Death by China? Really?

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 Thursday, November 08, 2012


In Truth,

Rich and Poor …Stand and Fall Alike!


But, Do Not Fall to Die …Fighting for A Lie


Yesterday, after having watched the movie, Death by Chinawhile walking out of my local movie theater, I was made to recall a recent conversation in which I had asked a friend the question; “…Who’s your daddy?”

It was a day after the election, and I realized that this movie was released just days before The Presidential Election.

So it was that one of our conversation’s theme primarily came to revolve around what transpired over the last few generations which eroded the purchasing power of the U.S. Dollar leaving Americans more susceptible to become more dependent upon an increasing number of entitlements …in spite of our government’s diminished ability to be able to deliver Her mandates …much of which is being threatened by our nation’s increasingly dependence upon deficit sponsored debt.

As such, in my conversation with my friend, I took the opportunity to answer my own question by focusing on why the single head of a family household is no longer the norm as it was in my father’s day and age.

Moving forward to review my contemplation of the movie; I realized that government has increasingly spared no opportunity imaginable to create an illusion that it (…the government …) not the private sector is the creator of every answer and solution to the problems which face this nation.

As it was, before I reached my car in the parking lot; I came to realize that government was mostly to blame for the never-ending erosion of the value and purchasing power of the dollar.

And the more I contemplated how the dollar’s historic erosion’s slide has added more than just cause to place pressure on that which has brought forces to bear on that which have impacted what has made and formed the various economic responses to the dollar’s weaknesses.

And …at the crux of the cause of the dollar’s erosion …I arrived at answers which cause me to believe that the buck stops principally to point a fickle finger of its fate at fiscal and monetary principals which have historically been made to play out upon the stages of a political arena …and now are being made into the single most debilitating, obscure and overlooked factor which is what all should be embraced before every other …self-serving public dimension’s consideration …certainly one consideration before any attempt to make blame a leading signature justification to enter into shame …or any other opportunity to side-step or avoid taking responsibility for continuing to engage in the same over looked weak addictions …those which (paradoxically) enjoy the continued opportunity to exacerbate the dollar’s never-ending erosion.

So, for this reason one …after seeing the movie, Death by China …I could only shake my head in disbelief for I realized that this movie had deliberately obviated every opportunity it could have otherwise taken had it made a more healthy and genuinely honest discussion which otherwise would have included …rather than omitted the highlighted truth of the historic causes and affects for what much of what obviously has eroded the purchasing power of the U.S. Dollar.

Instead, the film’s misguided premises took the liberty to deliberately take aim and erroneously misrepresent the error of its arguments omission …namely fiscal irresponsibility and the monetary which supports that makes for the excuses which support, coddle and aidAmerica’s co-dependent unnatural abominable addiction to deficit driven, debt riddled, annual spending habits.  

Never once did Death by China offer even a mention of such topics which would have otherwise been more than capable of adding a measure of credibility to the movie’s conversation …one more honest by any measure of what otherwise would have …could have   …and should have been intended to build any other more valid argument than the one it obviously chose to overlook.

None the less, beyond the last 1/3rd of the movie, I reached the realization as to why this movie’s release date was likely to have been deliberately orchestrated to coincide with the last few days leading up to the election.

None the less, in view of what seems to me as no more that a desperate, last-minute attempt to further a liberal, pro-labor agenda …in and by whatever means it obviously feels it is justified to use in order to also justify its ends; I have to push back; because the fiscal cliff deserves better treatment than that which was taken in giving its error such a misleading priority in the liberty of the error of the fallacy of its chief omission.

With the fiscal cliff coming up, with respect to my father’s generation …the single income …head of the household was the norm in his day and age.

But then, shortly after WW 2 …things began to conspire against those of my father’s generation “The Greatest Generation” whose slogan (Buy American) is one which their’s went out of their way to hand down a national mindset upon which was also impressed by the makings of another economic lesson …one called debt …one which was managed fairly well …that is until one day …my brother and sister’s generation woke up to discover that a two income double-headed head of the family household had become the new normal …one which   had supplanted the single head historical norm.

 Such as the fiscal affects which took my older brother and sister were, the affects which beset their generation’s surprising trend continues, but can and must no longer be ignored …especially when deliberately …by liberal and conservative choices alike …the continued growth of its woes impact is an alarm …a wake up call that must not be obviated and conveniently overlooked …especially for the purposes that a liberal film such as Death by China seemingly seeks to paradoxically exacerbate, leverage and control in castigating its falsely ascribed blame by seeking to limit the nature of greed to the rich …thus, making its narrowly defined target the very opportunity to avoid its own measure of responsibility for having engaged in drinking from the same spirit of greed’s cup.

Through pride, and now drunk with such wine, this movie’s tables are full of its own vomit and there is no place from which it may hide to adequately address any more responsibly the needed more responsible solutions that may otherwise seek to address workable solutions that may more effectually resolve the manner and character in which America is given to overcome the matters surrounding America’s people and Her fiscal cliff.

This movie is no way to put lipstick on a pig; yet for all thatAmericacan not even afford the lipstick.

Therefore, beforeAmericaattempts to put a new dress on an old pig; I would suggest a more honest and a more effectual transparent attempt to deal with the root cause rather than the symptoms that have too long been infectively treated by blame and shame.

What I am trying to say is that, the jobs discussed in this movie are those which have flown off shore since 2001…since Slick Willy (Bill Clinton) paved the way forChinato join the WTO …the World Trade Organization.

