Cap and Trade; Look Back in Anger Seymour

Remembering the successfully avoided intended consequences of Cap & Trade   …


                                                                     … in view of   …


                                                                                                                      ….the hidden agenda of Obama Care’s unintended ones.



A lot of what I write about invariably makes mention of priority and order …regarding that which I see and call as being …either, in or out of order.



I just call’s em the way’s I sees em.



And in this regard, I have devoted a good deal of time highlighting my themes which this administration has treated with ..or without some degree of what I consider to be lacking in more prudent priority and order.



As such, with all the political smoke and mirrors being pulled out of just about every nook and cranny of the political woodwork these days, I just couldn’t help but take opportunity to pause and look back upon my themes.



Therefore, today I am made to reflect upon a subject matter which I wrote about frequently …a subject which now is just as apt to serve as a prime example of this administration’s continuing attempt to marginalize the poor and middle classes …all the while, yet …pretending to be their champion.



And in looking back today, my reflection causes me to refer to what I believe was the essence of a single pivotal reason why housing and the economy were pretty much marginalized …and treated with neglect with respect to both priority and order.



Furthermore, my reflection highlighted what I have come to see as the primary reason which fueled the essence of the liberal obsession in taking every opportunity to set these two private-sector-centric issues on the back burner for most …if not all of the entire first two years of President Obama’s first term.



However, NOT unlike the marginalized matters of housing and the economy, the subject which the Obama administration pursued with dogged determination has, since then …pretty much been long since forgotten (or, rather obscured) by the media …if not all but swept under the rug.



I am speaking of the initial principal darling at the heart of the liberal agenda called “CAP & Trade.” With it, they had hoped to be able to …as it were, lean forward; and did so …pretty much from the “GET-GO” with what was then believed (…at the time …) what should be instituted as “THEIR” (OWNERSHIP) end-all of all that (THEY) would need in order to pave the way to finance America’s SINGLE-Payer health care manager/provider, clearing house …data storage and wharehouse/coordinator not withstanding …in the middle of all your healthcare issues …as well as between those highly sensitive previously private ones regarded (by/with 3rd party contractors) formerly within the walls and behind HIPA’s privacy practices so much as they were to afford one privacy which is/was to be protected and coveted behind the confines of one’s Doctor-Patient confidentiality …issues of NSA now not withstanding …not so much, maybe, plausibly …who progressively now knows better than what considerations have been swampped out and overshadowed by Big Brother? So who’s got your back now any more than  tomorrow?



Think of it. Hope and Change (…Pocket change …???) delivered by a pinball-like Carbon-Based Fuel Tax on energy consumption …one which was obviously thought to be adequately more than  enough in excess of Washington’s pocket change necessary to pay for a Single-Payer health care system in which everyone would pay his/her fair share.



But this liberal obsession …the one which overshadowed the more pressing considerations which could have ….which would have …which SHOULD HAVE …In Priority and In Order been given the attention necessary to address the more pressing …yet languishing issues …all but led to a prevailing failure …a huge waste of time, energy and time …the cost of the lost …in a low rate wait for which has …nonetheless, cost all the more merely to wait.



And wait we have ..for what …is still that which can be summed up by next to nothing.



And so we wait, and the costs to be divided add up and are mounting no one else but “…We the People …” and our future generations.



But any contemplation of such as this look backward is …it begs that one consider (…MUCH MORE) as to how Cap & Trade’s …as a tax, would have affected the poor and middle classes …businesses and industry not withstanding.



So, in addition to just merely bearing the heightened cost associated with the use and consumption of carbon based fuels, the poor and middle classes would have been (for certain) those less capable of having their expendable incomes further diminished from and by every one of their purchases of their goods’, products’ and commodities’ …by virtue of prices which would have risen as a result of the effect that “CAP and Trade” would have had upon producers and service providers …suppliers not withstanding.



Yes, invariably …those which are least able to escape and handle its impact are the very ones subject to its greatest impact.



