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Sunday, August 07, 2011

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S&P’s The Law of Diminishing Returns


Politicians’ reality; where more debt spells a drop in opportunity, and a rise in debt load costs …which may likely equate to lower consumption.


S&P Downgrade;


Just another Gift Horse


…One to


Blame, B-Little & B-Rate?



Friday evening, I was reading and listening to as many media resources …such as I could get my hands on …so as to get a grasp on the various media takes on the breaking news release of the S&P downgrade of America’s AAA credit rating.

My take away from the deluge of the various news agencies offered me a unique and insightful view on these initial, wide-ranging news reports.

After gnawing on the bones …moving forward from this event; this is what I believe I have found by approaching the window of the media’s initial takes on all of this.

The number one point of my observation is that no media outlet even dared mention the various more than abundant aspects of the recent debt ceiling’s lift which seemed to revolve primarily about electioneering.

In all of the initial media releases this weekend …none mentioned the political grandstanding opportunities which swamped out what should have taken center stage.

In fact, in many more instances, the initial reports seemed to be making excuses for such …making for a cover or shroud for such inexcusable political behavior in almost any way possible.

In fact, in the wake of the absence of any mention of the political climate, I came to believe that the media was going out of its way to pull one rabbit after another out of a hat which could make it all the more easier to over look the more important issues which rather more likely led to the S&P decision.

None the less, in an apparent willingness to suspend one’s disbelief, it seemed to me that the members of the media were lining up to  castigate, marginalize, overlook and otherwise dismiss …S&P’s rather stark week-end wake-up call.

In moving closer to enlightening my mind’s eyes further …through reading and watching to one source after another, my perception of this perspective broadened with almost each and every subsequent news piece.

And in quick time …like a fast setting epoxy glue, the perceptions of my meditation set like a stone of flint …and sparks began to fly as much as the media’s excuses. In this regard, the head of the axe may as well have become separated from the handle.

Regardless, in time …with each and every successive report I looked at, it was as if I my view’s perspective was broadening with each step that I took to come closer to a view out a window.

From afar, my peripheral view was initially …somewhat restricted to a narrow …limited angle.

But as I stepped forward and drew closer to the window, with each successive media report …my view broadened measurably.

And as I stepped up closely to press my face against this window …what I believe I witnessed is a characteristic sampling of a fairly typical national response ….a cross section of which …I take away as a measure of America’s ability to operate discernment and therein …thus exercise a semblance of a degree of good judgment therein.

After all, what is judgment when one’s discernment is skewed?

If one fails to negotiate the curves in a road, the fallacious source which has corrupted the foundation …is at the core …an erroneous contributing factor upon which discernment obviously has been built …formers and footings which have resulted in producing the rotten fruit of poor judgment.

In such an analogous wake of one habits’ …somewhere in the waste so much time and other valuable unrecoverable resources; one would think a wake-up call might better serve one to realize the need to simply pull off the road and call AAA …for some measures of help, yes?

In the meantime, while waiting …any reassessment might do a body good, no?

The continuance of haste …makes for a repetitive continuance of waste.

To continue muddling along …in the same “O” …beleaguered …Lame-O essence of belligerence such as that of above …is analogous of insanity.

Therefore an accurate perception is the paramount initial key …one which opens the front door to effectual discernment …which, in turn enables and empowers any subsequent opportunities which would …could …and should allow good judgment to successfully form, fashion and shape the most efficient solutions. Any steps and paths charted and taken and purchased in this manner are sure to be more promising in terms of leveraging impacts which offer greater and more positive productive outcomes …much more so than continuing to push bad and poor positions …ones in which invariably require defensive, repeated laborious explanations which favor the fruitless pursuits of trends which portray a path which has been …till now …leading to marginal returns …at a cost whose price is on the order more commensurate for one which equates to nothing more than failure.

Where is the resolve of this? Insanity! That is a destination on the highway to hell!

In other words such a view offers a measure of a test’s curve …which reflects on the grasp of America’s grip on reality.

A friend of mine is always saying; “…Remember to keep it in the fairway …”

My take away; the media’s response is a test of sorts …one which reflects upon America’s ability to grasp,   measure, mark and react against the risks within a markedly stark reality.

As such …relative to S&P’s grade, America’s downgrade is seriously suggestive of some additional interesting insights ….particularly in and with regard as to how America views the adequacy of its approach to what it chooses to characterize, color and call what actually is responsible credit management.

In short, the S&P grade stands in contrast …as a disagreement to all …an affront to challenge America’s perception.

