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2nd Revision Monday, November 05, 2012  



What’s His Line?


Like a car stuck in reverse, for the last four years …Barack Hussein Obama’s signature line has pretty much been locked down tightly in a seemingly endless loop that has been formed primarily by his rhetoric’s iconic mantra …an endless repetitive mode stuck in …Blame and Shame.


Today, as I peer down the single lane rut of Obama’s graven track record …one which is void and lacking in originality …I see a one-act play being made into the image of one which is also become totally void of clarity and open transparent accountability.


And in this way …this narrow single-simple-minded mindset has rendered a repetitive character that continues to be consistent in practically everything he, his party and his administration have touched with their imagination’s lack of foresight and an adequate degree of planning which has failed totally to give adequate consideration to the impact and fallout of their liberal agenda’s inadequacies and their likely consequences.


Now, that so much of what the Obama administration agenda set out to accomplish hasn’t materialized; it should come as no surprise that, in the wake of Obama’s hard and fast hold on the habitual routine use of blame and shame …what hasn’t worked so well is also what is revealing a newer fruit being harvested out of the same vein of the same hasty rut.


However, in keeping with whatAmericabelieved would work; it should come as no surprise that Mr. Obama’s last ditch effort to sidestep the ownership of his administration’s failures …that it should be perfectly in keeping with his character’s rewarded first four years to embrace a rather risky act of playing a role I call the “side-step” catch-up which is an opportunity to seize the unearned reward of failing to accept responsibility for anything …especially if one is highly successful with “…STICKING IT TO THE MAN.”


It isn’t and hasn’t been the case that the Obama administration honestly has better actual successes to speak of …those such as would have been the case …if, Obama could only stand upon a more fruit laden economic platform. But the Obama administration was doomed from the start by choosing to follow its radical social agenda into a malicious contentious rut.


As such, Obama’s administration has no better opportunities so as to boast of the material successes which could have been otherwise multiplied in abundance in every other path.


But in shame and blame, they just simply never materialized during what has been a long and fruitless contentious last four years.


No, the Obama hasn’t much, in this wise …to herald …at least not outside of Obama’s signature song of shame and blame it has been multiplying over and over …and over again …over the last four years.


 News flash; 4 years x 0 (ZERO) = ZERO, ZIP, NADA, Ninch, Nunc, ZILCH, ZIP!!!


Or, what …? Fall four more years into a deeper rut of still greater uncertainty which has served …not to unify but to divide and has lead to a greater promise of continuous pain?


What is there then which could be worth an opportunity of still another four more years if one is intentioned and inclined to do no more than to merely multiply that sort of failure’s crap? No thank you …PLEASE!


So,America, please! For crying out loud; stand up, lay claim to the knowledge that you are far more deserving than to fall into the same rut …only to follow the path worn in the way of this failure once again.


To be taken captive is one thing …to be taken and held there is altogether a deeper issue.


Therefore, what worthy substance and what track record is there which would, could and should  otherwise stand to show more promise than that which has already indicated  that Mr. Obama is truly not worthy of his  keep?


Could it be that magically (by some divine miracle …by an act of God …natural or otherwise) that Mr. Obama might merely need four more years ofAmerica’s time to waste once again on his tired characterizations?  


Americahas more character to lose than Obama has to gain.


What hasAmericato gain is not the question though.


What hasAmericato show from Her losses is!


AndAmericacan no longer to afford to suffer the loss of Hers merely to build his.


To engage and embrace four more years of this administration’s re-run is merely to beg the reproof of whatAmericashould have known better in the first place. None the less, Mr.   Obama’s first characterization has been anything but hope and change.


And knowing now that hope and change do not spring forth from blame and shame; how much more likely are they to emerge from the likes of one whose legion of spirits seek REVENGE?


So, now,Americayou are without excuse.


Fool me once; shame on you.


God forbid thatAmericashould be fooled twice!


Me thinks that Obama’s very request for four more years simply represents the audacity required to push the nature of this sort of a bold faced lie’s continuance.


And this rather strikes me more to highlight a sort of one driven by the delusion of a lie to stand on a self-serving failed platform built on empty unfulfilled promises …promises which served only to further the ruin of the Obama administration’s social reform’s at a price …whose burden is costing America Her very character.


