What’s My Line?

To Be Informed …or, To Be Misled …or, BOTH?




I would that you be not ignorant …or what?



The following links below were sent to me from a close friend who implored me to listen and consider their material closely.


And I must say; …at the very least, I found their audio material to be a provocative opportunity to probe the very depths of the Benghazi tragedy …among other timely inter related current affairs …none the least of which I ALSO believe …now FAR surpasses and eclipses the DELIBERATE CAMPAIGN OF misinformation AND LACK OF CLARITY whose deliberate intent HAS …more often than not, CHARACTERIZED the questionable MANNER IN WHICH THIS ADMINISTRATION’S CHARACTERIZATIONS have surrounded AND ENVELOPED Eric Holder’s LESS THAN CANDID shrouded treatment of his office’s details and its INVOLVEMENT IN THE DOMESTIC AFFAIR WHICH HAS BECOME KNOWN …OR …UNKNOWN, IF YOU PREFER …as FAST AND FURIOUS.


So within an earned sense of caution’s concern; in trying to keep a watchful eye on the timely nature of the last Presidential Debate’s contentious topic; moving ABROAD from ALL THINGS RELATED TO DOMESTIC AFFAIRS …Mr. Obama stood before a national American television audience and served up a rather dubious PROCLAMATION …ONE IN WHICH HE claims THAT HE IS immanently far more qualified to handle THE NATION’S affairs of state FAR MORE THAN Mitt Romney …based solely on his experience.


And by this; I assume that he implies that by his background …he believes so that he is able to deal more effectually with the Middle


However, in view of his administration’s loose, hands off, do-nothing approach to Fast and Furious; me thinks his claims pertaining to FOREIGN AFFAIRS shrinks into the SUBLIMINAL LIMITATIONS OF A rather curious paradoxical pattern rather than a mystery …THAT OTHERWISE KNOWN …OR UNKNOWN (IN KEEPING WITH THE CHARACTER OF Obama’s repeated lack clarity)   as just another opportunity to whitewash a mess with the broad definition of blame and shame.


DoesAmericadeserve to have all things treated as if She were as blind-eyed as Her leaders would have us believe?


Americahas not come this far only to here some moron repeatedly draws ”…I merely inherited this mess …” out of his bag of trick.


I mean, it’s not like Obama’s only tool in his bag is a hammer is it?


Or is it that his background has filled his bag with one tool …the hammer whichAmericais being nailed with time after time?


In keeping with a lack of choice, the administration’s treatment of Benghazi rather smack of its nature’s repetitious lack of clarity and transparency …and by it consistent inconsistencies …the manner in which it has chosen to cavalierly treat this tragic international affair is anything but characteristic of The Obama Administration’s lack of clarity and openness.


Therefore, as to Mr. Obama’s comments made the night of the last Presidential Debate …the ones in which he proclaimed himself to be imminently all that …and a bag of chips regarding all things pertaining to foreign affairs …these are questionable in the least …and dubious at best …that is in view of good reason and sound logic.


And when measured and taken with a view of what the Obama Administration promised for openness and clarity; the recent tragedy and priceless loss of life inBenghazi…Obama’s baseless proclamations point to a total delusional state based upon a shaky foundation.


And in this manner, Mr. Obama stood on that weak character’s basis and on a national media-driven stage …professed and effaced a self-driven delusion of EPIC PROPORTIONS at best …and a boldfaced lie in THE WORST case …the Benghazi case not withstanding.


As such …I consider the link below as an “urgent” for all those who are the least bit more than curious.


And …to them who consider themselves to be patriotic …I consider the link below as a “…must listen” and therefore implore all to entertain my invitation to listen carefully to the entire podcast.



What this is:   It is an eye-opening mp3 formatted audio podcast.


Title:   Paradigm Shift net radio


Sourced From:   Hebrew Nation Radio


Their Home Page:




To listen to this urgent ” …must listen to …” podcast; follow the link below to .mp3’s download. Then, when it is downloaded …open it and prepare to listen and consider it carefully.




Thank you for your time in contemplating what all this may imply for the future wellbeing ofAmericaand Her future.


All the best,



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