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Saturday, November 10, 2012


Clearly Patronizing America


It doesn’t take logic like Boolean algebra to see through the curious timing of the Obama administration’s choice to marginalize the character of General Patraeus in spite of and contrary to  the weight and value of his personal and professional character …his  priceless service to Americanot withstanding.

In contrast to what it would  mean to America, the words of General Patraeus’  testimony  should therefore, be coveted and sought rather  all the more …without reservation (Presidential or otherwise) so as to be allowed to withstand  all political encroachments which may make any attempt to impede and stand in his way of participating in any forthcoming Congressional Hearing.

General Patraeus’ words and testimony should not be  withheld and should unequivocally be included, and in totally  …be allowed to stand and contribute to whatever degree which is pertinent to any portion of any other investigations that are to be convened to investigate the matters which are pertinent to any failures and or omissions which may have likely contributed to the Benghazi tragedies’ otherwise avoidable sad and less than satisfactory conclusion.

I say satisfactory as it is, I believe …that the American public should not be satisfied unless …as I feel; General Patraeus should not be censored as grave a matter as this is.

Any other outcome short of this is totally unaccepable …stall tactics …a serious matter which is now being stonewalled at every turn so as to be put off beyond the discussions of that which will engulf, envelope and overshadow the upcoming national conversation which needs must address the matters of The Fiscal Cliff.

However such as it seems …I personally believe there is something ironic in all of what I believe has become much more than simply emblematic of the typical faire of what has been laughingly called “…military intelligence”

As such, if anything is truly more ignoble and far more deserving of such a greater emblematic definition; there should now (under these unique circumstances) be a medal of such to characterize the form and type of irony which eclipses the lionized form and style of “Military Intelligence” …citing the administration’s forthright character to recognize its lack of action and subsequent greater resolve which it has displayed in its containment efforts.

Yes, such a medal should be given for such and pinned on the chest proudly pounded by the current administration for its bravery and willingness to engage the enemy beyond the calls of military intelligence …in calls for the sake to regard  its “Political Intelligence” rather the more …by no smaller degree of self-service …above all …superbly supreme …for the sole purpose of seeking to maintain its administrative political grip-strength and well being.

Yes, it comes to coy clichés such that “…We the People …” can rest assured for;   “…the buck stops here …” wherever that may be.

Yet, for all the clichés …none have provided any more clarity than Boolean logic symbols like …if, then, or, and …well, er …might …might not though, and in this case NEVER …NoT EVER!  

Yet, for the height of all that which is more ludicrous than maintaining Political Face …America is taking it like Her debt-riddled deficits …pretty much sitting down …looking to be spoon fed by the handouts which are trickling out of Washington less and less …all the more as Her debt’s service costs rise to place and put Her people down into chains and shackles …much like kicking a dog when he is sleeping.

However, being fully awake, the administration has wasted no opportunity to kick General Patraeus’ credibility and milk it for all its worth.

The administration’s spirit seemingly sees fit to work by currently attempting to suck the general’s character …sparing no measure which would deflate Patraeus’ soul.

Yet, I perceive taking such questionable harsh measures as most assuredly whatever it takes to inflate the president soul thanks due to the political capital which the President stands to take by kicking his top dog.

In this tell-tail tell …little dogs beware of the nature of man’s soul …for the president …he is not wanting for the lack of an abundance of his character’s nor the luxury of his position.

Unquestionably, something stinks in, around and between the State Department, the other departments in regard and with respect (…or lack thereof) as to the resignation of General Patraeus.

Beyond this, doesn’t this brew-ha-ha  serve only to marginalize American credibility and emboldenAmerica’s enemies all the more …both at home and abroad?

Leaks abound this administration’s opened cans of worms.

Talk about being played …and in that way, both ends against the middle!

I mean, with loyal friends like that …who needs enemies to watch your back?

However, it’s not the mo you know; it’s not even …the mo you don’t know.

