Part 4 to the Preface; The Fate of the Wait While the Cost is Lost


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After the recent French Presidential Election, I gave serious thought to re-posting  a piece which I first wrote on Monday, May 07, 2011. But, in considering this, I became  much more intent to first write a multi-part series  to preface the re-posting  of this year-old  post.  

Therefore, the post below is the forth (4th) part in this five-part series. The addition of the 4th piece to the preface is one more contribution to the hope that I will soon finish this project.

Once part four (4) is joined with the 5th and final part, I will re-post the original blog which I chronicled above.

In keeping with the consideration of the spirit of each of the series parts; I believe that the original 2011 post is  more significant today than when I originally posted it.


The title of the original post from  2011 is, “”The Fate of the Wait; The Cost of the Lost.”

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Part Four of Five to the preface;   “The Fate of the Wait; The Cost of the Lost”

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Re:   On Building an alert  National  Mindset.


Disgruntled by the 2008 economic crisis,  the ensuing economic downturn  severely threatened to further stress and seriously hamper and diminish Washington’s ability to fulfill its already stretched resources it has with which to deals with the challenges of delivering of  its obligatory socially mandated  programs.

And just like Greeks who have been taking to the streets to protest the measures of fiscal restraint called “Austerity”  …Obama responded in like kind after being chosen as the “go-to-guy” of his liberal social camp’s consensus in belief that he would become the next hope of the Democratic  party.

And since being called upon to lead his party’s charge, Mr. Obama chose to react to the stresses of the  the economic  downturn by championing the ideals closely aligned with the most liberal faction of his party which crafted a social agenda which his party backed believing it best represented the hopes which would best serve to further its political interests.

However, in its agenda which emerged, Obama and his liberal approach to further his party’s interests served little more than make for more imposing irresponsible fiscal  hurdles which …in turn have placed almost insurmountable burdens on an economy which is nigh on becoming  unable to bear and sustain them and their growing service requirements.

How perfect of a union is that which is approaching one which is made in hell?

As tenuous as the road to this hellish-like economic recovery has been to fund, the Obama administration’s focus on moving its debt-riddled agenda forward has become little more than taking Executive Privilege to the limits …and thereby stifling  just about any real substantive hopes for a much more affordable and effectual path …namely upon a vigorous road of a robust privately led recovery.

None the less, on the social path that President Obama’s choices have taken; his policies of waste have merely served to move forward wasteful opportunities which merely have just about allowed him to compromise and squander this nation’s already weakened ability to manage its fiscal responsibilities. This then, has thereby further added higher levels of debt and raised its service requirements which have …in turn, forced the hands of Congress and the Fed who have had no other choice but to respond to the President’s lead (…or lack thereof …) by engaging in whatever monetary gimmickry Washington deems necessary just to support this nation’s growing love affair with power driven deficits in an addiction to borrowing and printing money.

All in all, the President’s choice to abandon the private sector in his favor given to pursue His party’s debt-riddled agenda have resulted in producing greater record levels of irresponsible fiscal and monetary policy measures which have done no more than to further endanger the stability of the great nation of the United States of America.

However, under all of the added strains which have been added under the Obama administration is there any wonder why all these extreme measures’ added stains are serving nothing more than to further jeopardize a free people and the very quilt and fabric of this nation’s economy?

Leapin Lizards! If this is “…Moving America Forward …” then, I must ask; since when has a free people chosen to become a weak and enslaved nation of captives rather than a fiercely independent nation of free thinking individuals?

Could it be that Americans have actually taken more to making decisions without forethought …on an  emotional level rather than holding to a rationale based deeply in reason? What happened to the example of what considerable thought and foresight went into crafting the United States Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America?

Obviously, today the meaning of “Leadership by Example” isn’t what it used to be …as in the days of our Forefathers who understood the express difference between the words; made, formed and created.

Without an adequate understanding of spirit; differentiating between them would make for a difficult and protracted explanation.