This would be analogous to receiving an A- on a mid-term …and going in afterwards to argue with a very strict and highly principled professor.

Be that as it may, with respect to a broad ot a narrow …and from a narrow to a blind-sighted range of short-sighted perspectives …therein lies the grade of America’s ability to grasp a more certain reality …the need to come big …or stay at home with respect to tackling a whole host of Public Debt issues that have …are and will continue to plague America for a long time to come …by reason of whatever reasons’ detrimental affects.

Make no mistake, these problems issues are only guaranteed to grow and cause more uncertainty …manageable or not.

As can be recently seen from the rancor of the debt debates …and the ensuing sustained sell-offs in the equity markets…there is a spirit which is not conducive to what is needed to manage the magnitude of this problem …in whatever ways, means and measures are and will most certainly by a measure of compare ….to move this nation forward as this mess has now been managed …if one can …being of sound mind and good character …characterize this debt issue as having been adequately managed.

Not to say that this is a mess, should strongly suggest insanity …on the spot.

How America plans on moving this mess forward …then should offer a valuable measure as to the sanity of such intent …ulterior motives not withstanding.

For till now, there have been anything but adequate cooperation and compromise …little more above which can …or could qualify beyond that as if bringing a pop-gun to knife fight …would be a good idea.

So, as in regards to debt, what is seen and perceived as manageable by some …is actually no more an effective solution than is coming to the table with half a limp pop gun.

However, at the mere suggestions offered by some of those which are still clinging to their pop-guns; these are those who would lead one to think that …America is progressively demonstrating a socio-economically and politically measure of responsibility.

Reality and history would strongly suggest otherwise.

The conflicted perspectives and will of those who insist that America is a Wimp lack the will and resolve of freedom’s insight.

Standing the way of such, big government’s self-serving angst has shot itself in the foot …and it knew it would even in the midst of the debate when it was known that no less than 4 trillion dollars of cuts would be needed in order to sustain its ability to manage the debt …and retain its AAA credit rating.

But, true to its will …no one else owns this mess …for its perception of what constitutes compromise …did …brought a solution …which was no solution …at the last minute of a 13th hour gambling table …in brinksmanship to place this nation no further from the precipice of a most assured greater and more uncertain abyss.

The reality of this form of management is beyond explanation …certainly no longer deserved of the stupid overused and passé’ phrase; “…kick the can down the road.”

As such, the debt ceiling’s resolution is no resolution worth slapping each other on the back.

Certainly …it was not worth the sigh of relief.

And above all …it has not managed to move us forward productively …that by any means offers hope for the opportunity of a healthy economic prosperity.

Instead, immerging from amidst the rancor of the heated debate, Congress and the President’s ownership of its management of this debt issue has brought to a reality which should be clearly visible …if and only if one is able to see through all the mist to see the forest for the trees.

The truth is as plain as the noses on ones face.

Washington has found a way to a non-solution which has resulted in producing no more of an atmosphere than one still more conducive to heightening an already growing measure of uncertainty.

As if higher taxes were not enough of a potential burden to economic recovery, higher credit costs will not lighten anyone’s load …the government’s debt load not withstanding …which all politicians knew would be an inevitable reality …if, the four (4) trillion dollar mark in cuts were not included as a part of any adequate solution to address the debt ceiling.

But the political will and leadership were not there to adequately address this one simple single reality.

And rather than possessing the necessary will (The Tea Party …exclusively excluded) the larger body politics’ insanity won the day in the wake of an unwillingness to actually mount a drive forward toward to sustainability and score.

As it were, the measure past was not even in rage of the goal posts …in terms of adequate sustainability.

And that’s already been scored as accurate.

Compare the path of a goal of what is sustainable to that which is real …a real shame.

Decision, Desire, Details and Delivery

Deceit, Derision Division and Default  

Who is at fault is not what matters. It never did …and it most assuredly does not matter now any more.

Results are what truly matter. And if they truly matter more now …then the truth matters ever more.

So opinions …conjecture …spin; please …leave it at the door!

The truth of today’s reality is less a matter of unavoidable and unintended consequences as reality is a grade of an unavoidable true context …poor management.

This translates to poor governance …as a figure of ones grasp …merited or not.

Such as it is; America is subject to being graded on the curve.

So, in a literal sense; we all have been downgraded.

Likewise, we also have the privilege of owning this one.

