Part 1 to The Preface; The Fate of the Wait is in The Rate While The Cost is Lost



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Preface; Part One of  The Preface:   “The Fate of the Wait  is in the  Rate While The Cost is Lost”


Part One:   To preface to the upcoming Re-Release of “The Fate of the Wait is  in the Rate While  the Cost of the Lost.”



What follows, is the 1st portion of a multi-part 5-piece preface. This initial portion of the five-part preface will ultimately lead into the reposting of a previous post which, by the way …just happened to precede the Federal Reserve’s announcement of its TWIST Programs policies last year.


Incidentally, the title of the original post I am referring to may be found at

under the name of:  The Rate of the Wait; The Cost of the Lost.


Over the next, successive five concurrent days, it is my hope that Geoblography readers will be able to return, day after day …so as to read the preface in its five-part entirety. Invariably, curious interest may cause one to read the original post. In this regard, I would be delighted.


And, for this purpose, the post’s link is listed directly below in the next few paragraphs.


However, let me say this; if one reads the post before finishing all five parts to the entire preface; one may become more likely to reread it again after finishing the fifth part of this preface …after which …I hope its themes will leave a useful, long-lasting, crater-like, positive impact upon my readers’ perspectives with respect to both the Public Debt’s scope and size …as well as to how this must tragically place limits and restrictions upon its management and policies …in both intertwined fiscal and monetary dimensions.


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The reason why I am prefacing and planning to re-post my September 16th, 2011’s original post is becauses; today, I believe  it has become more pertinent today than ever before.


After the French Presidential Election, I am more convinced than ever Americans are being strung along …day after day …more than merely paying the costs to just tote the note …those service costs associated withAmerica’s Public Debt.


Last year, I attempted to characterize this in other terms by referring to this cost in a way which explains the service costs called the “Debt Load” as …and in terms of  “The Fate of the Rate …” as being actually “…the Cost of the Lost.”


The Fate comprises the lost factors of time and money in various unforeseen or unnoticed dimensions with respect to the added dynamics of various depths of rates whose limits are limited by finite time constructs.

 Enough said for the time being. It goes without saying that the Treasury Department holds a periodic recurring series of Treasury sales whose calendar period repeats over and over nearly every two months …just like clock work …come rain or shine …regardless of supply and whoever shows up to participate in these garage-sale-like auctions.

 Aside from organic market dynamics, as deemed necessary, QE1 and QE-2 has filled the vacuum in the event and at the ever increasing times of waning participation …I.E.; a lack of demand …as if to beg the question; what if they gave an auction and no one showed?


What and who is the cause for this manifestation of this lack of participation and confidence?


Go figure?


I’ll give you one guess who it is not. It is no longer …even slightly plausible to blame it on former President Bush …a president who had to contend with Rita, Katrina, Wilma and 911 just to mention a few catastrophes.


So, what up?


This last week, I attended a volunteers meeting hosted by Kansas House Congressional Representative Mike Pompeo.


If I understood him correctly; Mike responded to a question from a gentleman who wanted to know how many yearsWashingtonwould likely be dependant upon spending the huge deficits which this current administration deems it must spend.


Congressman Pompeo choose to characterize his answer by using an “IF” in conjunction with a “Don’t.”

 In his answer, and in this manner …Congressman Pompeo referred to “The Ryan Plan.”

 Congressman Pompeo declared that it would be entirely possible to need as many as ten (10) more years of incredibly high deficit spending before these awful spending habits come to a halt “…if… guidelines found in the Ryan Plan are not heeded.

 Congressman Pompeo also answered a question regarding when Congress would next find it necessary to deal with the next Congressional vote that would be necessary to raise the debt ceiling. His answer; hinged upon Washington’s spending …the burn-rate, but nailed his answer to a time frame whose window’s book-end-like parameters may stretch from between as early as this November …to quite possibly reach the limits of sheer brinksmanship as far late as February next year.

 So, who will be responsible for the next S&P Downgrade …let alone the lack of resolve to do anything more than to kick this bucket of KA-KA down the road time after time …with or with out the next/latest round of QE-X …thanks largely in part to TWIST-X …which is the height of the Fate of the Wait in a form whose space-time dimension is a seemingly endless continuum …ad infinitum?


Not since Rita, Katrina, Wilma …and 911 have I ever understood whoever in their mind deserves to inherit the right to point a finger and cast blame without reserve with a contempt knows no more limit than his deficits.


Washingtoncavalierly has …is and …will year after year …continue in the same spirit cavalierly ask Americans to pay for their own inherited lack of resolve …or what?


Since never before our fathers set forth to form a more perfect union  has such a lack of “TRULY TRUTHFUL LEADERSHIP” and a LACK OF RESOLVE …totally FAIL “…We the People” …failing to …TO PROVIDE A MEASURE OF OVERSIGHT and ACCOUNTABILITY in and with any measure of CLARITY to a DEGRE WHICH THE AMERICAN PEOPLE more perfectly MERIT.  

Is this fate as good as it gets? The cost lost to wait  

End of PART ONE:



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