None the less, if it is possible to pose no other one single most apt answer which best describes why America has been made to suffer the woes of Her debacles and from the fate of Her plights …might it not mainly lay squarely in Her inability to process fact and reason logically by a reason of how America has become predominately guided by the emphasis that Her people have given themselves to their emotional likes and dislikes? Like totally! Click here to appeal more!

And in this regard, has   …not the American Mindset become all the more formed, fashioned and made to be likened to that akin of the Greek’s? Who is more immune to the spirit of haste which now has its grips on the emotion will which has been driving the Greeks into their streets? What a fine social quilt the Greek example should serve …if and only it were to be that all America should now stand together in unity to reject the path we are now on …and, once again make a call for a new path within that same unity of the loud voice first heard in the 2010 Mid-Terms.

Oh, save the day America! Save the day! Save it for that opportunity to stand up and be counted in the number for a new chance for freedom to ring in a new way …one back to the path of freedom’s more true path to independence …which has until then been becoming more threatened by the false and misleading hope of a liberal socialist’s agenda which is begging for every chance to do nothing more tear down the citadels which have protected, guided and guarded America with the oversight of a rationale which honors the responsibilities of Lady Liberty in her call to be vigilant …in her calls to due diligent.

However, until that day’s call arrives …Obama’s call to perform due diligence on the part and in service (Chiefly) to his party’s choice …is to respond to crisis of a making which are becoming curiously like those “MADE IN GREECE.”  Hover, make no mistake our crisis are those of an American making …one whose spirit is not too dissimilar in nature, character, destiny and thereby fated to end …also according to the predictable Greek-like tragic failure’s example …one whose spirit America has been serving …one which does not promise HOPEY-CHANGEY THINGS.

This spirit is the spirit of bondage.

Seen as a response to a shrinking GDP which threaten social mandates; the liberal perspective and its leadership have responded by taking the helm and the wheel of a great ship and have made their choices clear …not to steer clear of the rocks of a iberal agenda. No sir! Instead, it has been; “Dammed the torpedoes …full speed ahead” … in every way that could …would and should …in the liberal Midnset …server to move America forward. The rocks along the shore line should be quite clear. If America continues to allow a liberal leadership to steer the ship closer to the self-serving interests of socialism …this administration will run Lady Liberty aground …producing a mindset which most likely will resemble the ship-wrecked mindset prevalent in Greece today.

When government fumbles the ball, the government will seize its own just cause to redefine (in its interests) what it deems that the meaning of fair is.

After all,  understandably …OR NOT …Presidential Privilege is more apt to literally be found preoccupied with fine lines …as if splitting hairs is not foreign to whatever Presidential Privilege’s definition of the word “IS” is. (DOES THIS NOT SOUND vaguely FAMILIAR a VERY liberal SENCE OF a word more broad than she is wide?)


EXPRESS OR IMPLICIT …THESE WORDS ARE NOT BOUND BY THE NATURE OF THE CHARACTER WHO OCCUPIES THE OFFICE …his petty, self-serving interests (all the more) not withstanding.

So in taking a closer look …there is more than enough evidence to more than suggest that it should be quite clear to see beyond the curtain behind which are hidden the motives which President Obama uses to justify whatever campaign tactics the success of his campaign enjoyed in the first place.

But now, like then …again Obama’s principals are stuck to him like mud on any European Greek pig. As such, Mr. Obama is most likely to remain true to his nature and thus, more than likely resort to more of the same tactics he used to capture the successes he now no longer enjoys …a dismantled Super-Majority for one.

Even suffering in the November 2010 Mid-Terms, the President remained undaunted and      stayed true to the liberal agenda by taking aim at all things with his patented trademark critical spirit’s ammunition.

Loaded with a goodly measure of political obstinacy, it can be clearly seen that Mr. Obama’s weapon of choice is his rhetoric …his ability to give a rousing speech.