Furthermore, it is honestly only natural to understand that these jobs’ exit have come at the behest of monetary policies which have coddled Washington’s love affair with the machinations which have made and rather enhanced these big …big …big public financial institutions’ very facilities which supported their own self-serving charters’ ways’ and means’ abilities to  amass ginormous debt in relatively short periods of time …especially when the need to respond quickly becomes an unavoidable (or otherwise) urgent priority (or conundrum)  …whatever that was or …now is …at every imaginable drop of a hat …natural preparedness be damned …earmarks and tax credits not withstanding.

Well …I hope the nature of this movie’s omission gets the honest consideration that it deserves.

The movie, conveniently omitted this topic’s more crucial mention at the ninth hour before a more responsible response could have and should have been made.

 Bottom line …as the purchasing power of the dollar continues to be made to decline …labor …that which is one of …if not the greatest cost component of manufacturing …as is the case with almost every other sector if our economy will continue to seek more compensation to combat inflationary pressures brought about in much of the same wake which eroded the value of the dollar.

So, as one is pulled behind a ski boat, the question should be who is driving the boat which is crating the wake?
OnNov 8, 20121:47 AM, I wrote:
>Remember our conversation regarding the question as to “…Who’s your daddy?” Well, with respect to my father’s generation …the single income …head of the household was the norm in his day and age.

But then, shortly after WW 2 …things began to conspire against those of my father’s generation who have otherwise become to be known as “The Greatest Generation.”

Their slogan was one in which they attempted to hand down …along with the makings of an economic lesson called debt …one which was principally responsible for the nation’s ability to both prepare to respond and stand in unison and thereby so also …successfully deal with and engage both Her enemies during WW 2 as well as Her ginormous debt afterwards.

In continuing to fight to maintain unity, America managed fairly well …that is until one day …my brother and sister’s generation woke up to discover that a two income family norm had taken them …much by surprise …not so prepared to adequately deal with the dollar’s erosion.

What I am trying to say is that, the jobs which have flown off shore since 2001…when   Slick Willy paved the way for China to join the WTO …the World Trade Organization ….have taken flight much due at the behest of monetary policies which have coddled Washington’s love affair with the machinations which have made and rather enhanced what financially makes for and supports Washington’s fiscal facilities …those which supported the ways and means of   Her ability to accumulate and amass debt in short periods of time …especially when the need to respond quickly became an urgent priority …whatever that was or …now is …at every imaginable drop of a hat or whatever limits have also thrown the dollar under the bus  …natural preparedness be damned …earmarks and tax credits not withstanding.

Well …I hope I highlighted the shortcoming of the movie’s omissions.

It’s drift took rather more its liberty to line up and pile blame solely on the shoulders of what traditionally …during my father’s generation …wasAmerica’s job builders.

Now, those who would make such a movie as Death byChina…now seemingly feel justified to stand upon a thin and failing social platform …one whose agenda seek the opportunity to openly engage in egregiously inadequate arguments which conveniently commit the erroneous fallacies of deliberate omission.

Such misplaced opportunities to take such misguided liberties lead me to believe that America is needs be all the more justified in questioning the validity of this administrattion’s continued pursuits of it liberal and social intentions ways and means with which it has sought and captured control of the very reigns of its government fiscal responsibilities and what all else guides the dictates of the Fed’s monetary policy

Bottom line …as the purchasing power of the dollar continues to decline …labor …that which is one of …if not, the largest cost component of manufacturing …is also the very largest contributing cost factor of every other sector group in our economy

As such, labor has also been the first to feel the affect of the dollar’s continued EROSION. To compete in the global economy, the ANTI-DOLLAR …ANTI-American fiscal and monetary policies have continued to conspire against labor in rushing in to embrace debt in such and extreme blatant practice …I can no longer stand by and simply swallow any attempt which asks me to swallow an addiction’s which seeks to justify  the nature of a character which primarily seeks to point fingers all the day long at what it chooses to characterize as corporate greed.

Are CEO’s any less greedy than Labor?

What is the difference between financial greed and Labor Greed.

For that matter are those who are taken by greed in these dimension’s arenas any less susceptible to greed than …say, politicians?

So then, who are those more significant others which should be characterized any more …or any less as having been any the more responsible for the outsourcing …the off-shored and jobs which have been farmed out to China and any other country …those who have …by embracing omission’s fallacies and the failings to take aim at fiscal responsibility and policies which would have …could have …and should be allowed to take aim at nation building   …other than the likes as orchestrated by the film Death by China’s?

Have not American corporations done no more than what they need do to compete in a global economy? AsCLINTONhelped to define in his herald of the nature of a NEW WORLD ORDER; he characterized the world is no longer round …but, rather flat.

Now that growth is growing TIRED of WORN AND endless LIBERAL fiscal irresponsibility …I would have to agree with The Slickster; it is indeed FLAT.

Rolling forward toward what all could hope to serve as anything but just another opportunity to kick the can down FORWARD down …down …down the purchasing of the road in whose ruts has eroded the value of the dollar …and primarily provided the principal cause which have forced CEOs to embrace SLICK WILLY’S flat tired FLAT WORLD …I CAN not PIN THE BLAME ON THE CEO’s which the movie sought to blame.


Oh, by the way; good luck in arguing for a raise …or with realizing a significant return on your dollar …which my liberal friends tell me is as good as their word has been gold.

That should say as much about the fair value of a lie; as it should the fair history and plight of the dollar’s erosion …as if its fair demise isn’t enough of a fair subject that deserves to be born by no small degree of a liberal ignorance which isn’t more justly entitled any more fairly than the movie and its creators and sponsors.

In like fair treatment though …I would argue that those who would otherwise believe that its creators and sponsors are no more so entitled to commit such error …than are those who stand in liberty to fight for the right to see the true nature …like the true nature of the father of its lies.

In this manner, Fiscal Cliff be damned!

Thank you,



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