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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Revised Sunday, November 10, 2013


Power. Ground and the One Who Touched It Last,


You Can Fool Some, Some of the Time; But Now Is No Time for Phony Lies …The Least Attempts of Which, Have Recently Come as Disingenuous Foolhardy Apologies.


There is a well known wise adage whose saying is familiar to all who have spent any time working in the electrical or electronic repair, service industries. This expression follows  in my post’s title above, and is concerned with  the thrift,  and efficient use of one’s time.

The adage  stresses an approach whose well-ordered diagnostic approach to a starting point, which more often than not …eliminates waste by getting to the heart or crux of most common problems …while efficiently eliminating any inopportune waste of time which might occur if one were to overlook these very obvious basic building blocks in the process.

Hence, the adage stresses these routine basics as a place to start one’s troubleshooting diagnostics.

 However, in view of the blatantly obvious departure from the above, aforementioned reasonable approach, I can’t help but wonder if the Obama Care role-out’s failure hasn’t been more so deliberate in nature …intentionally patterned after the very essence of failure …a designed objective …I.E., a staged smoke screen …intended to both weaken what liberals might choose   to see as the capitalistic profit- mongering insurance complex …which only the federal government could (Objectively) bring down …principally through the use of its rhetoric and the machinations aided by a liberal press.

Can this be the so-called makings of what the Obama Administration calls its public mandate?

What is a mandate if such as it were …it is the product of lies and deceptions which were intended to coerce and corral the aid of a deliberately misinformed, misled public mindset …one which Kathleen Sebelius is well familiar with …thanks due in large part, having had the opportunity to work along side Sandy Praeger as her Kansas State Insurance Commissioner.

Sebelius knows both sides of the issue …public sentiment not withstanding.

Let me explain further, using a former colleague as an apt metaphor.

I once worked with a guy who would intentionally break our aircraft in such a way, that only he could find and fix the problem in a timely fashion.

And in this manner, he became our go-to guy …a guy our field service group came to rely upon more and more as time went bye …bye.

Literally,  with each successive failure, he appeared more and more competent with each passing complex problem he  made for himself.

But it was his inability to tackle and solve the most basic of  problems which gave him away, making it easy for one to clearly see; for all of this guy’s braggadocio …he was nothing more than a phony …a windbag stuck on his own bravado’s ego. None the less, he was somehow able to fool many …and thus, through a meteoric rise …also miraculously, climb a ladder of his own imagination’s inventive success. That was until, he had an encounter with what is otherwise known as The Peter Principal and his gift of gab and his song and dance routine were no longer enough to sustain his phoniness.

As the saying goes; “…if the shoe fits were it …”

As it were, he wound up being ushered out of the building one day by security …left holding nothing but a box worth less than the sum of his own imagination’s machinations.

Returning to Obama Care, at this point in time …am I digressing well enough to say that it would be easy enough now to cement the American mindset …forming and fashioning such …as an ever increasing number of Americans’ dependency upon the federal government has very real and much less reassured as when and where …now, they have been made to become those who are the most vulnerable and insecure  …especially after also, simultaneously   causing a pressure which threatens the financial collapse of a once thriving, vital, and healthy, private insurance industry …one that has interesting and curiously been made to becoming more and more “…sub-par …” with each passing day, wherein which …increasingly, more frustrated and desperate Americans are being caused, as such …to face their uncertain futures with nothing more to cling to but the disheartening remnants of this sudden sting …the slap-in-the-face reminder of their recent insurance carrier’s cancellations.

What could possibly ease the long-lastingly languishing bitter disappointment of such a blow?

A half hearted attempt at an apology by a disingenuous president?

Not very …I could only imagine!

But then again, my mind’s eyes have been exercised well enough, and I can now easily spot a phony a mile away.

Yes, doesn’t the depth of your vision seem to grasp the breadth, the depth, and the height of the hypocrisy in all that is phony and with all that which surrounds Obama Care?

If so, then …who in their right mind could possibly say that there’s a brighter day which lies ahead as a power hungry, self-serving government is pushing the battle toward it’s own gates.

All hail Caesar …and the forthcoming Cap & Trade to be!

Damned be the fight to contain the rising cost of health care!

Damned the torpedoes …full speed ahead…!


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