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Tuesday, January 15, 2013




No Effective Sanity




The Essentials




…Truth, Honesty and Justice?



Effective Gun Control is impossible without first making a well founded examination of the relative order, magnitude and the extent to which overarching Mental Health Issues have likely failed to receive the lion’s share of what should logically now be given our nation’s 1st priority in respect to the list of treatments affecting gun control legislation.


Gun Control Measures which obviate and overlook the root causes of weapons’ abuse stand to do more harm by allowing emotional and irrational motives to drive irresponsibility forward in an emotional exuberance which penalizes those who take their constitutionally guaranteed individual right to bear arms not only as a lawful responsibly …but also as a privilege that must be otherwise guarded within the context of the performance of their owner’s respective responsibilities’ and commitments to perform individual due diligence where the state …given no reason to interfere; shouldn’t …all far reaching attempts to engage in penalization strongly not withstanding


Oversight or the lack thereof, fails regardless when a society reacts hastily after having shirked its responsibilities to provide adequate emphasis upon its priorities to perform the good measure of its due diligence in favor of zealously punishing the innocent.


Dammed if not done is no better than dammed when done in excess.


However, rights like privileges can be abused whenever and wherever safeguards are overlooked in the first place ….and then again secondly …after the fact …for spite in zealous, misplaced seemingly well founded righteous intent.


This has become almost common place within every dimension of every institution today inAmerica…no matter upon what the stage and at whatever level.


The lack of due diligence has costAmericamore than a stitch …maybe nine.


For an ounce of prevention;Americais lacking in the pound of cure categorically …all across the board.


Immigration Control is just one example where …without meaningful boarder control, the solution has escaped the very definition of what it is …that they are; and that would be inseparable parts of a multidimensional problem.


Making immigration an issue has become almost as ludicrous as the slack nature of the emphasis which has failed to be given to effectual boarder control.


What would be worse? No will to deal with a problem, or a misplaced misdirected bias?


In either case, injustice prevails and the problem persists in promoting the continuation of failure to adequately deal effectually with both issues …the costs of failure …being a third of possible more accompanying resultant wages.


Lastly, the despairing most significant aspect of the nation’s unwillingness to deal with the root of any one of its many multidimensional opportunities are the continuing …never ceasing fiscal issues which plaque the very ability of our nation’s leadership to deal in truth …with honesty …so as to rightly dispense whatsoever justice need be given and had in order to establish whatsoever is just …pure …lovely and of good report.


For what good is the truth if it is not handled with honesty?


And what hope is there of reaching for and arriving at whatsoever is just if …the truth is not held and maintained with honesty?


Anyone can hold the truth in contempt.


But …if this nation can not agree on what is needed and able to unify Her, there will be no will where there is no hope for the establishment and the maintenance of a more well ordered justice which rests on the priority of the truth.


Americawill know this one way or another.


Americawill get it together; orAmericawill tear Herself apart at the seams with gun control …or with out it.


Chaos may bring about change, but it will not stop descent.


If history has its way; Kent State may actually come to be seen as a relative peaceful demonstration.


Moving forward now, today’s appearances seem more likely to favor the later …more so than the former in terms of unity; for that seems to be the new hope of community organizers all across the land …and the new change which seems to favor the folly of a growing number of the emotionally charged, irrational fools who are willing to throw out the baby with the bath water …are those which …in my opinion …also seem in favor of buying into whatsoever is a lie …dishonest …unjust …impure …far less than lovely …and of poor tasteless report …that which is virtue less and without time-honored praise.


Think on these things and see if they have not becomeAmerica’s definition; all the more … unbecoming.


As for me; I can do nothing without the truth which strengthens me.


Otherwise, what hope is there to safeguard the security, serenity and sanctity of sanity …a lie?

 Just ask Lance Armstrong how that’s working for him.


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