Skin for Skin

Whose Skin Is It That’s Actually in the Offering?

Or …Who’s  Just  Plain Skint?  

Is it Your Skin  …Offered for His?

Criminently, It’s Raining Pretzels?

Mr. Obama! Please, Not Again!


Job 2:4 (Whole Chapter)
And Satan answered the LORD, and said, Skin for skin, yea, all that a man hath will he give for his life.

Q:   Would Barack give skin for life …his political life?

A:   “Yes! …;’  I would venture to say that he all but already has. Indeed, you bet your sweet bippy he would,   but it’s your skint  ( British …for “broke” )   skin that he has  offered up  …but for to merely save his own skin.”

After all, when it is O.P.’s (other people’s)   money, it’s no skin off his back, now is it?

Yet, for all this, “…We the People …” are saving nothing.

To mention skin …we have merely been offering to buy Obama precariously costly time …in a rather poorly thought out …highly charged, …politically driven, populist scheme …one in which Mr. Obama  and The Democratic  Party  have attempted to  profit from by leveraging the emotional fervor of the American people by dragging Washington  along a fault-line strewn with powder kegs and blasting caps.

Yet, this political (solution less) ploy has done nothing but to push a wedge deeper along a path …one hell bound toward driving division to further economic and political collapse and ultimate destruction.

Such has all but abandoned a genuine concern for containing costs in favor of leveraging …a spirit of political contention, and in this …all Americans continue to lose ground in terms of the senseless waste of time by a measure of better alternatives and their opportunity costs.

But the seeds of such contentious strife have been sown deep into the heart of America. And much of that which has been planted thus far, has been done without regard to both the consequences as well as the costs of such …their affordability not withstanding.  

The manner of much of what has been done in the name of health care has caused nothing but division at a time when esteem for unity has been all but abandoned.

What is esteem in an atmosphere of abandonment? Sad Contempt?

Yes, the political will is alive and well in all its paths and opportunities that have been taken to divide and conquer and corner the American spirit of independence …yet, now is a time we can no longer …least of all afford to be divided …for united we stand …divided we shall fall.

Above all the American spirit is not one easily taken captive.

Yes, we are in a battle. But ours is not a fight against flesh and blood …blood.


And after all is said and done …or not …what will the American people inherit?

A great deal is on the line …the line of our unity …or our division.

A great deal rests in the balance of our judgment …for better or for worse.

After all, like all responsibilities …they all have consequences.

Will ours in this matter’s manner not be  …a still higher debt service load?

Will it not be such that it will keep on giving nothing to the next generation?

Will it not be  …giving the next president an even greater migraine?

And will it not give an ever entitled American people an even greater pain in their respective butts for the less in terms of what fewer services and care which will actually be available to receive?

Will we all merely become malcontent Ingrates all …with a disgruntled mind-set of unfulfilled entitlement …as if health care was not something to be responsibly managed and or fought and paid for …rather than wages which are the unearned rewarded for doing nothing …responsible?!

Think then of health care for a moment … as an inheritance …given to you in trust from a passing loved one …say, for example your parent/s.

What mother or father would leave a trust to a child which had broken their trust?

Is not demonstration a factor of merit …the basis in which trust is proven worthy of reward for faithful diligence and oversight?

Why would a trust …in the form of an inheritance be given in view of a lack of respect and or honor?

Entitlement is a far cry from a just means and measure to establish a public burden such as healthcare.

Then why is it that our intention is to make our house a ship wreck by offering rewards which seeks to encourage a something for nothing mentality ….rather than contain systemically out of control cost run-a-ways instead?

There has to be ways to approach the containment of healthcare costs without burning down the house and blaming it on the kids in the neighborhood.

Much of what has been addressed in the Obama health care initiative is noble, but what is lacking is responsibility and reward and incentive for taking ownership and responsibility for such.

Let’s get real, without having any skin in the game …just like issues which led us into sub prime which was the promise of something for nothing , …it’s same as it ever was …same as it ever was …same as it ever was ….same as it ever was ….

We can no longer throw stones in a glass house without regard to the consequences …even if socialism is the goal of this current administration.

Would you bet on the come in more of the same thing which has never worked?

Then why continue to encourage a “something-for- nothing” socialistic approach to every problem which we face while it is the case that we are living in a day and through a time which speaks to the fact that we can not afford what we have come to believe we are entitled to receive …even when it is simply not merely available …it is more a case that we can not afford much of our deluded dreams which we have allowed to slip away from our grasp.