Yet, what reform is any the more punishing than the failed promises given before in the delusions of the past?


Simply by continuing in the same path of  one’s propensity to dig a rut deeper, what is there which could be seen as a demonstration …worth repeating?


I mean, if  a one act play is the propensity to engage in shame and blame is simply nothing …what could make nothing more during the second act?


Is the charade of shame and blame more deserving of repeating?


Shouldn’t the second act be an encore of like kind …still more promising of the same …especially if and while its second act’s theme is prefaced by an open declaration of revenge?


No, but wait.


Then, while peering into the rut of all things which are to come; I have heard the heralding of a new song issued forth from the abyss out of which Obama’s new song promises to spring hope and change eternal.


But what hope could spring forth from any new song heralded by that of shame and blame?




Therefore, by heralding a new song which has simply morphed the signature one of shame and blame …Barack and his party and his administration and their leadership have seen it fit to simply change the same old tired one by putting a new dress on it and calling it …revenge.


And I see them sitting round their vomit-filled tables clutching forks and knives.










Really …I was under the impression that it was well known …as it has been written; “Vengeance …saith the Lord, is mine.”


Today, these words are as just and true as when Holy men first set pen and ink to paper to write them …as the words were divinely given to them.


So, from my perspective …unless one believes HE or SHE is become “THE LORD” …repentance and submission is a far better course given among mankind …to pay heed to …and that, also in thanksgiving well …especially in the wake of the power of natural disasters.


For crying out loudAmerica; who’s your daddy?


But, I suppose …the lord …Father Obama and all those who are of The New World Order hold a perspective which entitle them to blame Republicans for Hurricane Sandy.


Clinton, the one whose claim to fame is that he did not have sexual relations with “THAT” woman …would have me to believe it so too. But then again …this boob can’t even offer a clear definition of the word “IS.” But this didn’t stop him from spinning a cigar into a tight spot in the Oval Office. Talk about warming a little hottie? Spin that preoccupation with a wet and wild juicy cigar …one with an open door policy.


Talk about a can of worms that just keeps on giving.


Oh boy!


Here she comes again …and again …and


And ….


On this wise, I suppose that in Her preoccupations …America’s lack of readiness is …in no ways …thanks to her ginormous deficit/s-fueled debt. Oh, no! On this wise, I suppose that Obama has madeAmericafar more capable of financing and funding still more “SHOVEL READY” wasteful stimulus projects which have, thus far, (ACTUALLY?) served so well to restore America to the praise of Her glory who first trusted in Her Constitution ….NOT!


Where is the resolve of our forefathers gone …when we need their wisdom the most?


Sarcasm is said to be the lowest form of humor; but unlike the tactless …tasteless tactics of Joe Biden; this is no laughing matter.


It is written; “…Return unto me; and I will return unto you …”


If anything, in turning Her back on Her Constitutional responsibilities …America’s weakened and vulnerable state serves no more than to demonstrate that repentance is a scarce, humbling mindset …which unfortunately, is a dish America is now neither prepared to eat nor swallow.


Force fed or not, chew well on this; until the flood of reality brings my point to Washington’s vomit filled tables …America will hear shame and blame all the more …while moving to play this new song   …Obama’s REVENGE.


What choice does has Obama givenAmerica?


From Barack’s perspective; all he has givenAmericais …


His Choice? His leadership? His destiny?


But the real choice is in the hands of “…We the People …”


But the real question is; will America follow to make Her bed …one which is become narrower and shorter only to discover too late that the smallish blanket She has woven is a tapestry which may be unable to cover Her greater legacy …one which has been shrinking as Her bed’s debt has been rising to overshadow a once proud cover …which now is casting doubts …over shadowing Her future.


UntilAmericais properly led, She will continue to fall short of being capable of standing independently strong and sufficiently ready to be adequately fully prepared to stand together …unified by the sort of spirit which responds within the true Spirit of Love.


And in this Spirit …America is failing …and in Her failing …America is unable to properly stand in a legitimacy….for She has not done all to be prepared to stand as such.


And as such, blame and shame and revenge will continue to be a dish better served by the One who is better prepared to stand and say; “I AM.”


America, repent, humble yourself and then, stand up and write a better story …one more befitting of thanksgiving and love of country!


Thank you,







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