A Word of Caution; Scheisse Passiert

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Word of Caution to the Fed:


Watch Your Step!


You Wouldn’t Want to Step In It Again.


Would You?


If money can’t buy love; the Fed should have known …money can’t buy happiness either.


After all; should one wrong’s justification make way for the excuse of another?

And if two wrongs do not make a right; what then in respect of jobs?





In further respect of Jobs and the prospects of efficient economic recovery; why continue to do the same thing over and over again ….while expecting things to change?


What I am saying is …if, necessity is the mother of all invention; the Fed is one well poised to become the mother-killers of all times.


Katy bar the door …in QE-3 here comes another one of the Fed’s mother loads …one more above all of its other botched abortions.


Repression, recession …it’s all the same.


To all of the above …I offer the following in a true “Play it again Sam …” spirit of repetition …hoping that my message from a previous post …which is referenced below …will pass through the sieves and make a worth while impact.


Therefore, please take note of the following. It is a previous post from Geoblography’s archive categorized as:

Archive for the ‘Quantative Easing’ Category


The Demise of QE-2


Enjoy the Trek!




P.S.   Say, Trek just happens to rhyme with schreck and schrecklish!




“As in …”


Ungloublish ist solcher schreck scheisse!

After note:   I wonder how much of the American Banking system is owned by foreign interests.

I sure am glad to know that the fed is fighting to do what is right for me?

I’ll sleep better knowing Ben’s got my back.

Won’t you?

Until then, I’ll be keeping him in my prayers each night before I think about retiring …then …or when I can afford to do so ….

Good night speed freaks …one and all ….pleasant dreams …with eyes wide open …how now blind mice.

Don’t worry about stepping in the shit …America  is already knee-deep in this, one and all.

After all, what kind of  bed is it that  America has  made …that which has been  allowed  to  become …too narrow and too short …molded and fashioned in the hands of her  potters?

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