David Wittig …Sarbanes-Oxley & There’s No Place Like Home

Saturday, August 13, 2011



 There’s No Place Like Home.



 If there ever was a prime case for the “…Whatever!” blind-eyes’ files; this one would take the lead in arguing for  a need to exercise  and reform …Sarbanes-Oxley.

 For crying out loud!

I have long desired  to express my opinions on the following distasteful disgusting matters which lead up to and surrounded  the court awarded golden parachute to David Wittig.

I can’t even characterize this by saying that it makes for a sad socio-political commentary …for that would be to shade it with more respect than this truly deserves.

Such as it seems, more and more …America seems to be moving forward …or rather …if, truth be told …honestly …America flat out is …more aptly …moving in reverse …downward …along a perverse path …without much consistent direction and regard to good character.

What is worse and more disconcerting is that this rather strongly  confirms the suggestions  that most who are in positions of the public’s trust …are those who are exercising their authority as if  they were still are asleep at the wheel.

With no one to set a deliberately …more sure course   …much of what occurs on the watches of those who stand  before the helm concernse me very much …for what has occurred …is offering little  to honor  the benefit of America’s strong valor and the swift reaction akin to that of a more noble leadership.

Instead this, would-a …could-a …should-a swiftness has been replaced by a political juxtaposed, self-serving, calous consideration which has all but taken public service out of the public sector …and for that reason …more than any other greater single reason …public service has largely gone greatly wanting …more and more.

In this manner, why should justice have to …pick a number and wait for a better opportunity?

Carpe Diem!

Well, sometimes …decisions have to be made instinctively; and that is why principled practices’ routines make for good habits.

Arguably, practice makes perfect.

But practicing bad habits does  not excuse  nor justify the practice of  poor law  unless, of course it is become the aim to  reward fraud, waste and abuse as the more nobler pursuits of law; God forbid!!!  

A wrestler who is well practiced …makes perfect instinctive reactions.

A poor one gets slammed and pinned.

The Wittig case is just one such example where Kansans …among all others suffered from an extremely mismatched test …which must not be allowed to stand uncontested.

 However, the habits of the practice which form the stuff of American politics has not …and is not the stuff of which makes for perfection …any more than the  reality of our readiness would stand to make reason and argument for greater hope.

 So when will the courts reverse themselves?

Will that be when need meets greed? The forsaken partners will not likely meet again on the mat any time soon.

Far from it, the following makes for an opportunity to make the case for just the opposite …that which is taking America farther and further from not only perfection …but also from the harbor in which perfection has historically …up until recently been America’s prime pursuit.

Moving away from such safe harbor pursuits …the resulting affect has been to produce a national mindset which has been made to accept a desensitizedd or,  normalized progressive (lower the bar) slip …into a perception  which accepts …that it is  normal …to  suffer egregious injustices …just as it were to be normal to accept a form of  a pervasive lack of American leadership.

Case in point: finger pointing …arguing …back biting …political rancor ad nauseum …polarization ad nauseum …political grandstanding.

It’s enough to turn anyone off …even the Pope!

No wonder America is suffering, how in the world could solution be a part of this mess when leadership is gone and reason and logic …like agreement and unity are in such short supply.

All this and more, in all the fighting  and infighting which resembles anything but unity …has all made it all but too easy for the  American political will to  generally overlook a public servant’s mindset …one which sould otherwise serve the considerations and  needs in solutions which would otherwise be supportive of the  better interests of the   public as a whole nation .,..more so than any one party over another.

The preoccupation with partisan politics has done so little for America, it should be enough to realize her needs are growing greater …not diminished with each passing second.

The  common place occurrences of irreconcilatble political paradox  have  become almost as common place as  the atmosphere of political rancor has become …almost our second desensatized nature.

After all America fell asleep in a bull market and America is prone to having our senses  dulled, common-place, well conditioned, in our  American “…Whatever!” tuned-out …dropped-out …reinforced self centered mind-sets.

Therein …such a huge paradox, American values are being comprimised right before the eyes of Her acceptance …being met with  little resistance other than disbelief and dismay.

This “Whatever …” attempt to deal with the reality of an irrational atmosphere and political landscape; the exasperation of “Whatever …” may offer a greater explaination of why the public’s  considerations and needs have largely gone overlooked by a  public service sector which is failing to offer any …let alone serve with credulity.

What has come from the public sector,  generally fails even to fall into the category of compromise and  reason …let alone conflict resolution.