Seems as though, in a policy which favors containment; it is now, a matter of ones  mo-how which defines how one covers ones leaks which define how many tracks need be covered successfully …at any price.

Three blind mice …see how they run …from their own shadows.

For the record, one thing is now for certain; the immutable timing of this Benghazi Flap and General Patraeus’ resignation are curiously to close to seen as anything but inseparable no matter how the administration my have scurried to run down the clock before it strikes 12 …for the ink of the record or NOT.

The only other item which is closer and more curious …or should I say rushing closer …is the fiscal cliff.

However, the tell tail affects of the president’s rush to contain and redefine the details which surrounded Benghazi (for the record) …they all are beginning to show through …and more and more …curious minds are seeing through the painting on the wall which is becoming more unlike Picaso as it is an impressionist’s painting …a more realistic picture which is depicted much in the same way as that stained-look …the kind obtained from a bank’s paint pack’s burst after exploding in the hands of those who sought the dubious advantage to profit from the money satchel they are seeking to take from the Peoples Bank.

Yet, while folks is folks, and robbers be robbers; not all politicians are intelligent as their military counter parts.

Herein lies a unique conundrum whose lessen should stand out to distinguish the difference between irony and paradox as a dye-pack’s stain stands out like a sore thumb.

Caught’cha! Maybe there should be a t.v. show; The Worlds Dumbest Politicians.

Now, having said that; to give the president and his their due …it is more than logical that the President could not afford to let the air out of his tires and allow the Benghazi flap to blow up and burst in his face prior to going into the opportunity to claim that he successfully led the charge to compromise (something original like) another 18 month’s worth of unemployment benefits …including  an extension of the 2% Payroll Deduction on wages for those who have suffered the most at the hands of the greedy rich CEO bastards who have outsourced and off- shored so many  jobs just so these multi-national giants could continue to  compete fairly  in a  “…the world is flat …”  global economy …which just happens to be awash in various debt series and defaulted currency cycles’ flows.

Let’s face it! Whether or not global economies have fallen all over themselves to play “Follow the Leader” is a mute case.

What is …is who holds the reins on the printing presses which feed their respective budget’s deficits and fuel the engines of inflation.

As for America’s …ours have wasted no time in embracing the power of this  inorganic press without honesty …as reflective of this administration’s addictions to anything which will feed unchecked …unbridled spending

But what  does that have to do with Patraeus,Benghaziand the Fiscal  Cliff?

The answer lies in the political position of strength …the foundation and the authority to stand up and levy the power of the purse …regardless of how empty and thread-bare ones pockets.

This power is an illusion which easily vanishes without the confidence of “…We the People …”

That is clear.

Clarity,  and a willingness to contend openly in a transparent  manner so as to be able to stand upon this foundation’s platform and lead with the confidence of all of the American people …is the oxymoronic nature of the Benghazi flap which is continuing to unfold …in spite of the administration’s successful rollout acceptance of the Patraeus resignation …steam- rolled or otherwise.

Oliver North survived quite well.

Yet, like lies …no one likes surprises, “…We the People …” not withstanding.

The relationship between the cause and affects of all of the above can not be spun and marginalized and so as thusly be made to marginalize the truth in such a way whose manner more aptly justifies grave excuses to commit egregious errors which compound the problems facing this nation.

If that where to be preferable;America, why not bury your collective heads in the sand.

News flash! It seems rather much to me; this is abundantly clear that this is exactly the administration’s target …point, set and match.

Unfortunately Patraeus simply fit to serve all to well, as “…the most convenient” target of choice and fit conveniently to fully play the sole role of the sacrificial lamb. It is so seemingly too fine of an opportune choice to overlook in seeking the best hope to contain any fallout fromBenghazi…especially, going into the highly charged arena in which THE FISCAL CLIFF’s partisan discussion will likely take place in what likely will resemble …once again nothing short of brinksmanship.

For no other reason than to choose to use General Patraeus as a “…Fall Guy …and The Scape Goat …” seems as though the Obama administration has more than adequately defined the level of its character.

