more important primary well ordered objectives and issues like jobs and what all translates into housing sales …have all been pretty much …for the most part …long forgotten issues of the past …conveniently swept under the rug in favor of driving fear and the clamor of chaos into the forefront of the media, news and headlines..


So, I’d like to stop all the music, and add something here which may add more substance along the lines of an age old question …one which …like today’s rhetoric in Washington …is become hung-up …in arguments which serve little more purpose than merely contemplating; “…Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”.


And in this regard, I would go further …and venture to say that, the truth is Washington has become pretty much preoccupied with a truth which …by itself, has revolved around the President’s pre-electioneering speech this last Wednesday …as much as, if not more so …than the influential conversations which are so centered and limited to a merry-go-round …in a rather limited narrow band of topics; namely those fixated upon taxes, revenue, the deficit, and spending and spending cuts …for the sake of social mandates …which have been elevated to the status above that of a more perfect union it would seem.


And in this manner; it would seem that Atlas Shrugged …and America can’t seem to see the missing pieces of the puzzle which have been dissolving …and disappearing right before Her very eyes.


Hello! Who the Hell is John Galt?

(Note:   You’ll just have to go see the move …or, read Ayn Rand’s book, Atlas Shrugged.)


The adage applies; those who are so wrapped up with themselves make for a small package …and in this case …as in the movie …the package is shrinking, yet all the more self serving in its actions of all things centering around its  dereliction’s and preoccupations.  

Today, there is less to wrap up. Tomorrow, there will be still fewer choices.

I have visited and lived in communist countries where choice is virtually non-existent.

Go figure! It is a multidimensional complex world; isn’t it? It is flat as well.

Where liberty flourishes, so also do opportunity and choice.

Restrictions have dire consequences …like failing to water a plant.

Tax revenue dries up and outsourcing and off-shoring flow like rivers of living waters …in the path of liberty …and least resistance …off-shore

Where there is the spirit of liberty though …there is life coursing through the veins of an economy which chooses to promote it above all else …as objectives worth fighting for.

But is this nation fighting for liberty …or the opportunity to destroy this spirit?

Irrespective of just how much of a part of the needed conversation these unresolved issues need to be; it should be apparent that these missing pieces of the conversation form a most perplexing paradox …one whose conundrums needs must be reordered in as strong a resolve as the unity of last November’s one voice which called for fiscal responsibility.

But this call pertains to a depth of a dimension which has several other stages on which there are many levels. America’s fight for Her economic recovery must be guided by a wide and pervasively strong vision …one large enough to span and encompass more than the preoccupation of a consideration limited to the conundrum which ponders; which came first, the chicken or the egg.  


Among all of Washington’s other issues’ conversations’ and arguments which have taken preeminence and center stage these days and weeks and months since last November’s mid-terms …there are core-central priorities whose issues which are far less complex than those which seem to have taken Washington’s imaginations hell bent and captive in a focus which is seemingly squandering the sum of its self-serving rescores on resolving the irreconcilable chicken/egg conundrum …rather more than conduction the business of …service to “…We the People …” in a more perfect union’s harmony …in a unity of purpose …one nation under God …indivisible …with liberty and justice for all.


Yeah, right!


All anyone with half a brain knows is that this conundrum has yet to be resolved …let alone figure out a way to get Washington off its self-serving preoccupied grand-standing stages.


That’s what it was …what it is …and what it will be.


What I am saying is; it should be abundantly clear that jobs, employment and housing are America’s core golden geese …the ones which lay the golden eggs around here.


That’s what develops tax revenue as well as GDP. That’s what allows an army to march on its stomach …rather than crawl on its belly like a reptile …making a quick exit from something it can’t and doesn’t have the will nor the where with all to finish what it started.


No finish …no peace …just an incomplete jumbled puzzle with many important missing pieces.


So, why is Washington so preoccupied in making meager forays into these do-nothing conundrums …Photo Opps and pre-electioneering not withstanding.


Pride maybe; but what’s worse …is not being able to recognize the symptoms and shortcomings of this illness which oversteps the boundaries of its unrealized limits until it is too late …or no longer cares to carry the banner of the courage of its convictions.