And for this approach …there is more reason to believe …or doubt that the same blind-eyed approaches which have  led us into this mess …are the same partisan approaches which have failed to serve and  strengthen our way out of this mess.

Why then not believe …or  doubt that more of the same woul not also be …rather dubious   …more questionable  and produce more of the same ulterior political motives …largely at the continued expense of the forsaken better interests of the public?

Solutions need to  bring about resolve and solutions which should be serving the needs and interests of those which have progressively been essentially forsaken ….more so than the needs of a handful who have failed miserably.

Case in point …:


The Wichita Eagle

Posted on Fri, Aug. 05, 2011

Ex-Westar official Wittig gets $36 million payout



Saturday, August 13, 2011



I guess if the Kansas Corporation Commission either won’t or can’t throw a monkey wrench into the court system to challenge the ethics and legality of a court ruling that essentially forces Westar to its obligations to distribute a golden parachute to Whitig.

This amounts to a payout which amounts to more than 36 million dollars.

If no authority exists in heaven …and or on earth to stop, block   and or prevent this egregious breach of justice ; it looks like the father of all lies …the spirit of disobedience …the power which controls the lesser spirits of   greed ‘s realm is likely to prevail once again by reason of mankind’s clouded sense and growing insanity.

And if nothing dare stands in these principals way …then; I guess American blind justice will allow these princes to win another one for the sake of these principalities, powers …might and dominion which have reached up from below to challenge and disrupt the spirit of liberty …in whose freedoms …all things should, would and could otherwise move with more a higher degree of noble certainty …as they once did reign with more sovereignty upon the surface of this ….God’s green earth.

Sad that justice can no longer be counted upon to check and hold the might which is freely reigning and prevailing more and more unchecked against and above all of the more sober forms of sanity …which have fallen so low from loftier perches.

In this, the eagle has not landed; it has crash and is burning in a heap of wreckage.

Soon the white hot remnants of the fiery framework will crumble and lie in ashes.

Then, it will no longer be a sad reminder of what ignoble blindness allowed such destruction to cause a pitiful reminder to become a monument to Whatever’s …do-nothing malaise and indifference.

To this end; if one stands for nothing; one is more likely to fall for anything.

Golden Parachutes indeed!

In the wake of still another such miscarriage of justice; my take away must be to shake my head in bewilderment and walk away, but I can not just yet suspend my disbelief …nor the will to fight till all attempts have been made to put things right.

Therefore, after the opportunities to learn and take the hard lessons from the likes of earlier corporate debacles …those lessons which offered learning opportunities from Enron, after Tyco International, Adelphia, Peregrine Systems, and World Com   …just to name a few   …why argue that the reality of The Sarbanes-Oxley Act should become a defanged   pussy cat?

For more on Sarbanes-Oxley; see …:


Corporate Raiders will exist as long a Sarbanes-Oxley and states’ corporation commissions can be bought off …dumbed-down, and or be made weak …weak-willed and or otherwise politically rendered of none affect by fear under weak and powerless charters’ mandates.

There is obviously a lacking degree of consistency and cohesive standardization across the nation. Variance, rather than a thoroughly unified code seems to have been at work against the public’s better interests.

What say the officials …elected or otherwise of the great state of Kansas?

What does this say of leadership in Kansas…that of the bread basket of the world?

 Just eat it?

Good Lord!

Fine kettle of fish!

No joke! There’s something terribly wrong in River City, in Kansas not withstanding?

You know, for a state that will go to the ropes for the likes of “The Right to Life” …there is a great chasm between right and wrong in this court decision …one by a degree of reason in which, if …all things inconsistently are applied …have netted a continuance in a consistency in which …all things evidently are not all that morally straight.

Breaking the law …breaking the law ….breaking the law.

What law? This one …or, that one …?

In this respect, in regard to variance …Wichita is not unfamiliar with selective behavior. Remember the modus operandi of the likes of one a.k.a. …BTK?

In one setting …he was one to another …and to another, he was still quite altogether another …that all might be killed in the same manner of his variance.

 Is the Kansas Corporation Commission fraught with the same degree of varience?

In deed!???! The chicken coop’s doors are wide open and the wolf is at hand.

This court decision just kills me!

In the wake of Enron and the many other atrocious examples of Kryptonic corporate crap …Kansas would have to be the hot-bed proving grounds in which Sarbanes-Oxley succeeds in proving that there are a bunch of box of rocks who live out on the plains these days …yes; …or what?

All things being equal …in Kansas, obviously …they are not!

Variance is alive an well …or, at least as the right to life.

