Calendar’s Time Table; Surgically Divides & Conquer

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Monday, January 14, 2013


1st Revision; Tuesday, January 15, 2013


The President’s Address; Divide and Conquer



After watching today’s Presidential Address, I am persuaded that it was not so much of an open conversation as it was an opportunity to set up the scenery of a narrowly focused one act play’s stage …well defined …in an attempt to surgically limit, divide and shatter a broader more inclusive narrative.


The first two or so minutes of the President’s delivery included a colorful unabridged foray into a fruitless, fear mongering litany …one whose purpose was …in my opinion …to set up a wave of an ascription of fault and shame whose blame squarely targeted Congress …taking the opportunity to specifically characterize The House Republicans as being nothing short of blackmailers, hijackers and extortionists …unscrupulous and unsavory in every imaginable negative way only a fear monger could …would and did.


In all of his open and much of the following body of his address, the President’s verbiage stopped at employing nothing which would suggest otherwise, that the President sees himself as a saint, sacrosanct …fully sanctified and wholly set apart from having any responsibility for offering Congress any friendlier alternative with which to deal responsibly with the oncoming unavoidable fiscal tsunami associated with all of the matters which will require the raising of the debt ceiling.


But try as he may, The President’s  fear mongering was obviously nothing more than an attempt to build a swell which  would sway, overshadow and separate the otherwise cohesive set of inseparable priorities of a more pressing set of interrelated indivisible conversations in a purely politically contrived manner which was obviously designed to engulf, overwhelm and thwart those possibly more important narratives and conversations which potentially hold more hopeful bipartisan (less self-serving …when taken and tackled as a whole) promise to provide a more direct …more immediate set of solutions within the clarity of the broader context of a deeper and more meaningful, multidimensional, all-inclusive narrative.


After slogging through his fear mongering open and the scathing ascription of blame to the House Republicans which ensued, the President’s tone and direction made a deliberate choice to limit much of his address to a narrow focus of the Debt Ceiling …and became characteristically …not so much as what it was …but …much more …what it wasn’t.


Thus, as denial is not just another marginalized river in Egypt; to me …the greater the omission …the more such an attempt makes to hide behind the tip of the iceberg …the more I have to ask the following:   “What is the man trying to hide?”


O brother, wherefore (…the better part unseen) art thou?


And set in the context of my humble opinion …and the better submerged unseen portion of an iceberg; the visible portion of the President’s address today was just one more politically weak and deceitful attempt to get away with a fallacy which committed an error of deliberate omission by also deliberately choosing to egregiously do so by engaging politically in the obvious self-serving fallacy of commission …a choice which sadly obviates the choice of a more productive path …one which would otherwise result in an embrace of unification.


Today’s Presidential Address was one whose carefully chosen form was patterned after what has repeatedly demonstrated what essentially is …the essence of Obama …namely the nature of a base character which has netted the advantage he has repeatedly learned to draw from in order to enjoy the continuing convenient ease and opportunity with which such has afforded him to enter the public’s sentiment …thereby courting a comfort zone which has rewarded him time and time again for not taking a stake in fiscal leadership whatsoever.


Deceitful as this may be,Americaseems to be charmed by the President’s charades regardless of his lack of leadership and executive ability to take responsibility to safeguard and defend American Ideals.


Baffling as it may be, the exacerbation of division and its resultant disarray have actually moved Obama forward behind the curtain of his chaos …Sadly; America …not so much …and that without so much as a clue.


Never the less, Obama has enjoyed his persona as the man on the outside …looking into the problem …seemingly equally perplexed …apparently helpless and without a clue as what others may do.


However, be not mocked and make no mistake in all of this charade, for all of his liberal observations and unsustainable social agenda’s tenants …have intentionally been mixed with a lack of actionable leadership …all carefully choreographed in ways which have leveraged the choice to surgically divide, select and simplify separate and dismantle the inseparable, integrated vital parts of a complex, multidimensional deathly ill patient …all the while leveraging and conquering the heart the lion share of public sentiment with the tactics of shame and blame …isolating one carefully segregated separated issue at a time …thanks largely to a time table which aids the aggregate’s avoidance rather than one which forces a real overall solution which would …could and should encompass the entire patient with a view to wholeness in an otherwise fully honest healthy approach to wellness.


However, as long asWashingtonmakes the clock; Americans will never be able to tell what time it is.




Washingtonwon’t giveAmericathe time of day …let alone lift a finger to craft a real and meaningful helpful solution which would …should and could affect the wellness and fiscal health of all of Lady Liberty’s freedoms for all generations to come.


After all, if one can’t tell time today; what hope do we have to leave behind a significant legacy which tells that we used our present time wisely?