And like it choice to do nothing to send help and support Our Embassy Staff; why should Mr. Obama’s administration’s decision to throw General Patraeus under the bus be seen in any other light?

Is there any other character assassination attempt which may be more deserving of earning such a higher ironic definition?

I don’t think so!!!


America, last week you rushed to the polls to essentially put lipstick on a pig.

Sad thing is, for the most part,Americadoes not realize that She can not afford even the lipstick.

The last four years should have been enough to adequately stand as the “Writing-On-the-Wall” warning.

To this point, I say; good luck putting the new dress on it as President Obama stands to lead with the aforementioned oblivious American character …over the cliff.

I pray that no one will allow President Obama to throw anyone off the cliff …no more as easily as he has already thrown General Patraeus there.

And whether it was deliberate or not; from the vantage point of the administration; Patraeus wound up there …and is still under it.

How convenient is it that Patraeus will not be available to deliver his testimony’s contribution to the hearing and proceedings investigating the (FULL AND CLEAR ???) events and affairs which contributed to the unforgivable and irreprehensible events and nature surrounding theBenghaziMULTIDIMENSIONAL tragedies.

But, be warnedAmerica; your back sides have are already been shamefully exposed. And it is not enough in that America is now, no less immune to becoming the laughing stock of the rest of the world …where our former industrial might has been enjoying profitability in spite of …and even throughout the height of the last four years of all of America’s bureaucratic vacillations.

As is,Americahas been made to be tossed about like a limp and lifeless rag doll.

And if it has not been enough to be tossed to and fro with every bit of political partisan political wind driven sea  …in one wave after another …having only floated on …and made to cling to a deflated hope and a thin life line of uncertainty …my question is simply this; where is the clarity which the president spoke of during his first term bid?

Honestly! When is it scheduled to show up?

On what track will it arrive organically?

As overdue as things seem, organic clarity continues to run more like a derailment than one more efficient …smooth and on time.

Moving forward? What? How? Artificially sweetened with idealistically styled sound bytes spewed forth from speeches guided by Teleprompters?

Good grief? The ironic oxymoronic nature of all things deficient about this administration are like its pretzel-like intelligence, which …like its deficits is not the only flat tire which is impeding America’s forward progress.

Seems like every time I turn around, this administration spares no expense to shoot us all in the foot with the rising tied of its tidal waves of ineptitudes …just so it can stand to increase the error of its political  

And at times like these, uncertainty is more of that which seems most likely to continue rather than a time which was flooded with a more transparent view.

So, now …when in view of what seems like a deliberate marginalization of should be celebrated as a true American hero, the Obama administration has, instead conveniently chosen a path it obviously …or most apparently seems which will marginalize America’s most notable general by throwing him under a bus at the  most (inopportune?.=) curious of times.

What remains to be seen is whether or not  any other resignations of any others who are close and loyal to the general may follow in the wake of that as tendered by the brave man who’s loyalty and love of country is and or has (purposefully or otherwise …) been undeniably called on the carpet and covered under  a shroud of doubt under timely …yet, obscured questionable circumstances.

Undoubtedly, deliberately …or otherwise no grass was allowed to grow before seemingly moving to contain, limit and ultimately moving to move to altogether throw out the possibility that the General’s testimony would be welcome …let alone …still warranted as a part of the upcoming investigation’s hearing which are being equally planned.

Cleverly tarnished to the point of being dismissed under credible circumstances, any shred of doubt itself should fall below the quality and credibility of the character of this man’s word …especially given the grave nature of the matters being considered by the hearing.

That is why they call them hearings for crying out loud.

Should that not be the true and clear intent; these hearings should other wise be forevermore be henceforth know as Obaminations.

Well timed, well played …andAmericacontinues to be cool with groping for the dark meat …as the President enjoys the strength of the fog which continues to surround his administration.

Oh! Happy day!

Slip-sliding away.

The more you reach your destination; the more you’re slip-sliding away.

Hang on Sloopy!

Sloppy, hang on!

Thank you,



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