However, his guns almost always are loaded solely with the emotionally charged form of rhetoric which offers a choice; my way …or, their way.

Furthermore, armed with the luxury of Executie Privilege, Mr. Obama has enjoyed the fruit of his weapons warfare; ammunition which is pretty much full of nothing but endless belittling and berating …deployed in barrage after barrage of shame and blame …all of which have been electrically charged …but devoid of any actual practical leadership direction which might be …otherwise capable of reaching a conclusion worthy of meaningful action. And rather than work to join together in a manner which would have …which could have and which should have otherwise resulted in a workable solution; Obana …the community organizer’s nature can be seen for what has formed to shame the creation of his true character …namely …that as chief disorganizer; which is perhaps why his handlers choose him in the first place.

But now, in the second go round; it is time to move on to whatever works for “…We the People …” and not merely for what works for Nancy Pelosi and or the likes and auspices of one like a Harry Ried.

Speaking of moving his campaign’s liberal agenda forward in the nature of Obama’s characteristic appeal; now that there is pretty much nothing which speaks of any substance worthy of meaningful fiscal, economic and monetary hope for change; what has the American Mindset to look forward to in 2012; more belittling, berating, shame and solution-less blame? Oh brother! Good Lord!

America, please do not buy into the Administration’s Greek-like mental image. America, choose an image which is truly worthy of your long proud heritage.

And admittedly, America has made some rather large mistakes along the way, but why add to the opportunity to give Obama four more years to exercise Executive Privilege in a way which will further demonstrate his intent to weaken the strength of the American free spirit?

 I have written of Obama’s claim to fame in that he calls himself a community organizer.

However, in the light of the truth of his growing track record, I would suggest that President Obama’s lose use of the word “organizer” might reflect upon the nature of his character more truthfully if Mr. Obama’s profession were to be referred to as that of a “Professional Agitator” instead.

I mean to say; he’s become quite good at it; but honestly, that is not serving all …all that fairly well.  

In this, consider this; “…The thief cometh not but for to steal and to kill and to destroy; …”

Consider the same implication with respect to the generations which are to come behind the Obama legacy.

The long and the short of this then is to ask; how does the success which Obama first enjoyed in 2008 play into the same motives fueling his hopes for an equally successful 2012 campaign? What strategies will fuel and feed the emotional base of the American mindset to cause America to embrace socialism’s poster belittling child again.

And don’t say that it can’t happen here; for that is just what attitude he would like the American mindset to become …complacent and soft in every sense of the word.

Formidable is one who has been given the luxury to enjoy his 1st opportunities.

Will President Obama suddenly turn from building upon his first success? What …and give up the building blocks of a scathing spirit’s contempt for the equality of opportunity and merit?

No. I rather believe Mr. Obama’s approach may likely continue along the same spirit’s line which actually …relentlessly has taken every imaginable advantage to publicly berate, belittle and discredit the former Bush administration openly by castigating President Bush in barrage after barrage of repeated, “NO-HOLDS-BARRED scathing opportunities devoid of honor for both the man and the office of the President of the United States of America. Talk about milking this thing to death!

But, then again …what else has he done for the record other than to milk America‘s cows for the last 3 + years?

I mean, other than a “community agitator” Mr. Obama does not have anything to stand on …save the same old piles of void substance which he has made and formed …day in and day out.

(Does not “…What goes around …comes around?) If one dishes it out; one should be fit to receive it ten-fold.

I mean to say; hasn’t America just about grown tired of eating the President’s stuff?

I mean to say; this last Presidential Campaign was taken to the lowest and most base depth of all levels …and in the President’s lack of leadership and business accumin; that’s pretty much where it has remained …save for the accumulation and the rate at which America is accumulating both debt and its ancillary service load.

I mean watch out. Is 2012 destined to be a preface to; ”Here we go again?”

To which I caution, not another four more years of waste servicing the symptoms rather than treating the cause and curing the patient.

