Boeing’s Mutually Shared Non-Inductive Avoidance



How is the Route of Logic Served?


Shared Mutually, or …


Taken indeductively…in a shortcut?

obviating …

a.k.a.:   steering sense, Transformer Action?  

Frequency Affects, Reactance

Contactors’ Reverse Voltage Spikes


Regarding Boeing’s newly grounded Aircraft, the multiplicity of the various manufacturing processes currently under review needs must also include ones which also take aim at one of the most often overlooked issues associated with a certain group of mysterious electrical failures which seemingly plague aviation aircraft safety on a regular basis.


That would be those seemingly mysterious failures associated with improperly installed wire and wire bundles by reason of their improperly located routing and the processes which should otherwise insure that the integrity of their correct routing is  observed. For as much as  correct routing is of importance  …providing  adequate measures of rigid stringent oversight which  assures  correct wire bundles are routed properly is of equal  importance to maintain the assurance of accurate and thorough  consistent standardization …without a waver of variance.


Aside from the very real physics and phenomenon of crosstalk and inductive reactance of one form and type or another, the failure to observe and ignore the very real risks associated with incorrectly routed wiring is nothing short of simply begging for trouble.


Often, it is the case with newly manufactured aircraft, the very real pressing priorities given to deadlines and very tight schedules (the bottom line and delays not withstanding) provide management with more than enough incentive with the excuses to justify the reason to pay more heed to that …than what should otherwise …be given to the physical sciences and disciplines whose very real fundamentals work properly …only when the proper priorities and considerations are given their due observance as to where both wires and wire bundles and a whole host of other cables should properly be properly routed …being given their due segregated sanctification whereas needed and called for.


As often is the case, the proper emphasis afforded to disseminate the necessary training so as to accomplish and establish the proper observance as to how wire bundle routing is observed in their actual final installation’s run and final resting place …lie with the consistent and coherent emphasis placed upon both engineering as well as installation.


Failing to give oversight to the processes which   (inspect) actually do the due diligence in such …is a guaranty that …no amount of time, energy and effort spent in looking at the components which have failed in this matter will actually produce definitive findings conclusive to certain failure.


Boeing needs to hold itself to a thorough level and fully inclusive measure of an actual accountability by demonstrating that it is willing to cover all the bases …demonstrating a willingness to perform a close exhaustive review of its own internal processes.


That look’s equality would help establish as much of a major primary concern as any deflection’s spring board from which to conduct any inquiry which may otherwise obviate and shirk the lion share of oversight in favor of sidestepping what should otherwise …be a shared concern of any successful transparent partnership.


Did I make the route of my argument make clear enough?


Thanks for sharing the mutually inductive consideration,




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