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Thursday, November 15, 2012





I just got home today after having had the distinct honor of attending a lecture in the “Dole Forum” lecture series which took place at The Dole Institute of Politics located on The University of Kansas campus atLawrence,Kansas.


Note:   For more on The Dole Institute, see;


The lecture I attended was entitled:   An Evening with Newt Gingrich.


I had leftWichitaby car and traveled for a little more than two hours …arriving just before dinner time.


I had eaten a light lunch, and although hunger was gnawing a hole in my stomach and I was experiencing the slight symptoms of the onset of hyperglycemia, yet my determination to get a good seat pressed me to make dinner a concession which would just have to wait.


So, as I swung into the parking lot …I noted that I was  over an hour and fifteen minutes early …just fifteen minutes ahead of when the center was to open their doors. As such,  I was rewarded with a front row seat next to the corner lectern’s podium which was situated in front of me located just off right corner stage.


As it happened, as I made my way into the hall, one of the directors actually offered and bid me take a front row seat.

 Yes! I was gripped by amplified excitement and it wasn’t long before Newt and the evening’s moderator were being introduced.

Among other things, Newt discussed the presidential election, what to expect on upcoming policy changes, as well his new book Victory at Yorktown …co-authored with William R. Forstchen.


The lecture was both an altogether entertaining and enlightening experience, but there was one part which personally struck me like a ton of bricks …and its logic stood out like a red flag.




Let me explain.


During one portion of the course of his lecture, Newt made a  single most revealing declaration in which he emphatically stressed that (universal?) truth must be made central to the crux of the party’s every policy …implying that party policies must stand the test alone base primarily on the principals of truth if the future success of the party is to thrive and serve the nation’s precepts  …divine trifectas not withstanding.


Viva la’France! (I guess you would have just had to have been there at the lecture to understand the unlikely improbability of what unlikely events had to fall in line in order for history to have given the birth of such an infant country …the opportunity to develop such an outstanding strong American independent character.)


Not having the opportunity or the time to explain further, for a greater insight into how  crucial the French aid was to turn the tide of the American Revolutionary War, see the following from Wikipedia:


From this, I guess I could simply say that simple patriotic custodianship is what impressed me the most about Newt Gingrich’s  lecture. His words gave me a refreshing …an  opportunity in which to take a renewed and greater appreciation for the character and courage displayed through the willing sacrifices made during the numerous events which have laid and secured the nation and its foundation. The lecture reminded me of the hard fought lessons from whose examples have formed my country’s strong …yet, fragile and precious heritage and our character …an American character worth giving every measure of due diligence to ensure our Lady Liberty’s continuance in the same vein of Her people’s freedoms’ and the challenges of their very endurance which now stand as much  challenged now as they were from Her inception.


Instead of writing about the Gingrich lecture further, let me suggest another option.


Why not buy one of Newt Gingrich’s and William  R. Forstchen’s  books for the upcoming holidays.


I am sure that any of their works would make an excellent gift.


To purchase one for self or loved one, see: ST. MARTIN’S PRESS for these bestsellers …


Victory atYorktown


Valley Forge:


…or to see so many of their other books:,-1,0,E/2exact&FF=cgingrich&1,17,


As it were, the lecture ended with a most enjoyable discussion of Victory at Yorktown …the newest book in a series of several historical fictions co-authored by Newt and his co-author, William R. Forstchen.


And lastly …the moderator opened up the evening’s lecture for the public to ask Newt questions.


And, at this point in the evening …I just happened to be the lucky one who got to ask the first question.


So, in fielding my question, I opened with a conditioning preface by acknowledging a bit of age old wisdom borrowed from scripture; noting that “…a house divided against itself, shall not stand …”


I punctuated my prefacing statement by acknowledging the importance of Newt’s previous declaration regarding the priority of truth with respect to its lead importance to future Republican policy.


Afterwards, I turned to make mention of the notable landslides of the Mid-Term general elections of 2010.


I took the opportunity to call and note that the Mid-Terms’ outcome was in and of itself an unavoidable …unmistakable manifestation of the spirit of truth …that which is still largely contained in an express American mandate …one which Americans all across the nation stood to speak in unison.


And it was this unequivocally lip-sync-like unison which formed the truth which one voice spoke clearly …one which resulted in sending a unique group of representatives which were unified in a certain certifiable singleness of purpose …sending them to a house in Washington so as to purposefully speak that truth from which that spirit of truth was intentioned to meaningfully push back against and stand in opposition to all that which still …pretty much, continues to hold curiously fast to its irresponsible policies of unbridled and unchecked fiscal irresponsibility.