Well then, let’s get down the President’s way, down and dirty!

Yes, Obama learned to lead in this way. Has it become his nature’s style.

Yet, it remains to be seen whether or not America will be willing to teach an old dog to respect some new tricks …that which wither ones fig tree from the roots up.

In other words, will America follow his leadership by example …only to follow and show him how to play in the same dirt feels?

Or is the America Mindset above that?

What fruit is there to be had in keeping a bud without tree around for four more years …knowing this first; that ain’t no change available going to produce fruit …lest it be first become withered …and that from the roots up?

And who are the roots here in America? We are you silly cows! “…We the People …” ain’t no silly cows; we are the roots of this nation. We give it form. We give it substance. And last, but not least of which “…We the People …” We give this nation our blood sweat and tears just to ensure it will remain strong for the “…PURPOSE FOR WHICH IT STANDS …” …HAS STOOD AND WILL ALWAYS STAND, AS …ONE NATION UNDER GOD.

In contrast, all I remember is that Obama was extremely deft at employing the various demeaning manners afforded him in the heat of the moment of America‘s greatest financial and political stresses this nation may ever be subject to for some time. Yet, in all of this, Mr. Obama chose to characterize the entrenched appeal of his sort of political warfare as “…Moving America Forward …”?

He evidently was well coached in the art of all of that which appealed to building and moving his base forward in this manner.

However, one should not underestimate, presume, overlook nor take it for granted that his appeal is incapable of seeking to elicit a more reasonable response …one which would compliment a most important aspect of mankind’s soul …his gifted rationale and his ability to think logically so as to independently produce more than a ounce’s worth of  true reason.

One should never discount and always promote argument for the sake of good judgment.

But within and by choosing his predominantly dirt-like first-plays’ approaches and the successes which garnered Mr. Obama the office of the Presidency, I believe that Mr. Obama’s manifestations of his genuine nature more than demonstrate a contempt for the American Mindset in discounting America’s ability to grasp and appreciate the difference between ownership and liberal full-blown socialism.

Case in point, his contempt for ownership displayed at each and every opportunity that he has to repeatedly draw from his mantra; “…I merely inherited this mess …”

Looking back, there should be no question what “…Moving Forward …” precisely means within a liberal social narrative. Quite simply, the Obama opportunity translates into following a narrow path along a “…whatever it takes …” ill-prioritized (out-of-whack) ways and means order that serves to further its agenda the most.

Warning; whatever it is that deems it necessary to prioritize, order, pursue, fund and grow the (political) infrastructure and size of a socialistic, socially-mandated, expanding bureaucracy …places individual rights and freedoms below its base to trample upon freely whatever it may deem just in order to possess and wield the measure of power necessary to define the word “fair” even to the extent that their newly defined word is made to take on the connotation of “…the redistribution of wealth …” under the auspices of its clutches on absolute power …the power of which emanates from above   …not as in “…In God We Trust …” nor in the power of “…We the People …” but in “…Big Government.”

As President Ronald Reagan once said; “Hi! I’m from the Government, and I’m here to Help.”

In keeping, the move forward as seen by Obama, is merely but a political opportunity to push the most costly …non-private solution forward within the context of a self-serving political conflict to form what …a more perfect union?

I rather think not!

The Obama, liberal social alternative to a more marginalized private solution is deliberately intended to produce larger and more costly government …one, of the government …one, for the government …and none the least of which is also …one, by the government …all in spite of whatever regards should have, would have and …more importantly …could have been funded all without regard to the least of whatever considerations are due what makes for the health of the private sector …which are …today …more than ever …under attack from very real threats whose priorities have all but promised to change the supreme priorities which made to honor this nation’s strong legacy …its testimony to the character of the strength of an individual’s independent free will.

What could speak more of Mr. Obama’s total LACK of consideration IN his regard for the actual economic impacts of the stresses which have resulted from a downturn economy?