No longer can ONE claim; “…I merely inherited this mess …”

But we all can …instead, stand up tall and straight …thrust back our collective shoulders and declare; “…I own this mess …;” or, NOT. After all failure is becoming more and more of an unavoidable option here …especially seeing that the world no longer round …is said to be “…FLAT …”

So contrary to a broader sense …the actual consequences of the opportunity to participate and conduct sovereign fiscal responsibility within the broader context of a global context is becoming less of an opportunity …than it was a luxury Americans have largely taken for granted …in a perspective largely void of respect due to unforeseen unintended consequences.

What is my take? Well, I’ll let a U-Tube video say it all for me:


So, was I surprised with what my Friday’s media search offered me?

I default to my link above.

Never the less, such a wide range of very interesting takes, attitudes and views on this controversial news topic …merely provided me with somewhat of an opportunity to reflect and meditate upon the trash strewn about the political landscape.

And in my reflections, I formed a rather sad conclusion that America doesn’t want to face the truth …regardless of the consequences.


America …sadly is more preoccupied with individual entitlements …irrespective of what the costs may be…irrespective on whose shoulder the responsibilities for whatever may fall.

Why, because many may not be able to handle the truth …let alone the consequences for not managing the responsibilities associated with the management of debt.

Invariably, in each of the media outlet’s I visited on Friday, the string of each conversation seemed to pursue a treatment whose discussion turned to a summary whose consideration of what motivated the downgrade …included a convoluted consideration as to whether or not such a decision was actually warranted …and whether or not it was credible.

Irregardless of a question as whether or not the S&P grade was warranted seemed to be of little newsworthy consequence.

Thus, most of the ensuing media discussion of this news followed a course of least resistance …flowing downhill as it were …like that in the aftermath of a nuclear even wherein which …the impact of fallout might be of any lesser importance …a reality to either deal with …or avoid as if one could merely think to waste one’s breath and time to speak of …and address the irresponsible politics (long gone fore by) …in all of what inconsequentially led to the detonation of so many bombs.

Make no mistake about it. No one on earth can change the past, but we can, at least …move through its consequences with a more resolute appreciation for sobriety’s wake up calls …every last one of them …November 2010 not withstanding.

And along with that sober call to respect reality, the consequential impact upon America’s credit rating is just such but another stronger call to heed the responsibility to manage debt wisely.

Credit is not an entitlement; it is a privileged tool.

And as much of a tool as credit is; debt is a mean and cruel crutch …especially when mismanaged …or even taken for granted …cavalierly or not.

Reason being the costs of credit are high enough …let alone the added costs associated with the burden of rather poor judgment …in bad decisions …which, by the way …do reflect one’s credit rating.

Make no mistake about it though …there are implications associated with America’s lack of resolve in this regard.

Furthermore, …no matter how the media may attempt to downplay, diminish and marginalize the S&P’s actions …America can not sweep under the rug the shamelessly poor leadership and resulting acrimoniously derisive, divisive rancor which has stained this nation’s reputation as a unified leader in a global economy.

Leadership is only as good a followship. And if one is not worthy of leading …one will soon be following another who is.

Without a consensus …in doubt, one is left only to follow …or, strike out alone; and I believe that unilateral strategies are rather expensive. Just ask Mr. Bush about that.

Irregardless, whether it be Iraq, Iran or Afghanistan …whether or not it even be Rita, Katrina, Wilma or the terrorist’s attacks of 2003 …debt makes for a poor excuse to pass on account of not being prepared.

Crucial matters of national security hinge upon being …not only being prepared …but also on being ….above all …responsible for how, when, where, and why a country should choose to engage the pursuit of the use its debt.

More important …to the end that one has these luxuries; it becomes even more paramount that one has the wherewithal to manage to achieve the luxurious objectives mentioned above.

Until then, we have not seen anything yet.

Until then we all are like GIs waiting to be unloaded on Omaha Beach.

With or without resolve …some are going to suffer …some more than others.

So, in returning to my Friday night’s review of media content; in each report I consistently noted that they all, one after another …shifted their discussion’s treatments to focus on topics whose subject matter deliberately centered on ancillary topics designed to take the sting out of the announced downgrade.

First and foremost missing was a treatment which could have centered upon growth and whatever might-could-would and should ….bring about whatever might-could-would and should …instead be capable of building a lasting prosperity.

What could lead to that was and is a scarce commodity …all but that which is missing in the mainstream media’s treatment of hope and change.

As such, in one discussion after another …the media reports’ treatments progressively moved on rather more to focus upon conjecture and speculation which all but seemingly smacked of a deliberate attempt to dismiss S&P’s announcement.