For the time being …today, our president is continuing to build his paper-thin transparent leadership’s lackluster legacy which  …clearly has avoided what is necessity to make any significant commitments to table a form of any solution which whatsoever might require taking any outward appearance of a more overt responsible leadership role in providing a transparent bipartisan path towards a workable solution.


Moreover, in the wake of a lack of clarity, the President’s fear mongering and ambivalent indifference to compromise has chosen to take a more dangerous active role which would instead of otherwise unifying Washington …is all of that which whose hope will leave a lot to be desired to future generations rather than what may more likely become bitterly despised by reason of the inevitability of His Legacy’s Unsustainable Costs …our current generation’s opportunities costs …lost in the luxury America has given Obama to enjoy by virtue of his shame and blame’s baseless deceitful ascriptions.


Herein lies the tragic genius of The Essence of Obama …a leadership of …by …and for the political opportunity to divide and conquer in such empty claims.


What is the substance of that? Faith? Hope? Trust? Confidence?


Think about the political luxury of The Essence of Obama’s continued blame and shame choice …that targeted to willfully and deliberately divide.


Therefore, I say; what was the central focus of today’s address is …not as obvious as its in-your-face …shame and blame’s divisive attempts to appeal to the public’s emotional sentiments.


No, that’s an easy sale. And it would seem that it has been designed with the same apparent and evident predictable predications that …Americamay, will and must buy it hook line and sinker …without a clue.


Well, I for one …disagree and think not.


I for one, believe Americans are more sophisticated than what the Obama and his handlers take Americans credit …mostly for granted it would seem.


God forbid that they should be continued to be allowed to takeAmericato the cleaners …Her future generations not withstanding.


No. For as much as what was NOT discussed in bulk …the President instead carefully framed a characterization which should have been as obvious as the way that Obama painted Republicans as those who have been accustomed to always wanting and having it their way.


Shish Kebab! Oh, brother! What am I reading; Gullible’s Travels? (Pardon me for the poor attempt to form a pun.) If it is on the internet, is it true?


Still …I say; what? Pay not attention to the man behind the curtain? Oh, please!


What did the Wicked Witch say to Dorothy in the wizard of OZ; “…and your little dog too!”!?


In and by this …I have to ask; what MORE could the President want from a box of Cracker Jacks and a box of pop corn …a prize for lies?


What I mean by my entire pretext’s prefacing is that, what was not formed by the President’s carefully narrow framed focus is a missing discussion …that which is to come.


And that would of course be in definite terms …those of what military bases and contracts are hand-picked for closure, downsizing and elimination…and moreover ….in what (Red/Blue) Congressional districts and states these …so-called non-political …surgical political actions will affect …so as to exact their ounce of revenge …or not?


Moreover …and ABOVE ALL, what was NOT a part of the Presidential address may likely be the lion share of what Obama and his handlers deliberately left deliberately hid behind the curtain of the essence of Obama’s lack of open leadership WAS ..IS …and WILL BECOME; namely, The Constitution’s Second Amendment.


I mean, entitlements …as a liberal non issue will simply not get a mere mention …not in terms of their definition of FAIR …not until 2015’s calendar schedule …when fiscal accountability will not be an issue as much as what to do about what is unavoidably unsustainable.


As if failure is not an option as is the question …WHEN?


And AT THAT TIME & in this sense, the danger of the quiet unassuming essence of Obama WILL BECOME abundantly clearer.


Therefore, the following should be made abundantly clear.


Fiscal responsibility is much more than one SURGICALLY ISOLATED issue here …and one issue there according to a political time table’s calendar of well juggled timing.


After all, the safeguards deliberately written into OUR CONSTITUTION were not meant to be surgically dismantled one line after another …one day after another.


Constitutional Due Diligence is a call to perform multidimensional responsibility day in and day out …24-7-365 and must not be allowed to be surgically separated to suit the aims of any political agenda which may be leveraged by a calendar’s convenient time table.


Taken in this context, the President’s careful characterization to simply paint Republicans as those who are accustomed to always getting their own way is merely a ludicrous slanderous attempt to set up an uncharacteristic play …slandering the true character of just another party in a two party system …neither of which are without their fair share of mutual faults which are currently in great need of seeking mutual reconciliation …which in light of this administration makes such as an unlikely a possibility as this last election makes an argument for an argument against reconciliation.


However such a mischaracterization is one which does not excuse the other to merely encroach upon the strength of INDIVIDUAL strength of the individual nor the American Constitutional …by refusing to engage and proactively seek an altogether unified genuine multidimensional solution.


A house divided against its self shall not stand.



Thank you!



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