At the very core of Obama’s liberal agenda are his skill sets which would have …which could have …and those which should have united America with a greater hope for a more organic private opportunity.

But such a well-timed use of his gifts to execute a private sector solution would have …could have and should have …led to what all needs to distract the misguided priorities of his liberal socialist’s base.

Alas, the character and the agenda are what they are. And that is why the timing …like the Obama emotional campaign appeal are become easily seen as …those discovered …or rather uncovered …total passé.

As such, the Obama moment in the sun may be more accurately seen as a detriment to America …in that its net affect has actually held America from “…Moving America Forward …”

None the less, the belligerent resistance of Obama’s unsavory approach has made its mark in the form of its well-placed …well timed pinpoint appeals designed to appeal to the populist sentiments of an unsettled disgruntled electorate.

The tactics of a conqueror are Divide and Conquer

President Obama’s administration serves well enough as an example as to how …that a simple change of administration …such change offers no guaranty that such an emotionally charged change …if and when made merely for change’s sake …may be a change which neither hastens nor promises any more to enhance the actual reality which brings hope within ones grasp.

On the other hand, in and with the reason of a more sure logic, any necessary cause, reward, or incentive worthy of a just cause is one which will unite all in the spirit of a confidence whose selfless affect is to produce the fruit of positive fertile grounds in which one and all alike would, could, should and will be able to refuel an otherwise exhausted and neglected economy so as to cause to make sure and certain that its economy’s engines are all willing and able to hit on all cylinders …well timed and in unison.

Today, with regard to unity …I can only hope that the American mindset is one which is become neither dull nor hard of hearing as seemingly are a pot-load of  steaming frogs.

Above all, I can only hope that America can see; she has been placed into a pot of steaming frogs …and the temperature is rising.

As is, it should be clearly evident that, for the better part of the past three plus (3+) years, America, almost totally unwittingly …just about willfully relinquished Her long-standing love affair with Lady Liberty’s unfettered freedoms.

With almost total abandon …save for the 2010 Mid-Term Elections, America almost lost Her grips on reason in turning to favor reactions more emotionally driven by the waves of instability carried here and there on the winds of uncertainty.

Primarily, on the sole level of an emotional one-dimensional platform, it is as if these inanimate whips have been at the heart and soul of much …if not all of that which has been ailing, leading and shaping America‘s mindset …predominantly without thought; certainly …much without belief in Her legacy’s core spirit of faith.

I would have mentioned without leadership, but any spirit of leadership is that which should speak for itself; you will know them by their fruit; and I will let a man’s fruit stand and speak for itself …that of its vinegar …or that of its milk and honey.

 Moving towards the General Elections of 2012, the question is; will America be all the more …turned on by a rhetoric of a liberal’s tongue which speaks a language of shame and blame …a tongue whose ulterior motives may seek to further secure still more opportunities by doing what has been driving it upon what may promise to return him to an office which has become increasingly more barren and fruitless day by day?

Looking back in anger …going into 2008’s General Elections, the American weakened mindset chose overwhelmingly to listen to Barrack’s hopey-changey thing’s rhetoric which became a soap box on which to stand and fail to perform anything but engage in berating castigating barrages of shame, blame and finger pointing.

 Belittle …belittle …be less and be no more. Lift up or break down; I calls em likes I sees em.

And in this awful string of routinely wasted opportunities, many where there who were taken in …and became the willing …the duped …the hypnotized by essentially nothing more substantive than a covetous spirit of impotent political mantra …like a bag of wind.

Curious, how something which is so clearly void of substantive solution …is also that which is become so effective in causing so many to turn aside from reason and logic and become so willing to lay aside their Liberty‘s freedoms for what? Clearly, much of this empty, fruitless rhetoric, understandably …fed the animosity and reduced the pain of most who actually hungered for the responsible solutions in light of a void’s stark absence filled with nothing but greed.