I guess this may be a measure of a media’s nature; an added measure of one’s willingness to suspend one’s disbelief.

None the less, the more tangible issue of actually realizing a return on investment …is the bang for the buck which feeds the bottom line …especially when fueled by incentive.

The cost of credit is an influence which affects that opportunity …consumer spending not withstanding.

And this opportunity …or the degree thereof …must be prepared in what in turn may be relied upon to regard the value of the use of debt.

This consideration becomes critically important …especially at a tipping point where the law and affects of diminishing returns overwhelm the bearer of it to the point where it no longer offers a reasonable marginal economic good.

Cross the public-private borders and this consideration becomes still more critical in view of the fact that 70% of America’s economy turns on consumer spending.

The moves up and or down …those of each and every economic index’s percentage point …therefore matters all the more.

For a chance to follow this reality; follow the data at:


or, at …:


So, here are my afterthoughts on this weekend’s discussions:


A.   Growth …needs opportunities and reasons which favor risk taking …if prosperity is to have a chance.


Government needs therefore promote this …whenever and wherever it can stay out of the way.


Once upon a time, a president slashed entitlements in favor of offering training to those who wanted a chance to learn a new profession’s trade or skill.


Hope and change can and should be measured in terms of real metrics, those which lead.


Programs which lead to advantage the disadvantaged with specialized knowledge & skills will pay greater rewards than merely handing out fish.


America needs get a grip on discernment …timing …the better judgment to know better.


What good is it to know one’s strengths …if one is clueless as to one’s weaknesses?


What is known …when error becomes the obsession of unbridled repetition; even moderation becomes unmanageable …and rehab may be the only answer.


There are laws of nature which exist that seem insurmountable.


However, in light in the light of a spiritual context; there is no problem …which cannot be overcome in spite of the wretched nature of man’s greatest of problems….!


America needs to pull together before ….despair pulls us all apart.


Opportunity lies in harmony.


Harmony lies in unity.


Unity lies in truth.


Truth lies in knowledge.


And until knowledge …there is the emotional state …which makes for a shaky foundation.


It is man’s most natural state …fed by the five senses.


The consensus of the five (5) senses blows hot and cold.


Men have come and gone, but truth remains …and endures.


Therefore, from an emotional basis alone; one’s ignorance is not bliss.


Taken together, ignorance is mob.


Mob rule is the most destructive …form of ignorance …just as much as sarcasm is the lowest form of humor.


Unfortunately, the most successful news media …deliberately appeals to the emotional aspect of nature rather than reason.


Who wants to be dumbed down? Turn on the news. Turn on …tune in …and drop out.


If you cannot afford to think reasonably with logic, the news may be for you.


However, if …you can not afford to turn a selfish blind eye …dig deeper people.


Demand more explanations. Look at both sides of the arguments.  


There are always two sides of every coin.


This is especially true the more highly contentious the debate.


Be informed …and make your self more informed.


Otherwise, for the love of God’s sake …don’t vote.


After all, religious zealots are dangerous enough.


What does this say of the unlearned?


There’s nothing more dangerous than a little knowledge …especially with respect to handling firearms.


If hindsight is 20 X 20; what is foresight?


Knowing better hinges upon knowing ones strengths and weaknesses …in pursuing a course which enhances them.


While there are excuses for being dumb and remaining dumb is one thing;


There is no excuse for being taught, being knowledgeable…yet, still making the decision to remain ignorant


Therefore the difference between dumb and ignorance is …stupidity.


Insanity argues in favor of stupidity.

Hence, pay heed to the wisdom of adages which warn of arguing with fools.


Re: Arguing with fools …  


Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.   ~Author unknown, attributed to Mark Twain (…but I would venture to say; Twain was more than well familiar with Proverbs 26.)

For a reference, see:


When you’re arguing with a fool, make sure he isn’t doing the same thing.   ~Author Unknown

Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk.   That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.   ~Ernest Hemingway

It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.
Abraham Lincoln  



Last week, Europe’s central bank announced its plans to implement its own brand of QE.

This fueled anticipation that a further drop in the Euro would affect the dollar and further exasperate U.S. equity markets.

This was also accompanied by a lowering of the EU’s bank rate.

This coincided with some other central banks that made similar announcements.

Aggregately this and several releases of poor economic data conspired to build an affect which impacted last Thursday’s sell off of U.S. equities.