So pervasive was the truth of the 2010 Mid-Term election’s unity spoken …the manifestation of the American people drastically changed the makeup of The House …doing so as to speak …to certify and …to cement the truth of its clarity.


Yes, the truth is that the American people stood up in agreement …so as to stand against the damming affects of fiscal irresponsibility.


This is the truth I addressed in the first half of my question.


Having formed my preface; beyond this, I turned to directly ask why both party’s hardliners had …


thereafter …


…done so much to go out of their respective ways and means to join hands and form forces to collectively belittle, berate and ultimately go beyond their augurous attempts which merely had the affect to essentially weaken and divide the freshmen class of congressional representatives?


Why? Why indeed! Why need I ask, when the truth lies in the pudding?


Yet, in view of my hungered and weakened state that evening, I am not sure that I made myself as clear as I could have had I been stronger and more up to myself.


None the less, I am sure I got my point across well enough though.


I now suppose that I could have been more emphatic in making a more pointed stronger close.


And in looking back on yesterday evening’s events, I suppose that if I cared to second guess myself …in giving a more measured consideration of my question; no doubt the close of my question might have been more affective had I closed by asking why he should be so surprised at the election’s result …given what truth even President Lincoln knew all to well?


That simply being;   “…a house divided against itself shall not stand …”


And in making painstaking allowances …for my delivery’s weak close, I believe that the point came across in the form of the adage itself.


Case in point; truth happens to stand on its own.


And although Gingrich skillfully skirted around my question regarding my subject of America’s manifest expression of unity; Newt understandably choose instead to highlight a general concision-like principal brief outline of the future path which he believes the party needs must take in order to remain relevant …or glib depending upon who one might interpret.


Never the less, beyond the honor and privilege of being given the opportunity to be in attendance and to hear from such an experienced, honorable patriot and a dedicated public servant such as Newt Gingrich is, I take it as no consolation whatsoever that I could indeed tell by the look on his co-author’s face …it was with no small certain unquestionable certainty …Mr. Forstchen got the sum of my question.


A house divided …is one which is destined to be broke and one broken …destined to move forward in failure.


Make no mistake about it; Americans spoke in unison in November 2010 against the tyranny in clear opposition to the slavery of debt spawned by the practice of wanton and unchecked fiscal irresponsibility.


How can one such as this rise above such a failure’s fate; that is unless …of course …in ones course of one’s so-fated destiny …one who is so owned and indebted to ones master it becomes one’s destined to be auctioned off …raised first …lifted to become placed upon a slave’s auction block.


Rise above?


Rise above what …another lie?


What other lie?


Move forward?


One lie leads to another …but as always is the case one is always bigger than the one before.


Welcome to the fate of the next one.


Welcome to the nature of the character of the spirit of Obama past.


You think you know the Dickens of Christmas lore past?


You think you know scourge now?


Think again my friends.


Be careful for what you ask for; especially ifWashingtoncan’t hear the voice of reason …the voice of unity …the spirit of truth.


Happy Holidays!


Merry Fiscal Cliff!


Merry retail consumer freaked out confidence!


This season the cliff may very well be the gift (poison) which just keeps on giving.


After all, the debt …is the poison which will lead to the raise in the debt ceiling soon …like …just beyond This New Years.


O boy! Obama has your back …your buck …your printing press …your next hand out …your next glass of Cool Aide.


Aide for this …Aide for that!


Why Obama doesn’t serve tea instead I haven’t the foggiest?








I suppose that the fact that the rich couldn’t be made to pay and or serve enough tea now so as to help overcome, prevent or otherwise stave off and stem the tide of the scourge of the coming next wave of the next recession.


And I also suppose that truth does not speak loud enough to persuade the heart of men who would not listen to the truth of a mandate which is in jeopardy of being divided and broken.


A covenant with death is a covenant with death and though …for with stammering lips and another tongue will he speak to this people (nation)


To whom he said, This is the rest wherewith you may cause the weary to rest; and this is the refreshing: yet (…still for all that) they would not hear (listen).


But the truth was to them precept upon precept; line upon line; line upon line; here a little and there a little; that they might go and fall backward, and be broken, and be snared , and be taken.


How can a babe who is weaned from their mother’s teat be made to understand; here a little? There a little?


Here a line?


There a line?




Get the big picture?


Or do I need to spell it out one line at a time?


I couldn’t speak the truth better than that which has already been expressed …time and time again.


Truth never changes no matter how one breaks it down …even so as to make babes understand its sense.


Try hiding from the scourge of a perfect storm’s overflowing tidal wave.








Woe to the crown of pride.



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