In poker; that is called a bluff …at best if left unchecked.


But now, Washington is writing checks …America can not afford to cash …pride or not.


So, in reality …the heavy lifting of a stronger balance sheet is where it’s at baby.


And if you can’t put your money where your mouth is; then put up …or shut up and go home …pretty much with your tail between your leggs.


Until then, America’s Washington might as well be …arguing over how many angels can dance upon the head of a needle …because the chicken or the egg bit isn’t getting it either.




Action Jackson. Come big, or leave the rhetoric for the nuns …and the nannies at home.


So what’s available to do right now?


Thread the eye of a needle …and you can enter into a simpler …more productive opportunity …immediately …as in right now!


Until then …the truth of the Pre-election mantra of “Yes we can.” …will remain; “No, you can’t …haven’t …and won’t …until you demonstrate than you do.”


All else is meaningless lip-service.


A more perfect union is borne in doing …in service to a love of freedom’s protected by the joy of Lady Liberty.


So whatever strengthens Lady Liberty …will also yield greater freedoms.


But the question remains whether or not Americans are willing and ready to stand up and exercise due diligence in giving attention to the details of the responsibilities which come with each of Liberty’s freedoms. Only then will such determined and purposeful action influence the outcome of Her condition’s return to health and strength.


This path needs though must be taken in unity and conviction of purpose in order to survive Her various adversities, threats and attacks …all do-nothing preoccupations aside.


So …in an attempt to fill in and add some color to the black and white pages of a pretty much …full set of empty conversation’s whose solutions have become pretty much preoccupied in so many bickering, divisive misdirected and pointless and fruitless quarrels; here’s a monkey wrench which I would like to throw into a the failings of a pretty much lame and directionless debate.


Don’t get me wrong. As important as all things are …all things are failing, because some more important things are and have gone conveniently missing …just like oversight and due diligence in service to “….We the People …”


In fact, as important as well-order things are; without the following …all becomes nothing …but tiny …tinkling cymbals.


So let’s give some credence to doing some due diligence for Lady Liberty’s sake …in doing some real service to “…We the People …” rather than the political self-serving processes gone preoccupied with the obsessions to self.


Here’s the wrench that I am throwing into Washington’s forays; what about the WPA?


This acronym is know as The Works Projects Administration.


What about a privatized …commercially driven form of this old program.


Launch it upon the back-bone of American business sectors, those of industry and commerce and travel.


So, rather than make another bureaucracy; empower the captains of business, industry,   commerce and travel with the organic stimulus they need to do the heavy lifting.


Investment cost? None at all …or practically far less than those in the days in which FDR’s federal programs where administered from the top-down.


You talk about a grass roots up groundswell opportunity. Man-O-Man!


For crying out loud Washington, step up and stand down …get out of the way of America’s progress.


In your failure to do anything to stop this mess from coming upon America; now more than ever …America needs Washington to stand out of the way and cease from impeding the hope for progress and prosperity.


Make jobs!


Put people to work.


Houses will sell …and this will, ABOVE ALL ….ALLOW FOR AN ORGANIC PROCESS WHICH WILL …


Raise tax revenue …not the taxes UPon those who are already working.


Make jobs …and lift the burden on those who ARE and what’s ALREADY working.


For crying out loud, why is “We …” always wiling to let politicians and bureaucrats grope around in the dark while they waste time and THROW GOOD money AFTER BAD …arguing about HOW to break things STILL more than before they opened the doorS to break the things they broke in the first place …THAT IS …before shame and blame came to town?


More often than not, the most complex mysteries and perplexing problems have easy solutions and simple answers.


If jobs and tax breaks are what is needed to get the job done …mix and marry the two together for the benefit of all.


Industry could leverage this idea quickly and organically and the benefits would alleviate the burden on all that is working.


America has the where with all.


That’s not the issue.


What is …is the willingness for the American people to make a call like this for all.


And for all that is facing America; THIBKISS!


Let’s do more doing and less talking.


Make it so number one!


All the best,



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