For more, see:   https://www.geoblography.com/?p=1032

Look for the post title called: The Cost of Artificial Global Monetary Policies

Regardless, imitating the failed US-Crafted mechanisms of supports which have encourage, supported and accommodated US borrowing is a choice which typifies the heavy reliance upon massive debt …which has come at an anticipated price …one which also weakens the value of currency ….and all things denominated to the currency thereby.

But all of the assumptions above …rely upon the assumptions of a stable atmosphere …a figure of merit based upon a triple A assumption.


This may been a time whose perspective was good for bonds within the borders of the central banks alignment; but outside of the borders of this agreement …this announcement has sent central bankers and foreign finance ministers scurrying …with respect to bond valuations by measure of compare …with respect to relative currency valuations.

I can only wonder if we will ever learn of …let alone know what fruit this weekend G-7’s tele-conferencing sessions may bear.

I have not heard so much of a peep in this regard, but for now the futures do not look good for anything but a messy open come Monday morning.

Therefore …with respect to bonds which are not altogether immune to currency fluctuations, responsibility being the scarce commodity which has lead to S&P’s move …one needs look no further than to the consequence of a weak-spined American political leading for the cause of any and all uncertainty.

American politicians new where in its indebtedness America stood.

American politicians new where in relation to the credit rating America stood.

American politicians new what this abyss would mean if they did not come big to the table.

Yet for all this knowledge, America’s politicians acted not in:

1. Out of Stupidity

2. Nor in Ignorance

3.   But …I rather the more suggest …within a sheer lack of regard …in insanity.

America had all the warnings; but for all that …Our politicians walked into this …as if America is too big to fail.

…as if America is a leader in the global economy.

…as if America is the greatest over all …in all

In this regard, I know of one people who …by law …outlawed their national anthem by reason of a hard lesson learned …that being that they were humbled in learning that they were not all that and a bag of chips.

I am speaking of Germany’s former national anthem.

While being ignorance is no excuse; being dumb is no more of an excuse for remaining therein.

Therefore, what should be said of the ignorant who chose to remain so?

America knows this above as well as the various shades of difference between doubt, worry and fear. But, there comes a tipping point at which Begs that cooler sober minds to prevail …and that time has come and is now gone …and for all this; we still stand before a precipice before the abyss of debt …and yawn while various news media outlets are downplaying this.

Well, this time …all the sidestepping, toe-tapping and hemming and hawing may …or, most likely will not be enough to avoid the consequences of failing to realize how wrong American politicians were in …


I have just one thing to say for this; the following adage applies.

Come big …or go home.

If this thing isn’t about a single party; how come the Tea Party gets the ire of those hot-heads like Senator Carey?

Now there is the pot calling the kettle black, no?

Now that this turning point’s sobering opportunity has come …America is once again, faced with another event’s horizon …which is merely one among a growing long list whose increasing incremental effect will be to either result in more Senator Carey-like sidestepping and toe-tapings …or, it will (most likely) be met with the opportunity to finally rise up to achieve effectual solutions which actually represent America’s strengths …while considering the growing debilitating weaknesses of public debt.

Choosing to continue to ignore the real and unavoidable consequential affect of the weaknesses of failing to manage what has been allowed to become too big to fail has built a road to a more certain devastation.

This is a choice of ignorance which can not only no longer be ignored …no matter how the media may choose to spin it.

Therefore, instead of merely kicking this can-thing down the road any longer; America …Her politicians included …must dealt with this mess in a manor and a degree of swiftness …commensurate to the compulsory needs of the size and magnitude necessary to effectually meet this dragon and cut its head off …once and for all.

A while back, I declared that this is a spiritual problem.

What is a lack of confidence? Doubt? Bottom line; you either believe something …or, you doubt it.

Make no mistake in the path to take.

One seed sown grows confidence to trust and when nurtured leads to hope.

And while this one’s health brings forth fruit which thrives in various forms of freedoms’ liberty; there is another seed …a seed of doubt.

Doubt, on the other hand …is a seed which, when planted …breaks forth …growing to worry …which, when nourished, will produce fear and ultimately terror …all of which take and hold one motionless …captive.

Such as this, leads to health issues. Such as this stifles growth which says nothing of prosperity. In fear, nothing thrives …save chaos and confusion …ultimately till panic ensues.

Up till now, the American people have been held under a spell …believing that they are entitled to certain rights to things which America …for whatever reason …is no longer able to provide …save for a more perfect union.

Now, America …under the spell of a leadership which believes prosperity can come solely by way of reliance upon debt.

News flash!!!

Not so …BOZO!!!

