Mea culpa; I’ll Be Baack!

“I’ll Be Baack!”


Please accept my apologies for not posting as much material lately.

My attentiveness to posting date-sensitive material in a timely fashion has been interrupted lately.

Please understand; these last few weeks, I’ve suffered an injury from leaf raking incident in which I strained my back.

As is, I have been longsuffering from this incident’s consequences …thinking that my back should, would and could straighten itself out …as it usually does …often after only a matter of two or three days at most.

And in spite of becoming quite familiar and equipped with a unique arsenal’s of ingenious approaches to spinal maintenance over the last twenty eight years …or so,   this episode has left me wondering; what else I must do in order to overcome and recover from this trauma …this time.

So, since the usual  three day recovery has not been  the usual path available; this time I must say one thing. And that is; this episode has  been a real Bummer!

As is, I am sorry to say that I have been rather preoccupied in fighting this set of nagging and bitter issues whose whole host of inter related issues have conspired to essentially pinch the hell out of my sciatic nerve …which, in turn have set off another whole host of symptoms …each of which  have exasperations of their own workings.

The affected muscles, discs and their uncooperative angry neighbors’ rants have become more than no small nuisance …causing me quite a bit of animosity …mostly from pain.

As obnoxious as the symptoms have been, they are subsiding, howbeit ever so slowly.

And I know that I have a light problem compared to many others who have their own burdens, I am patient and thankful for so much.

So, as I am positive and  continue to look for effectual ways to make my recovery as swift and as pain free as possible, I also ask you to take note that I  appreciate  your  continued  forebearance. Thank you for looking forward with me. There will be much more to follow. I promise you this.

As a readership …your loyal following is what drives me even more in striving to make the effort worth your while.

And in this regard, I offer  my word in a  confession; I will do my best to return to my normal standard’s writing schedule which has become a habit pattern whose consistent frequency I have am learning to enjoy more and more.

What I am saying is; in this case, less is not more …save for the understanding of how I miss being able to do more …and do so,  relatively pain free.

Mea culpa.

All the best,


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