And if that is trust worthy of our inheritance …then we have been shorting our responsibilities to our reality …and our reality has become a deceiving prophecy of our future …one which is going to expire out of the money …worthless.

Even derivatives are enough of an iffy proposition on their own; but politicians empty promises? Well, good luck with more of that.

Ironically, just like the president before him, President Obama is as shameless as President Bush one who promised to cut the deficit in half …buying the future (second term) with cheap talk.

Unfortunately, even with good intentions; some of the best of Boy Scouts …will not “…Be Prepared …”

In scuffling with what is threatening to divide our nation today, seeing that we have accomplished nothing thus far; Washington must not be allowed our trust if is but for to take one step forward only then to have to take two back again.

And just like a beggar whose line is; “Hey, buddy! Can you spare me a dime?” How is serving handouts worthy of our trust’s hope in these present tense and future times?

What’s today’s reality if tomorrow’s never goanna come to offer something better?

And what’s today if it is all a bunch of easy comes …and easy goes.

There is something very wrong with a  …something-for-nothing mentality, and we might as well start with changing and rearranging our mind-set of entitlement?

We can not keep living in the delusions of our entitlements.

Furthermore, we must not be deceived into believing that we can afford blind socialism at a time which has abundantly punished us for our blind excesses …and lack of due diligence …oversight …lack of accountability …and scarce, if not blind due diligence in the manner in which we have embraced democracy in free market capitalism.

What right do we have to believe that socialism would fare all the better?

I would say that we would do well to fix rather than to punish and or destroy a system which has rewarded responsibility right well for well over two hundred years.

Therefore, let us not confuse the issues with our rush to overwhelming embrace our precious entitlements …even ever the more.

 And especially now, at a time when much of all that which is left of America …that which is hanging …dangling on a weak dollar thread …tightly teathered to the flim-flam of politically charged lines …and money from China …does that mean Americans should feel all the more entitled to more benefits …more or less?

I would rather believe that this all points to the fact that there ain’t much creadence worthy of our trust if our inheritance is not sufficient to sustain what entitlements are left over after the debt load is paid and we are found wanting in the balance.

And what is in such a balance if there is nothing left over to save  …our skin?

What consideration is there which attempts to avoid reason …but rather takes opportunity in an exception which makes excuses for begging, borrowing and steeling?

Is such a logic worthy of service to “…We the People …?”

So then  …as in trying to barrow more time on my dime …I would have to say instead; “…Enough is enough! Now, It is time to stop …”

And that is my point; we indeed must needs stop what it is that we have been doing and take another approach …one more worthy of the trust and the legacy of our forefather’s.

They chartered and ordained a system of democracy which cherished and went to great lengths to ensure its continuance long into perpetuity …and we have inherited their call to honor their trust in this endeavor’s service and worship.

Our efforts should therefore reflect in the strength of our esteem, honor and respect of theirs …a legacy of sacrifices …those whose actions continue to speak louder than word …lending only credence to what was given so that we may take our Liberty, and Her freedoms and personal independence seriously …as seriously as we should our responsibilities to take and chart our approach to esteem our nation’s system of health care and that system’s institutional independence in every dimension …manner and means possibly available …oversight and accountability not withstanding in due diligence.

No disrespect intended, but if we choose to treat, take and make healthcare as much of a shipwreck as we did our housing, banking and financial systems as of late …then we are most assuredly on a fast track to certain failure …one which our forefathers sought to avoid by taking every one of the means, ways, and responsibilities which were available and also necessary at the time.

But they did so …above all …striving to keep the unity of the bond of peace and were able to craft the greatest achievement of our day and age in an atmosphere of unity’s harmony …to produce an agreement …our nation’s constitution.

Agreement! Agreement, ya’all! That’s just amazing! That’s just fantastic!

Think of that accomplishment’s high achievement.

For that cause and to that end and in all of that which is given to be taken for that reason …I say that I agree with an action/s which would both …repeal and rework the Obama health care bill from the bottom up …and do it out in the open this time …not behind closed doors …seasoned with precision in a manner in which a few choice, hand picked and pin-pointed, sweet-heart deals just barely gave the administration a bill which barely squeaked through its vote of cloture.

That’s not the legacy of health care Americans deserve.

And that is in no means that which otherwise speaks to what is worthy of the trust of an otherwise proud American people.

All the best,


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