Understandably in such dire straights America would naturally …more emotionally be   prone to give way to any opportunity to express …for more than a brief moment Her passionate displeasure with the height of due diligence’s lack which served to produce nothing but an egregious un before seen measure of oversight’s failings …and that in every dimension …and that …upon all stages and that …at every level.

However, one wrong does not serve to make two right.

And in this reason, regardless of the pressure in the cooker, suddenly removing the lid never produces good results …nor does it serve in justifying engaging in the same practice twice.

 Never the less, America’s reaction to the pressure which built in the wake of Her lack of due diligence has done nothing but allow this administration to seek to remove the lid of a pressure cooker a second time knowing first hand that which has left all with the permanent scars of third degree burns.

Isn’t there is an adage out there which states that if you fool me once; it is a shame on you. But, if you fool me twice; then, clearly …the shame is on me?

Come on America; put on your thinking cap.  

In the first place, I can’t blame America for falling for Barack the first go round …that in spite of a low esteem for vigilance in almost every dimension …upon almost every stage …and at every level.


In this regard, America needs to put away Her propensity to always seize shame and blame for …all …ALL share fault equally …having been equally blind …having all fallen short and having all failed to execute due diligence in every aspect of the American life.

In short we all stepped in it equally; and we should be smart enough to continually wearing the false pride and security of shame and blame on our proverbial wrists and shirt cuffs.

Never the less, until America figures out a way to reward humility, now …there remains an unchanged call which is continuing to agitate and captivate the unwitting …those whoever may still be likely to …once again, to fall prey to serve an agenda which is not honestly seeking to move America forward at all.

In and along these ways; President Obama …is in step with a liberal agenda …locked in a cage of an agreement whose primarily purposed is being moved by a means so hideous it makes sinister look tame by comparison.

As the liberal agenda runs out of time in the run up to 2012; it is clear that its nature is not above its character in that it has been exercising its lesser covetous spirits to do its dirty work …that of engaging its more familiar spirits of envy and jealousy.

And by falsely leveraging these fruitless spirits, daily …I am seeing progressively more and more blatantly outlandish calls whose overt purpose it is to divide this nation along class and race and whatever other means this liberal cause has gone a parading under the pretext of a Democratic party’s cause.

Since when did being a Democrat openly mean to hitch its cart to a liberal cause which is not doing itself any justice? Since when did being a Democrat lend to any means by which its manner’s employ the tactics of a base appeal whose ways carefully craft campaigns which are no more questions to a prelude whose activities actively seek to engage in class and race warfare?

Since when did being Democrat become akin to making emotional calls whose appeals rather call the more for division than …calling a nation to unity?

One thing for certain, not all those who love their individual freedoms …those who fell prey to these sorts of salacious calls …those who fell under his spell …those who emotionally were driven to give their vote for Obama in his first campaign …NOT ALL SHOWED THE SAME EMOTIONAL ENTUSIASTIC EMOTIONAL SUPPORT IN THE 2010 MID-TERM ELECTIONS?


After all …there is no more grounds to created anew now …no more greater chances for Obama’s so-call Hope and Change any more so than before.

The Obama Administration is fresh out of luck in this manner. It has run its ship aground and has about enough chances …to further spin more and create more of its something for nothing false hopes on any grounds which could hope to be made to even marginally resemble the same old original song and dance routine from which he sprang.

It’s the economy stupid; not your liberal socialism’s lame …blame and shame machine.

I don’t mean to unjustly be critical of the liberal cause; it’s just not working at a time in whichAmericajust can no longer afford to waste four more years in looking back in anger.

Any greater hopes America has for change would come if, Barack Obama were to merely give up, take his empty, self-serving rhetoric and just go away …no disrespect intended; but the President and his party have not demonstrated a spirit which has produced squat all.

Understandably, without so much as a shred more hope and change; why then would there be any reason to cause one to believe that the left is in any better position to employ any other convention which would be altogether different than the shame and blame which was so successful in the first spin’s first deployment?