Hence, the most benefited by health care, funded by CAP and Trade would become the unavoidable most affected by its resultant fallout.



The Lord giveth and the Lord …He taketh away.



Remember the movie-musical, Little Shop of Horrors?



Well …then …!



“Feed me Seymore.” It must be blood …!”





“Feed me all night long …! Ha …Ha …Ha …”



“Feed me …and I’ll grow up big and strong …”



Yet, what I am saying here is that …the only one served would be the federal government …and in this case; Cap and Trade is a liberal scheme which would be well suited to self-serve a socialized form of Government …Big Brother …The servant who would be Lord …Lord over all.



Therefore, my meditation’s treatment is, today …still more deserving of receiving a fair if not altogether more timely mention of one’s fair, open and honest consideration with respect to how such will likely affect expendable income.



Wouldn’t diminished expendable income be a definite that would retard consumer spending?



The answer is that, Cap and Trade would be considerably constraining in that regard …at the very least.



Conversely, Government consumption would invariably increase inversely …not as Father Knows Best; but as Big Brother Knows better.



But does he?







Obviously, with respect to the higher …yet diminished and much more intentionally and deliberately maligned private sector issues of housing and the economy …I have to ask; didn’t the liberal agenda know better?”



Or didn’t they care?



Oh, Mr. Obvious! What? You can’t say that liberals don’t care.



But it they do; they obviously don’t know better …or what?



Yet without an answer and without a workable solution; the liberal willingness to pursue the unreasonable in the wake of a growing legacy which has demonstrated nothing but contempt for priority and order …this leaves me wondering why they are so willing to divide …destroy and weaken this nation.


Go figure.


I have and am about at my wits end when confronted with the shame and blame the liberal finger-pointing has led with.



The only answer I can come up with points to the liberal camp’s unwillingness to compromise or entertain with respect to priority and order …pretty much what all it is that works effectively with effectual efficiency.



Break this down and it smacks of pride which is driving a wedge down the isle …separating men and money like a fool and his money.



Yet, like 2010 demonstrated once …Americais not altogether blind to this sort of disingenuous, prideful power struggle.



So, as the Tea Party members of the house stand to shut down the government, I ask; who among us all has your back and better long-term interests truly at heart.


And who stands a better chance to stand against higher prices and the affect which health care’s rising prices actually presents …single payer system or not?



Who has the best chance of working openly and honestly to ensure Americans have the greatest access to the highest quality health care that is available?



Who can honestly best stand to genuinely directly fix this whole mess without weakening Lady Liberty to do so?



Who stands to treat all Americans fairly …equally …without beating all up for the benefit of a few.



And in all regards, Obama Care fails on all accounts …just as Cap and Trade did.



 But Cap and Trade deserves to be remembered …for it may just very well return if Americans capitulate in 2014.



After all, they don’t call liberals progressive for nothing, now …do they?



Obama care is the result of a failed first attempt to ignore the economy’s higher priorities …those of housing and the economy.



So, don’t you …for one minute grow complacent in believing that …this sort of government abuse and ignorance won’t again be the same sort of that which claimed that it didn’t have a thing to do with the IRS deliberate marginalization of those conservative groups which it singled-out …moving out of and away from 2010’s conservative calls for a return to fiscal conservative responsibility.



I believe that this sort of pride-driven liberal belligerence won’t go away soon, but will …with every opportunity …return to rear its ugly once again.



Case in point; Obama care.



Need I say more?

So a look back in anger is called for. It is more than timely. It is a refreshing …line by line …precept upon precept.



It is a vigil …one akin and equal to due diligence.



Therefore, in looking for increased oversight, I declare that Obama care (IN ITS PRESENT FORM) is nothing more than a back-door trick …ONE OF ITS ORIGINAL PRIORITIES that followed Cap and Trade’s failure.



As such, Obama Care is furthermore, no more than an out-of-order continuing liberal attempt to establish a socialist national state.



