Part 3 to the Preface of; The Fate of the Wait Is in the Rate While the Cost is Lost



May 14th, 2012


The post which was referenced  below (from Part 1) was originally posted:   Friday, September 02, 2011.

It was then, edited, revised and reposted:  Saturday, September 03, 2011

A 2nd revision was subsequently posted:Friday, September 16, 2011


After the most recent French Presidential Election, In good conscious …I have been compelled to re-post  the post chronicled above.

But, before I can do so, in the same good conscious …I  became  more intent to first, write a multi-part preface before I actually do re-post  this older  post.  Therefore,  I will finish posting the fifth and final part  to this five-part  series, and then  …re-post the old post which  I believe is  just as  pertinent today …if not more so as when I first posted it last year.

The particular  post to which I refer …is  also mentioned by  its title in the first part (Part 1)  of this  5-part  series. Its link also appears at the  beginning of this series’ 1st part.


To  read  Part 1 in  this  series; see:    Part 1 to The Preface; The Fate of the Wait is in The Rate While The Cost is Lost


To read Part 2; see:   Part 2 to the Preface of; The Fate of the Wait Is in the Rate While the Cost is Lost  

Thank you and I hope that you enjoy reading the following;    


Part  3 of 5 in a Five-Part Series:


Preface; Part Three of Five to: The Rate of the Wait; The Cost of the Lost


Re:   On Building an alert  National  Mindset …continued


Therefore, why can’t “…We the People …” see “…by the dawn’s early light.”


Until America’s fiscal responsibility and monetary policy change markedly; “…We the People …” may as well be a boat load of French frogs-a-cooking.


In other words, as the White House and Congress goes …so goes the Fed’s commitment and dependency to its TWIST program.


How long before rates will rise …hinges upon how long Congress and the President possess the will to postulate, prognosticate, pontificate while doing nothing butt-stomp, him-haw, toe-tap while side-stepping fiscal responsibility at every turn …dickering over any and everything which possibly has, is and will justify avoiding every just reason which otherwise would put debt driven deficits in the same league with Bruce Willis’ role he played in Armageddon.


But America may run out of time before realizing She may be unable to afford this sort of endless, fruitless waste.


Until then, the American mindset may have bought into a delusion that believes being American means never having to say your sorry …which is a poor attempt to barrow a classic line from the movie, Love Story.


None the less, America is neither above reproach nor an honest well-placed word of urgent reproof.


However, America may not have the luxury of the time required to accomplish even a meager measure of the correction necessary.


Without the height of any measurable level of detectable agreement …America will most likely not even demonstrate the fruit of Her bond of unity even exists.


And with a mindset like that, it is game, set and match; bend over and kiss your ….figs and frogs goodbye.


Like Jesus, it is time to put an end to this fig tree-like metaphor. It is time to expose the American fiscal landscape for what it actually promises to produce …which is nothing promising at all …not even a useful metaphor.


Beyond a mere metaphor, America’s reality is bound to die a similar death …from the roots up …that is, if America doesn’t wake up soon for the liberal agenda certainly holds no more certain promise other than all that which is uncertain, barren and fruitless.


Therefore, while it is questionable as to how long America will need to run its unholy deficits; it is an altogether different …yet intertwined in another mystery …one which must turn and ask how long the Federal Reserve will need to (let alone be able to successfully) run its pity-TWISTER sham which is no more than an excuse to allow Congress to Dicker with a belligerent Whitehouse.


What a sorted lot of ancient fig trees whose day-tomorrow is coming sooner than America‘s will change to …having to say; I’m sorry.


However, rather than pretend to be able to pose or postulate an answer more fruitful, I will instead, set a course for an answer’s stage. And in this, I would like to make mention of a pivotally important international event again …the French Presidential Election in which Francois Hollande defeated the incumbent conservative, President Nicolas Sarkozy …receiving 52% of the vote.


In my opinion, the French election aptly is merely a prefacing punctuation which will most likely, impact the sustainability and survivability of the EU.


This week’s French election undoubtedly has resulted in increasing a momentum which has been building an environment win which increasingly favors pressing a socialistic ideology’s agenda.


As to how to move this forward, the costs to do so certainly holds less promise than the populist will.


The paradox therein most certainly will serve little more than to further hasten an already weakened stressed-out Euro whose assets are somewhat limited at best.


The election does little to build badly needed credibility in one of the EU’s more important examples …an example which Germany’s hopes have been counting on to “…do the right thing.”


Turning from a more responsible stance like that of “Austerity” the determined passionate spirit of populism is one which has also driven droves to fill the streets in Greece.


None the less, this spirit’s affect upon the emotions is a strong cause whose drive makes a strong argument for turning away from the law of the mind whose chief ingredients are reason driven by the truth of sound logic.


Such as it is, the French elections are evidence of a favor whose choice it is to pave a way in populist filled streets. And in this regard, the results are what they are. And me thinks that the times rather resemble a move toward a more PIGS-Like agendas.


Such an election is exemplary of the paradox of unity.


In such an embrace of populist sentiment, such a unity may likely result in undermining the very populist turn from the tenants of a more necessary prudent austerity.


Regardless, unanimously victorious, united the populist outcome will likely be to …ultimately, destabilize and undermine a healthy economic European recovery.


And this will jeopardize and further make calls which conspire against the very reasons for a continuance of the very unity and liberal causes that the French may be now celebrating.


As can be seen in America, short lived it is becoming …the reasons to celebrate social populism.



In Europe, like it is here in America …uncertainty …the fruit of Obama will be exacerbated all the more, if President Obama wins a second term.  


Disgruntled by a downturn economy …and appealing to the populist sentiments of an unsettled electorate, the Obama administration serves well enough as an example in that, a change of administration offers no guaranty that a change of administration will hasten any more …or cause an economy to hit on all cylinders.

I guess the French never got that memo.


I can only hope that the American mindset is not as dull nor hard of hearing as seemingly are a pot-load of  steaming frogs.


Part 4 will follow shortly.


Thank you,



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