Egging the Right to Private Ownership


In regard to private ownership; it really doesn’t much matter as to which came first; whether it was the chicken or the egg.


Likewise, jobs or housing …both questions are equally mute arguments.


But what does matter …especially going into the 2012 general election is the concept and principals that support and encourage an individual’s freedom to responsibly exercise their rights to private ownership. Notice the careful use of the word “…responsibly.”


And more specifically, at the very crux of this composition …there must be at the epicenter, an equally responsible body politic …long gone missing.


However, the one of the future must therefore grasp the meaning and understanding of the power and significant potential of such a freedom’s right …especially so as to avoid excesses at both extremes of the pendulum’s swings.


As can be seen, detrimental excesses and abuses occur at both end of the spectrum.


Moreover, the political party whose future will be brightest will choose wisely the ways and means which highly demonstrate a respect for the consideration for an individual’s right to private ownership.


At this point and time in our nation’s history, it is more crucial than ever that such a party demonstrate its grasp and respect of such knowledge and understanding by wisely and efficiently effecting all that which can and will empower an individual with every due freedom which may be made available.


The party which succeeds will be the party which will deliver the most in ways which can possibly build hope in an understanding thatAmerica’s brightest future lies in the promises that exist only within the effectual workings of private ownership.


As can be seen, a liberal-driven socialist’s agenda will not secure, sound, supportive and encouraging objectives which build such. Instead, such tends to belittle, berate and tear down such in and with a negative divisive critical spirit.


America needs whatsoever which will build up and protect the virtues of the individual right to private ownership with and by the very institutions which were intended to offer the greatest degree of protection responsibly available in due diligence and accountability …rather than the willy-nilly, blind-eyed wonton dereliction of duties ad infinitum …ad museum which had encouraged a “…whatever!” slacker’s mentality.


Good Lord! The aggregate of all the abuses which allowed our institutions to be gamed and all that which fueled the various numerous rapes of the systems’ institutions …did nothing but result in producing the granddaddy of all bubbles. That, arguably …is not where it is at.


But that is, of course where it left off …and where we find ourselves today; not far from ground zero.


And where we are standing in terms of any housing recovery; what doesAmericahave to show for all of what speaks to our exemplary of knowledge and understanding …our stellar wisdom not withstanding.


All three virtues were never where they should have been allowed to sink …such that the baby was thrown out …with prudence …along with the baby and the bath water.


But why continue to encourage the same eyesores of such blind-eyed neglect and abuse which occurred at all levels?


Alas, without wisdom, knowledge and understanding are like a fool and his money …soon departed.


Once upon a time, the housing sector contributed 15 % toAmerica’s GDP. Today it stands …or rather lies fallen in the heap at a meager 3 % …if that.


None the less, the hope of our entire nation’s political and financial stability hinge upon rebuilding a stronger long lasting enduring success over and above that which collapsed.


And I postulate that the party which realizes the know-how to right this listing ship will also be the party given the opportunity to wisely discern how best to implement, execute  …political and economic leadership in the wake of a strong consensus …the likes of which mirror the midterm of 2010.


Americaneeds to take a turn and plot a new course if she is to once again hope to enjoy any hope of future success in the freedoms all Americans were intended to enjoy.


And I say this because, the strength of ownership equity lies at the very crux of responsible private ownership’s surety.


And this requirement is an unrealized urgent spirit whose priority and order must be reborn, rekindled and reestablished.


Unity must be driven with the spirit of an individual’s will to be independent.


But any political party must also earnestly demonstrate considerations which speak to such as the interests of the individual once again …resetting the long-cherished American traditional conservative strengths and values which can cause America to rise, grow, flourish and be on Her enterprising way to fulfill the destiny She so recently was in jeopardy of relinquishing.


That party of choice in 2012 is the one which offers the best path back to prosperity by crafting the best ways and means for responsibly promoting the paths, ways and means of an individual’s right to engage in private ownership at all levels loosed from the chains of every source of uncertainty which so easily does and has beset us thus far.


Yes, in this regard …private ownership really does not much turn on whether it was the chicken or the egg which came first.


However, in regards to hope and change; I am afraid that any individual will needs must wait until after 2012 to see either.



And these answers, I am afraid form much of a similar conundrum as any sort of question regarding the priority and order of the chicken and the egg.

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