America, please do not fall still further to the left. Please do not forget altogether the abandoned value of taking greater personal responsibility for safeguarding Lady Liberty’s ways and means by and in which all Americans are charged with the execution of the numerous multidimensional responsibilities which have been …were and still are entrusted to all Americans …with the express intent to protect all of our well balanced individual freedoms.


America, reign in due diligence and re-establish …once again the sort of multidimensional balance which our forefathers’ intent produced in ordaining a more perfect union.


Forget not altogether to remember the all these values time-honored responsibilities …those whose principals an American mindset let loose of till they were all but out of sight …leaving one only to wonder what had taken place to ensure that anger would not only further fuel Americas’ anguish; it would give opportunity to a few who would seek to further the liberal agenda by side-stepping and altogether avoiding the actual root reasons for America’s true multidimensional failings at all levels.


Understandably, confronted and gripped by such unavoidable anguish, it is easy to see how …America …as a nation …became easy mobilized …movable by common spirits …ate up by the lack of oversight and honest clarity in both the financial and political dimensions.


Yet, what was there which could possibly served to ease the pain and fill the need for those who had become totally disgusted with the numerous widespread unfettered



practices which had been allowed to feed the need of greed which had resulted in producing a blind-eyed corrupt willingness to avoid all things due-diligent?


Hope and Change?


The American mindset was rife and more than willing to engage and participate in an even greater paradox …eclipsing the widespread needs to further avoid personal responsibility on and at the highest national political level possible …The Office of the President of the United States of America.


Being unable and unwilling to do more than accept still more responsibility for what all had become …at face value ….once loosed and lost …the character of the American mindset turned once again to whatever whose rhetoric promised merely, all the more …to refuel the factors which had conspired against sound prudent due diligence in the run up to the financial crisis of 2008 …merely draining Her trust and leaving Her gas tank dry bone empty …void of trust …and all the more deeper in debt.


And rather than embrace a return to re-establish the principals and priorities of due diligence which would have …could have and should have re-established the level of oversight of sound fiscal policies which would manifest the confidence necessary to provide the economic inertia required to organically rebuild the economy with private capital; instead, the American mindset chose to reward an administration which still clings not to guns and religion, but rather its own branded forms of routine, divisive political rhetoric aimed to foment and leverage its own, home-spun general dissatisfaction meant to deliberately divide and serve the furtherance of its social agenda AMIDST THE WEAKNESS OF AN AMERICAN MINDSET …AND THAT …ONE OF ITS OWN MAKING.






Spring boarding FORWARD …moving with the successes of what began first with  the fuel of loosely worded rhetoric …the same is that which has leveraged shame and blame at every turn. And in these bombardments, the public curiously has embraced the opportunity to further avoid taking any personal responsibility for the freedoms which were under attack as this administration made its ascent’s way easily onto the stage of White House not to own it; but to merely inherit it …as one who should have enjoyed every opportunity given one who was equipped also with a “Super Majority” composite of total power. Yet, for all providence, Obama and the liberal agenda failed to move forward at all in spite of the full advantage of majorities in both the House and the Senate.


Obviously, Barrack owns two failures; one in and by all that he chose to characterize as his disadvantaged inheritance, and secondly the waste of time during which he squandered this “Super-Majority.”


I rather think that this speaks for Barack’s lack of leadership and his grating berating …belittling style.


That said, for this matter; I believe that these tragic flaws will stick with the Obama legacy …one which will differentiate him from Bill Clinton.


For this reason, consider the Obama administration’s early failures which sounded the initial peals of the bell which tolled for thee, both …first, in the failed Massachusetts Senatorial election …and then, again …in the peal which signaled Chris Christy’s New Jersey Gubernatorial victory.


From these two political opportunities …a rather unified set of Americans chose to send a sober message to those in Washington who were suffering under the delusions of their own arrogant makings. Washington‘s perceptions had to sober up to realize they had


become disorderly and drunken, and America was no longer willing to patiently accept the limitless cavalier perceptions of a fruitless “Super Majority.”