Bend over and take that one Kansas. You have as much right to live in the light of the truth …as you do the right to live in your holy huddles and praise Jesus.

Likewise, in this ruling for Wittig …there is a sad social contradiction in terms of what may be seen as nothing more than selective injustice …one that is   become so skewed …that its very point serves as no more than a mockery and an affront to all  …while favoring all but the ones who are totally without merit …namely David Wittig  and his small influential realm of loyal benefactors …his legal team not withstanding.

 Altogether, these are they which have made a mockery of charity …for the sake of their prostrated chattel sale of relative progressive justice which has …in this case been, allowed to become corrupted above measure …tainted and hidden in positions by the sorts of influence peddled by the barter of political favors for which the public’s better interests have gone wanting …while being made to wait at the expense of a more lucrative argument’s sake …one bought and paid for …one whose cost has caused mercenaries to seek the favor of a sick and unhealthy …highly selective practice …of some few who have been like Judas …paid to turn a blind eye …and check in a more efficacious and self-serving manner …rather than following the more coveted rule of law.

After all, what is more honorably fashioned and made to pursue the law of rule than the rule of law …which was established after the traditions which honor our forefathers?

Are not their pursuits considerably nobler than any minute to minute and second to second pursuits? What is the pursuit of haste compared to the ownership of ones greedy consequences? Neither the need nor the greed of any momentary pursuit justifies one to seek an allowance which can make for an excuse (legal or otherwise) which would or could serve any cause which could or should blot out or lay aside the permanent indelible stains of either the need and or one’s greed which did not stand against a greater more worthy honor …one’s public service responsibilities …cast under the bus …like so much water under the dam.

And what greater argument is there which may or might arguably be made which is worthy of any merit which could reward one in spite of such dereliction of duty merely rather questionably pursues a course more absurd so as to make the law serve and reward but a few by and in an exception (more …rather than for all equally) …and so …much more for one …one who is unworthy and without merit …especially at the added insult, pain and cost to so many others who deserved so much more by measures’ legal compare …are now made to suffer again …the same pain again …far more above that unjust measure.

So where is that measure of justice? Grace?

And so, in such a pursuit; without a contrite heart, grace is also made a mockery.

What say this of the spirit of the law than by extension of the spirit of the mind?  

Where is the limit of the height of hypocrisy, if one knows no limit to vanity?  

Together, the eye and the cheek tell of a tale …that of the paradox of forsaken stewardship.

But beyond this tale, the insult to injury has sadly been repeated by rewarding the perpetrator by turning the other cheek.

 Put another way; this misunderstood “Cheek-thing” may me simply stated; “…Fool me one; shame on you …fool me twice …shame on me …and all Kansas stewardship not withstanding?

Read the context; the turn the cheek thing is an expression which deals expressly with stewardship …namely avoiding a repeated unprepared blind-sided sucker punch.

That’s what stewardship is all about in the first place.

After all, a good steward goes the extra mile to be prepared; and if, one is prepared …one will not be caught off guard to suffer in the first blow in the first place.

Well what then Kansas? What then my fine blind mice?

Why ask to be suckers time and time again …let alone the second time.

 Why not stand and prepare your feet to stand on your own to defend and fight for what is right ….in the first place?

Certainly, no one goes out of their way so as to become prepared as if being a   deaf mute is highly desirable, no?

Well, then …why remain seated? Go! Stand and speak!

Is this crap …justice done? Who dare first respond by saying; “…well done!”?

Instead, call a spade a spade. This is a sham; a mockery of a sham …at best!”

Stick a fork in me; I for one am fed up with this whole mess which has gone far too far awry.

If any one should benefit from this award’s payout, it should be distributed to all the rate payers.

Otherwise; this golden parachute matter should …in my humble opinion, become laughable opportunities for the Kansas Corporation Commission to throw a monkey wrench into the court’s award …and bring this paradox to a screeching …grinding halt …once and for all …for the good of all.

Laughable would it be to hold this payout …off …well out into the future …say; for eternity, or until Whitig were to die …or whichever were to come first.

That’s what I would term an opportunity to place service to the citizens of Kansas first and foremost …above the high and mighty minority of those who so easily do presently stand and speak to confuse servitude with entitlement.


I believe take this as an outright affront to the intelligence of free thinking people everywhere.

And I believe, for one …Kansans deserve better treatment, respect and consideration …even if the Kansas Corporation Commission is too weak to assert itself as one body …one which has our backs and better interests at heart …which is sad to have even to need be …come into the shadow of a question of doubt.

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