The Costs of Artificial Global Monetary Policies

Is Down The New Organic?


Not Hardly!!!


Or, Is Down The Demise …of A New More Organic Reality …One Forever Gone Missing?


If So,  Falling Is A Price For Artificial’s Failing


…A Boldfaced Lie!


Is Such Containment?


After All, Make The Bed — Sleep In It.


This Rater Smacks of Contagion!


Artificial Global Monetary Policies — A Bed Too Narrow …Too Short.


A Squeeze Which Can Not Be Covered


The long-winded title of this piece is a forward looking opportunity whose reality may only be realized …if and only if ….global artificial monetary policy is taken …seriously …within respect to the proportionally larger object in our rear view mirror.

So, as woe be Europe and the other global economies …woe be US.

Artificial Monetary policy applies to the title in that it could also be titled more appropriately; What Goes Around …Comes Around.

So, in the wake of QE-1&2 …just when you thought that it was safe to go into the water …..jaws-III European and World style!!!

Dwarf that …if you care to try!!!

And in terms of artificial monetary policy, Europe and some other of our global neighbors are following our example of a policy which bears a strong resemblance to measures which made quantitative easing an artificial reality more of a possible path to travel.

Therefore, what has been artificial in this neighborhood …is being emulated abroad.

Are we immune …to the further affects of artificial …whatever?

Obviously, we are not.

Where is the plunge protection team when you need it? Did someone upset Timothy Geithner?

Or was he just OTL? Hint: L=Lunch

Withdrawn and gone …sector vector …over and out.

I’m taking my ball and going home …see you later, buy

Once …America led as a leader. Now, America is getting whip-sawed …following the leaders who were and …still are following US …in a game of Global Leapfrog ….based upon a resonant imitation …the reflection of which is based upon an example of artificial stimulus …in order to afford an unmanageable debt burden.

Sustained …this game will end badly …Tea Party of no Tea Party.

Bottom line …(no pun intended) when …one is given all of the green lights to get back in the market,  …one must make sure to look both ways …performing every analysis.

Then, when they are run …take some time to follow the check lists …to eliminate the emotional aspects.

Then, if the trend is one’s friend, take wisdom in an aspect which limits risk when the market turns.

There is added safety in risk …in both the entries as well as exits in that …there is safety in numbers.

In other words, cross the street in numbers …both commingle and going.

In high volatility, why be a hero.

Being right on the up sides …but, wrong on the down sides would NOT suggest nor beg for …for new rules …but …quite possibly ….rather …new tools.

Having a new shiny tool box with only one shinny new hammer may be enough to excite the senses.

However, remember that making a decision which builds desire is one thing, while a desire that builds and leads to a decision is quite another.

So, be cautious if, there is only one tool in your toolbox …especially if and when everything starts to look like a nail.

Wouldn’t it be nice to also have a saw …especially at times when you need to cut more than your positions …namely …your losses?

Ideally, being FAST, LIGHT AND NIMBLE …should afford one the added advantage of being able to execute divers strategies for each condition in the market, whether  …bullish …bearish …or neutral.

The best of success in reaching for a variety …of any of the tools in ones tool bag …depends upon first,  specialized knowledge; secondly wisely executed experience which has or will sharpen ones skills.

Above all …having the opportunity to benefit from a sage mentor …is key.

Pick your poison. Learn from your own mistakes …or, from those of others.

Either way, learn to manage risk …rather than avoid it altogether.

Manage to add tools. Manage to learn. Then do.

Doing so will offer one greater gains no matter which train di-wreck-tion the artificial winds may …or may not be blowing.

As is, it looks like we all are a long way from a global organic landscape.

However, the more one learns to use a variety of tools …the greater opportunity to manage risk.

Therefore, now is not the time to become discouraged.

Now is the time to focus on the opportunity to learn new tricks.

However, now is not the time to throw out the rule book.

God forbid, now …is the time to stay true to our rules.

If one should throw out anything …throw out emotion.


Learn how to use more tools …and when and where.

Above all, without a dependency on feelings, emotions and whims …discipline and due diligence will continue to reward one more often than not.

Keep up the good work.

And above all …keep the belief in yourself …as a good steward which  seeks to serve his master …but not  as just another crash-test dummy.

All the best,



QE -1 …2 ….???? Ghee wiz Wally; this stuff’s risk is getting bigger than Freddie and Fannie’s worst intentions …the stuff of nightmares bigger still than the shadow banking boys could ever hope to cover …The Fed not withstanding???

I smell currency wars …from here to infinity and beyond.

Shiver me timbers maties! Who’s the whippersnapper in charge of whatever around here?

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