The choices of “…We the People …” signaled a call to end the abusive, unfruitful exuberance of Washington‘s cavalier hubris of the fruitless embrace of a liberal honeymoon.


And one would think the liberal’s embrace of such an abuse would end, be finished and over for good; but obviously it isn’t.


Instead, it is just beginning in the ramp up to the approach of 2012’s general elections.


Since then, and as bad as the administration’s two messy years ended; since then, moving away from the November 2010 Mid-terms; the liberal rhetoric has again turned to what worked on its 2008’s ascent to power …namely more of the same old divisive, derision of its trademarks’ shame and blame.


As messy as the Washing spin has become since then, not that much has changed that could give America cause to hope that this social mantra will change for the better.


And in this, I would hope to believe that America’s mind-set is not so easily apt to become spell bound again …as it was rolled out and ramped up in the run up to seize power in 2008’s last general election.


After all, what is there new to expect; I.E. …why expect anything to change this time? The liberal mindset has more than demonstrated its inability to sing any other new song …that is anything which differs from covetousness’ umbrella of envy and jealousy. Class


Act? More aptly, class warfare. Why reward Unity when division has rewarded self service so well in the past?

But if living in the past is hope and change, I say; “What a drag. Don’t bring me down!


Don’t bring me down!”


Sadly, I am afraid America has once bought into a bummer mindset.


I hope it will not happen here again. I hope for an American Mindset which will choose to change and make a choice for the best at the very next and every opportunity.


Arguably, powerfully persuasive was/is the administration’s initial (continuing) approach, as it were …which easily netted it the award of a handsome victory …one which came with so effective means; so, why would one expect the consistency of the Obama character to radically change its embrace in the arms of its enamored appeal with a call and charge to move toward socialism and every reform that it can benefit from, imagine and justify?


I truly believe that the administration’s track record …as much of a broken record as it has become; it is still …evidently going to rely upon making a visceral, fleshy and senses appeal which leans on the covetous conventions of envy and jealousy.


Will Obama take the high road? As can clearly be seen, I rather think not. The administration has made it clear; in keeping with its constant use of shame and blame; its continued aim at what it obviously is counting on …the administration has demonstrated time after time, that it considers the heart and soul of its social success will come out of its ability to reach the soft underbelly of America using what all will divide America’s otherwise unified spirit of independence which also ….otherwise springs from Liberty’s spirit of truth.


But giving no consideration and respect for and to the intelligence and common will innately well and alive within the America’s mindset …one whose spirit seeks out the opportunity to find purpose in ones life …therein the administration’s challenge of doubt has emerged as a political self-serving will which seems to serve its own purposes with appeals which promise nothing but to best fuel the administration’s desire to divide and trample under foot the traditional values of individual freedom.


By continuously engaging in attacks which mock the strength of America’s diversity and warping the opportunities available to all who chose to participate in an otherwise healthy, free market capitalistic base …the administration is demonstrating that it is not worthy of its public mandate to lead “…We the People …”


And, in continuing to wage its social and class warfare; the Obama administration  is doing America no small favors in continuing to encourage the public’s acceptance of its unholy matrimony with its whole-hearted, total unhealthy embrace of its  detrimental dependence upon  record-setting levels of debt-driven annual deficits …which is, in and of itself  …no small obscure Greek/French side show.


Imagine the parents whose liberal permission  excuse  ones children to believe  it ok to repeatedly say; I merely inherited this crap from the Obama administration.

What kinds of parents make allowances merely to foster and cuddle the weakness of their children hope to make weak excuses and arguments for their inability to make change hopeful?

I only inherited this mess, indeed!

Is America‘s mindset becoming more apt and inclined to be ok with producing weaklings …weaklings who may become still more fearful of making sacrifices than this generation is in all of its hope for change?

Fine kettle of fish!

End of part 4

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