So says the world …the Central banks last week …and now the S&P over the weekend.

This very real opportunity is one which can no longer afford to be ignored in much the same manner.

It can no longer be …ignored …swept under the carpet …summarily spun …nor made to server any other purpose.

The paradox of the last six to seven months which have been wasted on giving America’s politicians the opportunity to FAIL to come big ….or, GO HOME …is in the quite real potential for their consequences to cost the annual budget significantly more than their new law cut.

I would call this one step moving us forward toward …a “…No You Can’t …”   reality …one in which its cost will cause America to retrace the step foreword and then take another complimentary SECOND STEP BACKWARD.

In this respect, I would say that the time is not merely come …nor is “now” just overdue.

I would strongly suggest that “NOW” is a time which is  …well past due.

It is a time …long over due for the opportunity to grab the bull by the horns and shake the beast’s…. nasty ….@S$!

If a person is sleeping when a fire breaks out; should I be entitled to ignore their warning in the next fire?

The news media told me so. In report after report, I was told that this downgrade came from a bureaucracy which was asleep at the wheel in the time leading up to the burst in the housing market’s bubble.

So, by this pretzel logic, am I to believe that I should stay in the burning building?

Oh, Brother!

In several other media stories, I was led to believe that the S&P’s downgrade was merely a result of a political vendetta …purely politically motivated.

In this regard, I would have to defer to Congress as a bunch of unruly children.

In this, I turn to the adage; Spar the rod and spoil the child.

After all …even Ben Benanke couldn’t do what the S&P will do, why shouldn’t it be the S&P?

For that matter, The Tea Party deserves none of the back-talk it is receiving.

None, whatsoever.

And this, in light of the exasperating impact of last week’s global repercussions which came… much in thanks to several central banks’ rate adjustments and key quantitative easing announcements …this S&P announcement may just have come to save us from the jaws of an angry child (Congress) …and one very spoiled parent …the one who still believes in “…Yes, we can …”

In this respect, I’ve got to say; way to go S&P.

Someone has to hold the US to accountability in being willing to own this mess.

And in this regard, if Congress won’t own this …and the President won’t own this …why not the S&P.

After all, they have more international clients that merely one unruly child, yes?

Remember, supposedly the world is no longer round.

In this, there may not be hell to pay; but there most assuredly sure are consequences …whether one believes it or not …as reality sets into form whatever will be …will be.

Good luck at the open …and that’s not The U.S. Open either!

And remember to take the garbage out.

For what goes around …comes around.

Like the garbage from the poem Sarah Sylvia Cynthia Stout.


Above all this, this one goes out for Treasury Secretary ‘Timothy Geithner.

You had your chance. You had your shot.

How does it feel to have been weighed in the balance and found wanting?

Good luck in all your other future public endeavors.


Sarah Sylvia Cynthia Stout

Shel Silverstein - 1969
Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout
Would not take the garbage out!
She'd scour the pots and scrape the pans,
Candy the yams and spice the hams,
And though her daddy would scream and shout,
She simply would not take the garbage out.
And so it piled up to the ceilings:
Coffee grounds, potato peelings,
Brown bananas, rotten peas,
Chunks of sour cottage cheese.
It filled the can, it covered the floor,
It cracked the window and blocked the door
With bacon rinds and chicken bones,
Drippy ends of ice cream cones,
Prune pits, peach pits, orange peel,
Gloopy glumps of cold oatmeal,
Pizza crusts and withered greens,
Soggy beans and tangerines,
Crusts of black burned buttered toast,
Gristly bits of beefy roasts...
The garbage rolled on down the hall,
It raised the roof, it broke the wall...
Greasy napkins, cookie crumbs,
Globs of gooey bubble gum,
Cellophane from green baloney,
Rubbery blubbery macaroni,
Peanut butter, caked and dry,
Curdled milk and crusts of pie,
Moldy melons, dried-up mustard,
Eggshells mixed with lemon custard,
Cold French fries and rancid meat,
Yellow lumps of Cream of Wheat.
At last the garbage reached so high
That finally it touched the sky.
And all the neighbors moved away,
And none of her friends would come to play.
And finally Sarah Cynthia Stout said,
"OK, I'll take the garbage out!"
But then, of course, it was too late...
The garbage reached across the state,
From New York to the Golden Gate.
And there, in the garbage she did hate,
Poor Sarah met an awful fate,
That I cannot right now relate
Because the hour is much too late.
But children, remember Sarah Stout
And always take the garbage out!

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