In view of Cap and Trade’s reflection, it is down …but I wouldn’t count it out given the affects which the administration’s cabinet members and the IRS (post 2010) have had on squelching conservative groups.



No, while Cap and Trade may be a former failed representation of what liberals intended by their agenda’s priority, Obama Care may merely represent an out of order misplaced perception of 2012’s deceitful, false, and misleading mandate.



Therefore, whether by hook or crook, 2012 must be taken within the liberal context that they efface.



And so I have to believe that a turn to …once again embrace the contemplation of Cap and Trade …as it were …is an altogether still more plausible inevitability.



Post the earliest (2014?) possibility, any return to reconsider Cap and Trade is the opportunity to discover the most liberal lie among the liberal camp.



The liberal cause does not champion the better interests of either the poor or the middle class.



Nothing could be farther from the truth, but …then again; what difference does it make now, anyway?



Cap and Trade represents a greater tax than Obama Care; it WAS SEEN as what would be necessary to MAKE GOVERNMENT WORK …as if “…IT …”   is the only necessary thing missing from government which would ensure that it would.



Yet without Cap and Trade …I look back and wonder what would be the liberal hope be without it?



No wonder why a transfer of wealth has received such attention in the wake of Cap and Trade’s failure.


What else is there which would bear the burdens of converting a mostly private institution to a socialized institution?



In 2014, we may very well welcome (?) and usher in the answer. I shudder to think, but I must responsibly look back in anger.



Such only promises to federalize and grow out the size of the federal government, so what problems we are having managing costs today; tomorrow’s hopes promises to make matters still worse …Baby Boomers not withstanding.



Talk about throwing grandma over the cliff …! Shish …! Let’s get real people. Liberal means two things; higher taxes and higher spending. This equates to federally mandated redistribution of wealth; not federally mandated workable efficient solutions.



The needed solutions like these …however, are better left to the private organically driven sector.



But the liberal mindset refutes this and thus, promotes self-serving bureaucratic opportunities which marginalize the private sector with burdens for which it has demonstrated that is unwilling to lift a finger.



Such as it is, the last five year’s hope holds only the sort of promises which take from, redistribute and weaken the individual financially.



Such as it is, only promises to make the individual more government dependent.



Such as it is, this only promises to appreciably lower a family’s expendable income.



 Such as it is, this only promises to appreciably affect consumer spending, and this would negatively affect any …even the most health economies.



But at a most precarious time …such as this cost is; it obviously holds more than merely a likely promise to jeopardize a fragile and anemic economic recovery.



But then again, when did the liberal ever give much clear, open and transparent adequate thought to consequences?


The following are classic liberal cases which have begged poignant points which have lacked priority …been void of order …and shown nothing but disdain and contempt for the mere mundane resultant …those we mere mortals call consequences.



Well, that depends upon what the meaning of the word “Is” …is.

Well, I guess you’ll just have to piss on this bill to find out what is in it.

At this point, what (…-ever) difference dose it make now anyway?



The point to my call to meditate upon “WHY NOW move foreword with …Obama Care?” ;is simply to serve as a reminder as to what has led America to this precipice’s impasse ….and an opportunity to take pause and consider the consequences as to what lies beyond the end of our rope.



And if I can cause the better part of America to remember and consider Cap and Trade …the tax which was avoided …the tax which was rejected …the bill which failed …that upon and in which the Democratic Party placed their hope for change …just maybe “…We the People could answer today’s questions with greater and clearer resolve.



After all, Cap and Trade is that which they hoped would change everything.



After all, Cap and Trade, would have been the one single tax which would have paid for Obama Care, but it would have come with real consequences.



However, until 2014 …those costs were deferred.



Until then …above all, I ask; what and who will eventually be asked to pay the burdens, when Obama Care becomes …as it was originally intended …A SINGLE PAYER federal scheme?



Meditate on that and then, Go Figure yourself that if …the government is not conflicted today; what of this conflict will Obama Care PROGRESSIVELY become to “…We the People …” TOMORROW.









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